Ending Today! Pre-September Discount for 'Beyond Misinformation'


Today is the final day to purchase Beyond Misinformation at the incredible discount price of $1.50 per booklet.

Order your preferred quantity now and it’ll be on your doorstep within two weeks. Together we’ll distribute as many as 50,000 copies during the month of September — including those that will be mailed directly to 20,000 architects and engineers!

Learn more >> http://bit.ly/BeyondMisinfoFinalDay

Interview with Ted Walter

Good interview . .

just listening to it now. Thanks.

Michael Rivero's Radio Show...

Richard Gage is scheduled to be the guest on October 8th.

*Update: Maybe Monday the 5th. I will post it if I get it.

Here it is: https://youtu.be/cHakJbuxyh4?t=1h11m59s

Still waiting

Still waiting anxiously for my copy ordered months ago. Anyone else having this problem?

I bought

the ebook version earlier today, have read a couple of chapters and am very impressed.

got mine

Got my order couple weeks ago

Me too

I also received my print editions around mid or late September.


I contacted A & E and got a nice note back from Kelly David asking for patience and suggesting that I look at the e-book. I like real books and was excited to hear about and support this project. I want to read and review it before I consider a bulk purchase. How can I take advantage of a bulk price if I can't get my personal $50 copy? Glad to hear that some are getting their order, but honestly I'm frustrated. Thanks for the replies.