Canada's "Anti-terrorism" Bill C-51: University of Saskatchewan Presentation

There is an urgent need to respond to Prime Minister Harper's rushed "anti-terrorism" legislation as it will strip the liberties of countless Canadians. The following presentation by AZ, Director of the award-winning documentary 9/11 in the Academic Community , addresses this important issue confronting Canadians at the University of Saskatchewan.

Saying No to Bill C-51: Questioning the State as the Provider of Security

Presentation Summary:
From concerned citizens to former prime ministers involved in the debate on Harper's Bill C-51, this presentation examines the critical error among opponents of the bill. The talk explains how the majority of opponents have simply assumed that intelligence agencies and the RCMP are well-intentioned providers of security while ignoring or lacking knowledge of evidence to the contrary. Many important public documents are analyzed that concern the RCMP's history and plans to round up over 70,000 innocent Canadians that included Premier Tommy Douglas, the police using agent provocateurs in protests, and the frame-up of the "Toronto 18" terrorism case. This presentation strongly calls into question whether the state is a provider of security and aims at providing opponents of the bill a much stronger thesis.