NIST's Questionable Collapse Initiation Sequence for the Twin Towers (videos)

Here is part one of a series of seven short videos dealing with each step of NIST's "collapse Initiation sequence" for the Twin Towers. They're mainly comprised of footage from Kevin Ryan's 2006 presentation 'A New Standard for Deception' and the presentation he gave at the 9/11 Toronto Hearings in 2011. Tony Szamboti, David Chandler and excerpts from 'September 11 - The New Peal Harbour' by Massimo Mazzucco are also featured in the videos. I hope they'll be a useful resource to share with others.


If based on Fire Induced Collapse Hypothesis, I think the following NIST FIRE forum would be appropriate to engage them in 9/11 truth.


Fire Fighting Research & Practice: From the Lab to the Street

On August 25, firefighters, company officers, and fire chiefs will have the opportunity to learn about Fire Fighting Research at NIST, including topics on fire dynamics based tactics, thermal testing of electronic safety equipment and personal protective equipment.

Participants will also hear from International Association Fire Fighters (IAFF) Instructors who have applied fire research within their department.

In the afternoon, participants will attend breakout sessions on Wildland Urban Interface Fires, Implementing New Tactical Strategies, the latest in Smoke Alarm research and Line of Duty Death Fire Simulations.

In addition, participants will tour NIST's two new research facilities: the National Fire Research Laboratory and Emergency Response Robots Laboratory.

Start Date: Tuesday, August 25, 2015
End Date: Tuesday, August 25, 2015
Location: NIST, 100 Bureau Drive, Gaithersburg, Maryland 20899, Red Auditorium
Audience: Other
Format: Seminar

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These are EXCELLENT short videos!

These videos are put together extremely well!
Thank you!

And the "Platos Cave" YouTube Channel has some wonderful gems.


Yes, I'm also happy with how they turned out. Apart for the opening titles of each video, which in retrospect I should have used a bolder font for. It looked fine in the original videos, but lost some definition when I uploaded them to you tube. I should work on how to get more views for these videos, as they've hardly been seen, but do think they'll be a good resource. Before making them I would often want to refer people to the specific defects with NIST's explanation, and could have done with a series of videos like these, which of course is why I made them.