Funds Needed for Boeing Flight Simulator Experiment

Could the very inexperienced accused 9/11 hijackers really have precisely piloted complex Boeing jets into the 208 foot wide World Trade Center towers unassisted and at extreme speeds as claimed on September 11? A filmed experiment utilizing a Boeing simulator and a qualified Boeing jet pilot seeks to answer this lingering question once and for all by attempting to duplicate the precisely measured flight path of United Airlines 175, the most recorded of the 9/11 flights. The filmed results will be published exclusively at 9/11 Blogger. Simulator use costs are $750.00. Contributions to this important research are greatly appreciated.


If the donation widget is not visible, please follow the link below to donate:

I see no widget! No way to donate.

I see no widget! No way to donate.

Firefox doesn't show it. Internet Explorer does.

Thanks Joe. And thanks for also checking your smart phone where it did not show up either.

This is what I now noticed at home on my computer:
Firefox doesn't show it. Internet Explorer does.

Does this link work?

--By the way, this FundRazr can be promoted with Facebook for those who do Facebook. (I don't. I know you don't.)
It can also be Tweeted.

SIM Pilot Selected?

Has the pilot been selected?

Not asking for the name to be revealed until afterwards, if ever, but qualifications/experience might be good to know for people considering donations.

Good question. - Yes. Definitely experienced / qualified.

Yes. The simulator operator is definitely a fully qualified and skilled 757 pilot.

Great! A few follow-up questions:

To be absolutely fair and scientific, shouldn't we give equal time to a recent flight school grad, an Arabian with poor English skills, who never actually flew a 757?

How many attempts will the professional, well experienced pilot be afforded?

Will cross winds of ~14mph be applied?

Experiment To Be Based On Hyper-Linked Flight Study

The experiment will attempt to duplicate all of the conditions reported in the study linked above within this blog.



It's magic! This morning the site said $170.!283&authkey=!AEh-4YmefPee8fk&v=3&ithint=photo%2cjpg

A few minutes later the number had grown. AMAZING!!!284&authkey=!AMxdE_DFa_nQaBI&v=3&ithint=photo%2cjpg

This is the first of several contributions designed to encourage others to match this amount. When we reach $270, I'll go again.

How many times can we go?

You da man!

Thanks for pushing this!


My wish came true.

Now, since the $270 threshold was eclipsed, I am making my promised 2nd contribution. I gotta go look at the ticker. I'm good for another round.

Let's see if we can't give the fund more than what they need. Maybe they can find a novice with super-human piloting skills that seasoned veterans don't possess.

Holy Cow!! What a power push!! BINGO !!

I am thrilled!!
We all (Truth Advocates Everywhere) want to thank the folks who helped make this happen.
This is exciting!


Think we would have the same success in possibly getting an independent simulation done of at least bldg 7 that would include the freefall? just a thought.


Popular Mechanics

I think Davin Coburn of Popular Mechanics is an amateur pilot. We should offer him or some other snarky critic a chance to show us how "easily" it's done.

Mission Accomplished!

Much thanks to all! Stay tuned for more!