Philip Zelikow, You Don't Have The Right!

He should be arrested and investigated for the part that he had to play in the cover-ups of 9/11.

Maybe I'm wrong...

Yes, accused criminals have rights to equal protection of the laws and free speech.

Even if he makes you really angry, he has just as much of a right as you do to say what he wants.

He sounds pretentious and appealing to emotion to persuade his credibility with the audience toward 9/11.

As you noted, everyone was attacked on 9/11.

Opinions are like a**holes, everyone has one and they stink.


His right to "Free Speech" isn't the point of this video. He can say whatever he wants, and I can say whatever I want about what he says. That's what this video is. Me calling him out. Me telling him that because of what he's done, he has no right to use 9/11 as he did. Much like how part of the reason we've been fighting for truth, accountability and justice is to take away their "9/11 Playing Card" so it can no longer be used as it has been. Since there hasn't been truth, accountability and justice, this is the best I can do. It's no different than calling out any of the politicians that use 9/11. Like Lindsey Graham, Chris Christie, George Pataki and so on. Or Dick Cheney, George Bush, and Barack Obama before them.

I can understand and

I can understand and empathize with Phillip Zelikow.

He did go through 9/11 and saw what happened.

He knows that people are awake now more then ever to the crimes and are knowledgable about his role in the official cover-up.

I'd be emotional if my ass was that much on the line too.


Emotion. Like a murderer acting remorseful so no one would suspect them.

If there were any justice he'd be slithering on his belly...

If there were any justice he'd be slithering on his belly through the DU in Afghanistan and Iraq.