Kiriakou suggests Bikowsky pushed for the torture of Maher Arar

“I remember hearing some of the conversations – that, ‘This is the wrong guy, this is a mistake.’ And then one officer in particular (was) saying, ‘No, this is not the wrong guy. We’re going to take him.’ “She was certain that we had the right guy. That Maher Arar was an al-Qaeda whatever-he-was – a facilitator, or whatever – and we were moving forward with it.”

He wouldn’t identify the officer.

This is the wrong guy

Bikowsky and her colleagues at Alec Station have never explained their conduct in the lead up to 9/11. Keep in mind we have repeatedly been told by the media that Alec Station was obsessed with all things al Qaeda. Yet for some reason people like Blee, Wilshire, Bikowsky and Casey found it appropriate to withhold information about al Qaeda suspects at a time when Tenet was giving the White House panicked briefings of a possible attack.