2015 AE911Truth 30-day, 10-country European Tour: Last Stop — Budapest, Hungary

AE911Truth founder Richard Gage wrapped up his intensive 30-day, 10-country speaking tour with an evening presentation on 12 May at Budapest's historic Brody Studios.

Founded in 2009 and named after Hungarian writer Sándor Bródy, the Brody House Group is comprised of several neoclassical villas (originally built in the late 1800s) that house a members arts club for private events, a print studio and gallery, a boutique hotel, and serviced apartments. According to founder William Clothier, Brody Studios serves as a venue for daily and weekly arts events "in the broad sense of the word" — including literature, design, architecture, and music. He and co-founder Peter Grundberg refer to their place as "an overall hub for creativity and innovation."

For Gage, Hungary offered a milieu somewhat different from the rest of his stops. With its historical ties to the old Soviet Union and communism, the Central European country has a feel that's a bit disconnected from Western Europe. Perhaps Hungarians' attempt to throw off the repressive past worked in 9/11 Truth's favor: Now, Clothier remarked, "Budapest is a place where you can be a bit radical." Given that Hungarians are perceived as focusing more on local than international issues, the capital city's progressive truth activists sought to bring Gage to Budapest as a way to give fellow citizens' an expanded knowledge base and increased awareness of important global issues. Local architect and AE911Truth member Luigi Grandi helped organize the event because, as he put it, "if everybody did a little contribution, you'd be in a better world."

After Gage put forth the evidence for controlled demolition of the World Trade Center, the post-presentation Q&A session was spiced up when. . .

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