What if this showed up in your mailbox?


AE911Truth to Release Comprehensive Guide to the WTC Evidence and Mail It to 20,000 Architects and Engineers

Supporters Receive a Copy with a $30 Donation to the Campaign

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This September AE911Truth will release its first ever comprehensive guide to the World Trade Center evidence — a 50-page booklet titled BEYOND MISINFORMATION: What Science Says about the Destruction of World Trade Center Buildings 1, 2, and 7.

Once it is unveiled, this authoritative guide — designed to bring together the most compelling evidence into one easy-to-read, professionally produced document for laymen and technical readers alike — will be permanently available as one of AE911Truth’s main resources...



What if this showed up in your mailbox?

Well, I'd be very pleased since I have one coming. If I was one of the perps or one tasked with perpetuating the coverup I'd be quite upset. If I was an architect, engineer, or scientist I would be very curious. If I was one of the legions who know this already but remain silent, I might be a little embarrassed by my own cowardice.

THANK YOU ae9/11truth for all you do.

Great statement!


Excellent campaign

Glad to see A&E going after their correct audience.