Out-of-Control FBI to Former Head of 9/11 Investigation: Butt out!

Russ Baker(RB) Interviews Bob Graham (BG) on Sarasota Saudi's and "high level" FBI obfuscation.


BG: Yeah. And then, I had been able to read a couple of files of materials on Sarasota, and I pointed out where their public statement was not consistent with what was in their own classified files. And the FBI officer said: “Well, that was a matter of context, that there was other information which refuted the statements which were contained in the investigative officer’s report.”

So I said, “Well, can I see what that other information is?” And he said “yes” and we set a date for the week after Thanksgiving.

And when I went to the FBI office at the scheduled time, that same agent who [was at the meeting at Dulles] was there and he said: “Your meeting here has been canceled, is not going to be rescheduled, and incidentally, I know you’ve been trying to contact the agent who wrote the report, and I have told him not to talk with you.”

And that was the last time I met with a high-ranking FBI official.

RB: Now, without putting you too much on the spot, can you indicate how high a level we’re talking?

BG: Very high.


RB: Very high. Okay. So this might be a name that I might have heard of.


BG: You might have.

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This is the same agency

that demands the power to issue national security letters to collect information on the public. Recently a US Attorney mocked Jesse Trentadue's efforts to get a confidential informant to testify. It really is strange the way FBI/DOJ don't have any shame about partaking in cover-ups which directly relate to murdered citizens. I presume the arrogance on display is due to the fact that these officials know they can abuse classification procedures and face no penalty.

Nobody at the FBI has ever explained why UBLU agents actively obstructed the search for al-Hazmi and al-Mihdhar. As far as I know the FBI agents didn't pack up for Saudi Arabia before 9/11. No they stayed and received promotions.


I'm surprised the Sarasota Saudis didn't join Bush in the Sarasota school to read about the goat.

Bob Graham's Agenda?

I must say that I have complete distrust of Bob Graham and his agenda to pin a limited hangout on Saudi Arabia for 9/11. This incisive article by Kevin Ryan / Washington's Blog hits the nail on the head: