Oregon Teacher Files Suit Against School For Holding Surprise "Active Shooter" Drill


Halfway, OR- A lawsuit was filed last Friday by Linda McLean, an elementary school teacher who alleged that a surprise “active shooter” drill, held at Pine Eagle Charter School, led to severe emotional distress.

The Oregonian reported that the drill took place on April 26, 2013. It was held on an inservice day when there were no children attending. According to the suit, a man wearing a hooded sweatshirt and goggles ambushed McLean’s classroom, pointed a pistol at her head, and fired blanks. “You’re dead,” the man said.

The hooded man turned out to be school safety officer Shawn Thatcher. At the time of the drill, McLean was unaware that the scenario was staged. “McLean could not figure out what was going on,” stated the complaint. “She felt very confused. Her heart was racing. She walked out of the classroom and saw a pistol lying on the ground. … She wondered if she was really shot and was going to die.” Another “gunman”, school board member John Minarich, was dressed in similar attire and armed during the drill. The two reportedly visited classrooms, pointed their guns at teachers, fired, and announced they were dead.

“She could not shake the event but continued to relive it and try to make sense of it, but could not. Ms. McLean could not sleep, and remained anxious and vigilant. When she drifted off to sleep, she experienced nightmares and sweating,” the complaint claims.

The Oregonian reported in April 2013 that Pine Eagle Charter School superintendent Mike Corley defended the drill’s intent to “test teacher preparedness and come up with a plan for dealing with an actual shooting incident.” The teachers at the school had reportedly received previous training to deal with active shooter situations before the surprise drill.

The Oregonian reported that “members of the district’s Safety Committee notified the Baker County Sheriff’s Office and its 911 dispatch center in advance of the drill so that they wouldn’t respond to an emergency at the school in case any of the school staff called.”

The school tried to ensure that no teachers would return fire on Thatcher or Minarich by having the sheriff’s office review concealed-carry permits.

The suit stated that McLean went to Pine Eagle Charter School the following week but was unable to stay. McLean has been diagnosed by her psychologist and physicians with post-traumatic stress disorder. “On the advice of her treating psychologist, Ms. McLean tried to return to the school building as part of a desensitization therapy,” the suit says. “However, when she returned she was short of breath, anxious, emotionally distressed, and had to leave. She has not returned to the school building since.”

The lawsuit names as defendants Pine Eagle Charter School superintendent Mike Corley; principal Cammie DeCastro; Alpine Alarm Communications and Construction LLC, the company that constructed, installed and maintained the school’s security system; and seven members of the school board. School board member John Minarich, one of the “surprise gunmen”, is identified in court papers as the principal and president of Alpine Alarm.

McLean seeks “economic damages for her involuntary separation from employment, her medical and psychological treatment, and the loss of retirement contributions and fringe benefits,” as well as punitive damages and attorney fees. Alpine Alarm and school officials have not made public comment.


It seems that insanity is rampant and contagious with viruses like the government, mega-corporations, and the mainstream media deliberately trying to take over the "DNA"(mental perspective) of the population. What was once a rare "disease" (insanity) has now infected many aspects of our lives.

Knowing about the 9/11 Cover-up helps, because it is foundational.
This is stabilizing.
This awareness of a foundational "insanity" helps with perspective and recognition of other insanities.
I would hate to be an unaware, dogma following sheeple confused and bridled by the stress of all this weird stuff that is happening.

In other words, being aware of 9/11 makes one less confused by the insanity of our era.

Yes, insanity

There is no preemptive defense against insanity.

These 'drill clowns' are projecting the illusion of security in order to acquire more power unto themselves. A war may be fought for some ostensible reason, but the by-product is ALWAYS the control of the domestic agenda, as war functions as a sort of trump card. Schools like all other local government agencies are budget limited in that they can't print money. Money spent on corrupt foolishness is money not available to reduce class sizes nor buy books and supplies.

Also in Florida

Surprise active shooter drill in Nov. 2014 with children present! Completely insane. All these parents should sue the school and police dept. and press criminal assault charges.


Yes, sue 'em!

Good luck to Linda McLean in her suit. It seems to me, though, that there should be grounds in addition to emotional distress and psychological damage for filing suit, on the part of more than just this one teacher in the Oregon case.

I'm missing something

What is the point of this drill?

What is the teacher/victim supposed to do?

I would call this an assault with a deadly weapon.