ACTION ALERT: Sign White House Petition for Release of 28 Pages


August 26, 2015

A new front has just opened in the campaign to declassify 28 pages on foreign government funding of the 9/11 hijackers: A White House petition, timed to correspond with increased media coverage of the issue around the upcoming anniversary of the attacks.

Its been a year since the White House directed the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) to review the 28 pages for possible declassification. That means the review of just 28 pages of material has already taken longer than the broad-ranging and unprecedented joint congressional inquiry that produced the 28 pages in the first place. Enough is enough.

Please sign the petition right away. You dont have to create an account, just enter your name and email address. That takes less than a minute, and well all be
another step closer to reading 28 pages that forced Congressman Thomas Massie to stop every couple pages and rearrange his understanding of history. Youll also help 9/11 family members and survivors in their drive for courtroom justice against the financiers of 9/11.

We need 100,000 signatures in 30 daysand yours is one of them. When we hit that mark, the White House will be compelled to break its silence on the 28 pages and issue a response. More important, the petition will bring increased media attention, greater pressure on Congress to pass H.Res.14 and S.1471, and more pressure on the president to do the right thing.

Please share this post or the link to the petition with as many people as you canin as many ways as you can. Share it on Facebook and Twitter, email your friends, post it on message boards and link to it in comments on 9/11-related news stories. Use your imagination, but please do it nowwe have 30 days to collect 100,000 signatures.

Please chip in to help us advertise the petition. Your gift to can be used to buy wider exposure on social media. For example, a $28 donation may help us present the petition to 21,000 more people on Facebook; $280 could present it to as many as 150,000 people. The forces that oppose the release of the 28 pages are silent but powerful. To prevail, the 28 pages movement needs your help in building awareness.

Bring the 28 pages into daylight: Sign the White House petition today

I made a movie...

Might as well do this too...

"That's why we launched MoveOn Petitions where you can start your own online petition and invite your friends to sign it. We'll send the most popular petitions to other MoveOn members to help build support for your cause."

It's easy to get started—just click here

Calling the offices of your Representatives and Senators could also have an effect:

Alternatively, you may phone the United States Capitol switchboard at (202) 224-3121. A switchboard operator will connect you directly with the office you request.


"Alternative" news sites should be promoting the petition to release the 28 redacted pages from the JICI. All "9/11 Truth" sites should be promoting the petition to release the 28 redacted pages from the JICI. All "consensus" groups should be promoting the petition to release the 28 redacted pages from the JICI. All "for 9/11 Truth" groups should be promoting the petition to release the 28 redacted pages from the JICI.

Just sent this to several people...

Hello all,

I don't know if you're aware or not, but this past Wednesday Brian McGlinchey, the founder of, started a petition calling on Obama to release the 28 redacted pages of the JICI. I have been doing my very best to promote this petition, and I despise petitions. There are a few reasons I am promoting this particular one.

1. If we get 100,000 signatures, the White House will be forced to address the issue.

2. If they are released, the families will be able to use them in their lawsuit against Saudi Arabia. Right now I believe, Judge George Daniels is deciding on whether or not to allow the proceedings to continue. I believe he is waiting 90 days to decide. Judge George Daniels is not known for holding Saudis accountable. He already said that the Bin Laden Group and others were off the hook. So this extra piece of evidence will be extremely helpful to the families.

3. If people like Bandar are mentioned in those pages, then that opens up several questions about his relationship to Bush, Cheney and Tenet.

4. With regards to 9/11, there should be absolute truth, accountability, justice and transparency.

5. If the Saudis counter with the 9/11 Report which absolved all foreign Governments, then maybe people like Mike Jacobson and Dana Lesemann will be called into testify about why the 9/11 Report says what it does. They both originally came from the JICI and moved onto the 9/11 Commission. Mike wrote the 28 redacted pages and Dana helped from what I understand. During the time of the 9/11 Commission, Philip Zelikow blocked Dana's access to the 28 redacted pages. As a result, she went through a back channel to get to them, and Zelikow fired her. For just trying to do her job. Raj De I believe, took her place. At the end of the 9/11 Commission, Philip Zelikow and Dieter Snell took part in a "late night editing session" to remove Saudi support from the 9/11 Report, against the wishes of people like Mike Jacobson and Raj De. They moved the information into several different footnotes into the back of the book. It might be interesting if people like Philip Zelikow and Dieter Snell are also called to testify to take questions on the stand about their actions. I see this as a possible way to further discredit the whitewash that was the 9/11 Commission. The horribly corrupt and compromised 9/11 Commission.

You should know that Judge George Daniels ruled that Iran was responsible for 9/11. Dieter Snell testified during those hearings to help make that argument. Oh Dieter... remember when he got out of testifying for the Able Danger hearings?

Anyway, as most of you know, the families have been fighting for the release of these documents since the day it was announced they were redacted. There have been several efforts over the years to get these documents released to no avail. At least this petition forces the issue.

If those of you could take a little time in helping to promote this petition, it would be greatly appreciated.

Here is a link to the petition:

If you want, here's a little video I made for the petition:

Please consider, and thank you for your time.


Jon Gold

Rosie O'Donnell...

Just promoted it on twitter.

Why do the 28 redacted pages need to be released right now?

Because Judge George Daniels, someone who has a history of letting Saudis off the hook concerning 9/11, someone who ruled that Iran had something to do with 9/11, “has a 60-to-90-day window to decide whether to dismiss the case based on the Saudi pleading or let 9/11 families proceed to discovery” (that information is from a NYPost report from 8/9).

Here’s a video I made a while ago about some of his decisions concerning certain Saudis…

He just did it again recently…

Judge George Daniels was reported to have issues in the past…

Someone even set up a “judgegeorgedanielswatch” website…

So, the 9/11 Families need these pages RIGHT NOW so they can introduce them as evidence and possibly persuade Judge George Daniels to allow the case to continue.

So please sign and share this petition…


“We, the family members, and the American public, have been waiting for too many years to find out what is contained in those 28 redacted JICI pages (the pages are not from the 9/11 Commission report. The JICI preceded the 9/11 Commission, looking into "intelligence failures". The Commission's work was supposed to pick up where the JICI left off). Please sign the petition, and share it!” - 9/11 Family Member and “Jersey Girl” Lorie Van Auken

I Signed

I'd like to know why the PERPS wrote the "28 pages" in the first place to then redact before publication.
I smell continued PSY-OP.

There were some...

Good people that worked on the JICI like Eleanor Hill. Maybe some information made it that they didn't want to.


Pretty much has no chance of succeeding now. I'd like to sarcastically say thank you to those people who told everyone that the pages are a "limited hangout," "psyop," and a "misdirection." I'd also like to sarcastically thank all of those people with a far reaching voice who proclaim to be on the side of good that didn't promote it. Hopefully, maybe someday, legislation will be passed that calls for their release. I'm sorry to the family members that this didn't work out. Hopefully Mike Jacobson and Dana Lesemann will be called to testify at the hearings.

Thank you to those that did help to promote this. Thanks to Brian McGlinchey for starting it.

The other day, I saw a 9/11 Family Member, someone who was very young at the time of 9/11, post this petition. All 9/11 Family Members pull on my heart strings, but this especially hurt. This is someone whose parent was murdered. Now, 14 years later, they are old enough to fight for what they should already have. Truth, accountability and justice for what happened to their parent. It might be one of the saddest things I've ever seen. This situation is unacceptable. This issue needs to be resolved.

I have NEVER suggested that these pages are the end all/be all of 9/11. When they are presented as such, I make sure to comment and inform people that that is simply not the case.

The above video I made specifically states that.

Personally, I think the idea of our leaders having longstanding relationships with those who supposedly helped to finance the attacks is interesting.

I also think that if the pages are released, they could be an opportunity to further show how corrupt and compromised the 9/11 Commission was.

Regardless, we can't judge what's in those pages without having seen them, we should always push for transparency, and we should ALWAYS support the 9/11 Families seeking truth, accountability and justice.


Judge George Daniels dropped the Saudi lawsuit brought on by the 9/11 Families saying they have "sovereign immunity." I don't understand why he can do that because in Dec. 2013 a three-judge panel of the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said "a legal exception existed that would allow Saudi Arabia to remain as a defendant." Even though "the 2nd Circuit and a lower court had previously ruled that Saudi Arabia was protected by sovereign immunity." The Supreme Court "rejected an appeal from Saudi Arabia, which said an appeals court improperly reopened claims that the country helped al-Qaeda." So as far as I know, that means the "sovereign immunity" argument doesn't hold. Unless Daniels can overrule that Dec. 2013 decision.

According to the Associated Press, a lawyer for the families pledged to appeal the decision. "Evidence central to these claims continues to be treated as classified,” Sean Carter said. “The government's decision to continue to classify that material certainly factored into this outcome.

Anyway, JASTA, a bill that would allow the 9/11 Families to sue Saudi Arabia passed the Senate, but not yet the House. So we have to push for that, and for the release of the 28 redacted pages. As well as a multitude of other things.


"According to The Associated Press, a lawyer for the families pledged to appeal the decision. "Evidence central to these claims continues to be treated as classified,” Sean Carter said. “The government's decision to continue to classify that material certainly factored into this outcome."