WTC 7: Fires Fuelled by Office Furnishings

. . .Be VERY afraid.

A short video I made utilising some of the same footage I used in my previous video about the Larry Silverstein "Controlled Demolition" quote (from the missing episode of History's Business). I also used some footage from AE9/11 Truth's 'Experts Speak Out' video and Massimo Mazzucco's film, 'September 11 - The New Pearl Harbor'. Just sharing it with everyone here. If you like it, please share it with others.

Incredible movie- please make one minor repair

In order that the 9/11 truth movement maintain a presence of absolute impunity, I humbly ask for one minor repair:

"Fuelled" is incorrect on the on-screen graphic, it should be "fueled".

I can just hear the shills now- "Why should I believe this, they can't even spell right".

No sense serving up a de-facto straw man when so much incredible content is in this clip.

Thank you,


Thanks for the suggestion

And yes, you're right, some people might criticise because of that, but I spell it that way because that's how we spell it in England. Still, I've added a little annotation into the video right at the end, when that word appears, hopefully that will deter anyone from fault finding.

That makes sense

I thought that might be the explanation--an example of some of the differences between US and UK English. Those past participles involving 'l' can be so tricky. I think 'traveled' vs. 'travelled' is another example.


There are quite a few examples of differences.Though I do realise that most people involved in 9/11 truth are from the US, so next time I make a video, I'll try to use the US spellings.


Really well done.

Kevin Ryan...

I will link

to this piece by Kevin underneath the video. Thanks.

Dubai Torch Tower Ablaze

The 79-story skyscraper in Dubai called The Torch is engulfed in fire across 15 stories of its midsection, yet is structurally sound and in no danger of collapse. Just the latest example of high-rise fires far exceeding what occurred in WTC 7.


At Huffington Post a few commenters came right out and expressed 9/11 skepticism along the lines of, "bet they don't collapse like on 9/11." They were immediately attacked as being "looney". Same old instant retorts of "airplane impacts and jet fuel, blah, blah" (a powerful, comforting narrative for the the masses by the high perps). The word is out, but we've yet to close the deal.

comforting narrative...closing the deal

You have nailed the problem.

As much as I admire the tenacious research and relentless rationality/factuality of the researchers like Kevin Ryan Richard Gage et al., as grateful as I am to them and to Platos Cave here (this video is near perfect!), nobody seems to be able to break through the barrier you identify and get this message past the psy-barriers to truth, even in the supposedly "alternative" media on the thinking "right" and "left".

This is nobody's fault. It is a very tough problem. Tirades against the stupidity of the sheeple make it worse. I don't have the answer, but I personally am certain that the deep political operatives behind it all grow more and more confident that they can feed the public any kind of nonsense and get away with it.

If I have any suggestion, it is that the 911 truth community identify this clearly as problem number 1.


"If I have any suggestion, it is that the 911 truth community identify this clearly as problem number 1."

Probably very few of us understood this going in, I know I didn't. We were interested in the research, but oblivious to conveying the message. There was a sense that things were terribly wrong, but it was only after those who brought some disciplined and structured thinking to the issues that we fully understood what our message was and what ground we stood on. Of course, the cover-up slowed us down. Now we know, and your suggestion is not only correct, but essential to move forward. Our problem is that we are not 'marketing guys' and the thought of 'selling' people into believing our understanding of 9/11 is somewhat antithetical, I think, to our first principle -- the truth.

The very people who own and control media and its taboos -- the central power structure here in the US -- are not going to willingly expose the fraud of 9/11. In general terms, creativity and persistence in broadcasting our message seems to be the way forward.

Even more to the point

'...high-rise fires far exceeding what occurred in WTC 7.'

AND far exceeding what occurred in the Towers! Let's not overlook that the official account of the destruction of the towers is, essentially, a fire theory.

NIST's Limitations

NIST could only consider fire and progressive collapse initiated by fire. Any other causes are outside their charter.!171&authkey=!AFBQoJo_kyGH3ag&v=3&ithint=photo%2cjpg

Everything outside their charter went on the cutting room floor.