I know what it feels like to be dying... RMSF and Biological Warfare

I thought the title might attract your attention, but it's true - I have experienced going downhill physically so VERY fast, that I felt like I was going to die. Sharp pains in muscles and joints, especially shoulders and knees; severe chills; diarrhea and nausea; fever; falling asleep while driving, sitting, even while eating. Great difficulty standing up from a sitting position due to pain and worsening weakness. Severe headaches. From my journal record for November 2013: "Pain was great in November and numbness in both hands."

I totally lost feeling in three fingers right hand (which would not close for months). Also from my journal, "22 January [2014], soreness in joints extending more into left thumb and fingers. Getting progressively worse."

And the doctors - five different doctors -- could not figure out what was wrong with me. Examinations, blood tests and an expensive MRI... nothing definite. Take lots of Alleve, they said.

Two doctors urged carpal-tunnel surgery for my right wrist, but had nerve-conduction testing done first. That doctor found severe denervation of the median nerve, but it was localized in the right forearm not the wrist! He said carpal tunnel surgery would not help, but he could not figure what it was. An MRI exam revealed swelling, not much else.

Note that the symptoms were sudden onset, in November 2013 after it was cold. It was a cold, long winter in northern Missouri where I was living. Finally towards New Years 2014 the rash hit hard, and I did more searching on the internet. Looked just like rash from a tick-borne disease, so I emailed my most trusted doctor with my observations.

On January 28, 2014, shortly after my email reached him, he wrote from Columbia, Missouri:
"Update Tuesday 28 January 2014 from Dr xxxx, Columbia, MO
I've been wondering (concerned) about you and how you were doing. Get treated with doxycycline for tick born diseases. They are terrible in
MO and can cause all kinds of symptoms. I would definitely be treated
for tick born diseases before getting surgery. Costs of those tests
are minimal compared to MRI, etc that you have already had. I would
strongly recommend treatment while waiting for lab tests as well. You
want to get a diagnosis if you can. Hold on surgery until you have
been adequately treated to see if you do better. We have had some very weird presentations with erlichiosis (common in MO), also Lyme, and Rocky Mountain spotted fever less common, but should be tested for all."

I immediately went to an urgent care doctor and showed him the above "diagnosis" and he ordered tests for the three tick-borne diseases mentioned, but he also began treatment with doxycycline that very day (28 January 2014). The test for Lyme and erlichiosis came out negative, but very positive for Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever (RMSF) or "Spotted Fever Rickettsiosis." Other tests were concerning also (neutrophil count high and sedimentation rate).

I was warned that the mortality rate for untreated RMSF was high.
Yeah, I figured that from how I felt.

RMSF attacks the linings of blood vessels, and can kill or maim in various ways depending on where the Rickettsia bacteria take hold and multiply. After three weeks of anti-biotic treatment, I started feeling a little better, but it took months for the feeling to come back fully in my right hand and for the severe swelling to go down, and more months before my joints stopped hurting and muscles starting working up to par.

Now here's the weird thing. RMSF is transmitted to humans by tick bites, the only way I know of (short of biological warfare). And ticks go totally inactive when the weather gets cold. I live in Missouri and had a small tick removed in mid-August 2013, that's the last one that I know of, and I stayed out of fields where ticks might be found after we got that one out.

So what is the incubation time for Rocky Mtn Spotted Fever? "General symptoms(fever, headache, nausea, and muscle pain) can appear 7-10 days after exposure." (Weapons of Mass Destruction, Vol1: Chemical and Biological Weapons; Eric A. Croddy, Ed., 2005. https://play.google.com/books/reader?id=ZzlNgS70OHAC&printsec=frontcover&output=reader&hl=en&pg=GBS.PR3)

And the CDC mentions up to two weeks for incubation. http://www.cdc.gov/rmsf/symptoms/

But it was early November when the symptoms appeared, and so the tick that infected me would have bitten around October 15 at the latest, after ticks were (presumably) inactive in northern Missouri due to cold and dry conditions. Furthermore, I had not been out in any fields where ticks might hide out in October 2013, nor did I see any ticks after mid-August.

Perhaps it is possible that I picked up a tick somewhere around the end of October and did not notice it. Flukes happen. I have no direct evidence of foul play.

But it got me wondering about the use of ticks and RMSF in particular for germ warfare. Here's some of what I learned:

"Among other microbial pathogens, RMSF has been studied by U.S. scientists as an offensive weapon. Between 1943 and 1969, five researchers at Fort Detrick, Maryland, became infected with RMSF while conducting research on the pathogen. The United States also conducted field aerosolization tests during the Cold War. RMSF can also be delivered as a biological agent, using infected ticks as the disease-carrying vector." (Weapons of Mass Destruction, Vol1: Chemical and Biological Weapons; Eric A. Croddy, Ed., 2005; cited above.)

This book also notes: "Prior to the wide-spread use of antibiotics to treat the disease, a 30% case fatality was not uncommon" even with other treatments. The disease attacks the blood vessels and can result in loss of circulation, thrombosis, stroke, and death."

An article about "Biological Terrorism" notes that: "Despite the great number and diversity of potential agents, most authors focus on a relatively small number of likely candidates. Berkowitz et al., for example, list just eight types: anthrax, brucellosis, coccidioidomycosis, cryptococcosis, pneumonic plague, psittacosis, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, and tularemia (1978: 225)."

So RMSF is among these eight "likely candidates" for biological warfare (BW).
On a larger scale, "the mortality levels from a biological attack could possibly exceed that of a large nuclear explosion" (Kupperman and Kamen 1989: 103) [From www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/jsource/Terrorism/bioterror.html ]

The same report notes that "tick letters" could be sent to targeted individuals with (small) infected ticks carried inside an envelope. Interesting.

More regarding the debilitating effects of RMSF: " Rickettsia rickettsii infects the endothelial cells that line the blood vessels. The damage that occurs in the blood vessels results in a disease process called a "vasculitis", and bleeding or clotting in the brain or other vital organs may occur. Loss of fluid from damaged vessels can result in loss of circulation to the extremities and damaged fingers, toes or even limbs may ultimately need to be amputated. Patients who suffer this kind of severe vasculitis in the first two weeks of illness may also be left with permanent long-term health problems such as profound neurological deficits, or damage to internal organs."

Quite a weapon... I'll leave it at that. I'm just glad to be alive!

--Dr. Steven E. Jones

My reason sharing this warning and bit of my history

is because of my concern for 9/11-truth seekers and activists everywhere.

I got what I call my "dread disease" in the cold, winter season. One reason the doctors were so surprised by the lab test showing positive for RMSF, I think, was because of the timing -- after the tick season was over for the year (presumably), and so long before springtime. It would be interesting to find statistics for north-western Missouri showing RMSF positives as a function of month. That might provide relevant data.

Meanwhile, we know that there are certain agents who are capable of lying to us, deceiving us and even hurting us - perhaps even elected agents and their contractors. Thus, it behooves us to watch for "unusual" illnesses also deaths of dissidents explained as "suicides" or "accidents" under unusual circumstances.

It is quite possible that biological warfare, so subtle and hidden, could be waged on a people by an enemy "foreign or domestic." We need therefore to be watchful for ourselves and for each other.

BTW, I am not suicidal and my health is now quite good.

A fellow 9/11 researcher adds further insights

I received an email with additional insights; and asked for and received permission to quote him.

"You can quote me, but just say another researcher. I am sure lots of people have these afflictions and are unaware what is happening."
"I had the same symptoms for years beginning in late 2004. I did not fall prey to the doctors and their cocktails of even worse time bombs I drank lots of colloidal silver, ate Vitamin C and SALT tabs!

My list of symptoms is long:

Painful itching
Joint swelling and pain so great walking was almost impossible
Loss of appetite
Rotating pain, never in the same location twice in months
Muscle weakness
Sleep 25 hours a day
Sensitivity to light
Uncontrollable weeping
Weird skin eruptions that resisted healing
Bell's palsy, one side of the face
Temporary paralysis

Years later I discovered that magnesium oil, homemade from magnesium chloride and water, assisted with pain and itching. Rubbed on the scalp it stopped the headaches. Before, I was forced to take three extra strength Tylenols to get any sleep. It is essential for alleviating muscle pain.

I am totally convinced it was a bioweapon, designed in part to get us accustomed to the "health care" system they have in mind that relies solely on chemicals to treat symptoms. All of these nuisance pains drive most people to seek medical help. We are little more than lab rats in a wide experiment.

Where I lived (VT) there were no ticks for decades, then I started seeing low-flying C-130's at night. All of a sudden there were ticks everywhere. You couldn't go out for 10 minutes without getting five on you. Some so small you can barely see them..."

Amazing story! Thanks for sharing!!!!!

This is significant.
Thank you so much for sharing!

Constant alertness.
It is crucial during these times to be "alert" to possibilities. To stay informed.

Your story helps me and others to stay informed.

Call me a "conspiracy theorist", but some odd possibilities exist for a myriad of phenomena ...extending into the health related.

(My current bailiwick and field is alternative health applications with a lot of expertise on supplements. I often have personal interactions with hundreds of people per week which gives me a lot of feedback on how certain things are working.)

Thanks for sharing, Dr. Jones

I'm glad you are well and staying well. I think your warning here is important.

I have heard or seen mention of oncoviruses being studied as biological agents. This would have the potential of being extremely effective in targeting single individuals, while also being extremely hard to prove. It certainly would be a less conspicuous way to take out key figures in a group or movement of any kind.

It is good that you are

It is good that you are healthy now. Since learning to some degree of an alternative version of US and world history, learning of how most current events of significance are fabricated, manipulated, and used to maintain power and control, and learning just what the criminal controlling class and their enforcers are capable of, I have frequently thought and expressed the desire to die a "natural" death. Something I don't think I would have even considered before 9/11.

Thanks for your contribution to this effort! Thanks for being here on Earth at this time.

Thanks, Joe. I'm glad

glad to be "here on Earth at this time"! Still kickin'

Was asked off-line about my current research. I talk about this research largely at this forum: http://www.overunityresearch.com/index.php where I post as "PhysicsProf".

For example, I proposed an experiment there recently (updated today) regarding magnetic fields and momentum conservation. If you enjoy "physics puzzles," I recommend this to you: http://www.overunityresearch.com/index.php?topic=2168.msg47261#msg47261

We're pursuing several paths of research regarding alternative energy at this time. A breakthrough in LENR/geo-fusion or magnetic-field anomalies would be great, and I'm working on these studies with colleagues - a world-wide effort finally.

Most of my colleagues in this effort, btw, are also awakened to 9/11-truth. See, for example, this thread on 9/11 which has been on-going for years at the same forum:



Doxycycline (or minocycline)

A QUOTE from my dog’s Vet.

“A few years ago doxy- was cheap and plentiful, then something changed. What changed was that numerous studies began coming out in late 2011 and 2012 extolling the virtues of low and moderate dose tetracycline therapy (principally doxy- and minocycline) in the treatment and prevention of numerous disease conditions. The implication was that chronically ill patients might significantly improve their health by taking a below-label daily dose of an inexpensive generic drug. While this may be of great benefit to the patient, it represents a conflict of interest for the pharmaceutical industry when a low-cost generic can outperform their far more expensive offerings. Simply put, healthy patients require fewer expensive drugs.”

“On the heels of the 2011/2012 studies, doxycycline was suddenly pulled off the market. When it came back a short time later, the price had skyrocketed, with a bottle of 100 mg generic doxycycline costing $20 in October 2013 but $1,849 in April 2014! Doing the math, this is a whopping 8,281% increase in six months.”

The Vet lists references as: NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams; Lester Holt Jan2,2015 …and…
JAVMA News; Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association; Jan15,2015
The Vet mentions one method of skirting the high price is to find a compound pharmacy which will make it.

Doxycycline is the first "go to" for RMSF.

Dr. Jones,
I feel for ya on this situation. I hear you... This microbe can be deadly and full of long term ailments.

I often utilize a natural health software (HyperHealth Pro 11 -2012 ) which many times shows the scientific studies for natural remedies and also shows conventional approaches to different health conditions.
While it did not have RMSF, it did have some info on Lyme Disease. I realize that the two tick borne bacteria are of different bacterial categories, but I noticed that many of the treatment possibilities were the same for both.

Some of the substances, foods, herbs listed:
Colloidal Silver
Cat's Claw, Cumanda, Olive Leaf are some herbs mentioned.
Grapefruit Seed Extract or GSE (NOT "Grape Seed Extract")

Grapefruit Seed Extract - This is an interesting "critter killer". Joe can also attest to GSE after one of his visits to Mexico. GSE is fantastic to have on hand if you get "Montezuma's Revenge", salmonella, or some kind of food poisoning or water-borne illness...often alleviating symptoms within 8 hours or less. It can handle many types of parasites (I take it about every one or two months, even giving it to the dogs). It kills many types of bacteria and can help handle viruses and fungi. I see many people have success using it to fight against colds, flu, candida, etc. [I use the liquid and take 10-20 drops at a time in a small glass of water.] Some people put some drops in a spray bottle to disinfect.

Dr. Mercola has a table in this article which might be of use and he also mentions the biofilms and heavy metals among other things.

[Sidenote: A quick summary of an interesting study I once read: These researchers/Doctors were treating patients for an STD, chlamydia. The patients were given antibiotics. Soon, they were pronounced "cured". However, months later some patients would return and say: "Look Doc, I haven't been fooling around, but I think I got the stuff again." Sure enough, they tested positive. One Doc had a bright idea, because of his personal experience and other studies. He had the patients start eating cilantro. Cilantro can have a binding effect and pull out heavy metals. Evidently, the bacteria was "hiding" in areas of the body protected by these metals. The antibiotics now worked. ...anyway, that is the short story.]

Dr. Jones,
Once you lick the tough parts, I am sure you will be doing all kinds of things, taking all kinds of nutrients, to help repair the body.
Keep us informed. Let us know how things are going.

Edit - This note added later...

I should mention this story and information...
While I run into thousands and thousands of people who are purchasing nutritional supplements, many are also trying different alternative health approaches. The feedback which I get from all these different people gives me insight.

A couple, who would routinely come in over the years, had a dynamic story transpire during our many interactions. The husband, who is extremely well-informed about 9/11, and I would often share updates about 9/11. His wife had been wrestling with a staph infection in her hip area for more than 8 years which was preventing needed surgery. They had seen all kinds of specialists over the years with no progress. Then one day, they come in as happy larks. The entire situation with the staph infection was resolved! I asked for details.
He pointed out how "simple" the solution actually was. This form of therapy has been proven effective for decades, but has taken a back burner in the age of pharmaceuticals.

His wife was treated using "BioPhotonic Therapy".
INFO - Here are a few links:
Diseases Treated - http://www.agpatelmd.com/AlternativeMedicalProtocols/BioPhotonicTherapy/DiseasesTreatedWithBPT.aspx

Thanks, TomT - I agree

that herbs are important to helping the body heal itself. It's a matter of taking individual responsibility for one's health.

During the ordeal, I began taking cayenne and garlic, also vitamin D3 and turmeric and calcium ascorbate, among others. I still use various herbs like this.

I should add that the doctor I quoted above who made the first "tick-borne disease" diagnosis (after I prompted him) has left his lucrative position in Columbia, MO. He has turned to "holistic" medicine and has encouraged my to take such herbs and supplements. He was tired of the pressures and constraints he experienced as a "mainstream medical" doctor, and now he is helping a lot of people to be HEALTHY.

Thanks again.

I would like to add one thing that I get asked about, regarding my relationship with BYU where I was a FULL Professor of Physics before being placed on Administrative Leave just before Sept. 11, 2006. The question regards whether I wanted a review by school officials after being placed on Admin Leave, or not. The answer is actually in at least one news article at the time, but to reiterate - YES I did and in fact I requested such a review (with me present) in WRITING. At no time did I tell BYU officials that I did not want a review; to the contrary! I felt that such a review would encourage people to read and reply to my 9/11 research. At the end, they denied my request -- the media reported that a review would not be held.

I hope this lays this matter to rest. I do have a copy of my written request for a formal review, for due process, to support this which was actually reported in the media but seems to have been forgotten.

Welcome back

Welcome back from the brink, ProfJones. Good health is the dearest thing there is.

I've had my own brush with chronic health problems. Doctors saw some of the minor symptoms, but did nothing, and my symptoms grew. With help from the internet, I finally figured it out and have been treating myself successfully with natural medicines.

That's quite a story from Vermont. I grew up in Massachusetts, and I would be covered with ticks after playing but it didn't matter then. A few years later Lyme disease appeared and people kept their kids indoors. You probably know the story that Lyme disease may have crossed over from the military lab on Plum Island, where tick-borne diseases were being 'studied' by scientists with dubious backgrounds.

Thanks again, ProfJones. I hope you find solace that your papers still stand, and will always serve as beacons for anyone open to the truth.