The Secret Life of Timothy McVeigh – by James Corbett

Episode 305 – The Secret Life of Timothy McVeigh- Corbett • 05/11/2015

Timothy McVeigh. We’ve been told so much about him, the Oklahoma City bombing, and what it meant for America. But what if it’s all a lie? Join us today for this special Corbett Report podcastumentary as we examine the multiple trucks, multiple bombs, government informants, faked executions and other pieces of information suggesting that McVeigh was not a “lone wolf bomber” at all but a sheepdipped special forces operative working for the government, exactly as he claimed.


Corbett does it again!

This is excellent!

A Noble Lie: Oklahoma City 1995

"A Noble Lie: Oklahoma City 1995" - The 1995 (April 19th) bombing in Oklahoma City was a direct blow to the heart of America. 168 people were killed, including nineteen children. For those watching the nightly news, terrorism had come home. (2011)

Tattoo of "John Doe #2"

In my blog "Friedensblick" I wrote a German article based on this report of Corbett. After a conversion with a commentator I dug deeper and found an inconsistency in the official account. Perhaps an expert here can answer my question: On which arm saw the witnesses the tattoo at the companion of McVeigh?

FBI AGENT: The 2nd man is also of medium-build. He’s further described at 5ft 9in to 5ft 10in tall. With brown hair and tattoo visible on his left arm. (corbett-report, transcript)

But according to later mainstream-media reports the searched "John Doe 2" had its tattoo on the right arm as Todd David Bunting, who should have been mistakenly taken as the companion of McVeigh.