Sharyl Attkisson Debuts With 28 Pages Report

8 Minute Preview:

In a preview of her new Sunday morning news broadcast, five-time Emmy winner and former CBS anchor Sharyl Attkisson will delve into the top-secret pages of Congress’ intelligence report on the 9/11 terrorist attacks, which are still kept under wraps 14 years later.

In the report, Ms. Attkisson speaks with current and former lawmakers and family members of victims of the 9/11 attacks to uncover why the documents, known as the “28 pages” are still undisclosed.

All Good and Well

All good and well, but the Saudi's didn't have access to wire the buildings. Saudi's involvement was just a mere piece of this puzzle. Basically they provided the patsies. Who wired the buildings please stand up if your alive and care about this country.

I'd say....

they were dead very soon after. JMHO.

This is about TRANSPARENCY

Very little should be hidden in America. We live in a place where words are considered dangerous.

I'm amazed at the amount of speculation about what the pages contain and what they mean. Shouldn't we at least review them before drawing conclusions? Of course.

And we should have the opportunity to see all the other information OUR SERVANTS are withholding. The WTC7 modeling data, first responder interviews, analyses of the steel wreckage, etc would be a good starting point.

Start playing hardball!


The 28 pages will cause people to question & rethink 9/11 as the exposure of the Iraq WMD lies did--"If they lied about this, what else might they have lied about?"

It's a small piece of a very large puzzle, but it's a piece that should be looked at.

28 pages of misdirection

from 28 pages of misdirection

"Professional magicians employ misdirection – irrelevant bodily motions and various props – to distract the audience’s attention from what they’re really up to. Some of us in the movement consider the 28 Pages campaign to be just such a classical misdirection, so that the Saudis can be pulled out of the hat as the new scapegoats for 9/11."

I agree - "Misdirection" (it is in "their" manual of propaganda

Here is one reason WHY I am absolutely convinced that this 28 pages is "misdirection".
ANSWER: The mainstream media keeps talking about it and it has momentum in Congress (without an Anthrax attack on Congressional members...okay, a little sarcasm here).

Let's face it.
The entire official 9/11 story and cover-up is packed full of misdirection, packed full of confusion.

If a TV watcher is confused about a subject, then the pundits and broadcasters and government and movies tell the viewer what to believe. It solves the viewer's confusion. Viewer is now happy and "knows all about it".
EX - "Oh my! They finally shot the bad guy responsible for 9/11. But oh no! There are the mean ISIS terrorists ready to kill us all...let's keep bombing the shit out of the middle east."

"misdirection" from "truth and shadows"

How unsurprising.

Opposed Now

I was wrong to support this 28 pages campaign. It's the most insidious limited hang-out that won't lead to the real perpetrators. Bloggulator was right long ago. I'm opposed now. Best to expose the hijacker B.S. and support the evidence of Kevin Ryan, AE911Truth, and James Corbett. Hanjour never even trained in a Boeing sim! If you've never flown a jet and never trained in a sim... you didn't execute that maneuver.... regardless of who might have paid your rent and party bills. You are a patsy.


I hear ya McGee.

For more than an hour, this video covers aspects which demonstrate how patsies were created on 9/11.


Please take 30 seconds to look over YT chans before posting links here. That one is.... not reliable to put it nicely.

I am tracking now.

Thanks for briefing me.

I'm not opposed...

I'd like to know what and why the perps wrote in those pages to be redacted so they can pull em out when they need them. Kind of like Usama Bin Laden's fake murder and funeral at sea.

I smell continued psy-op!

Bin Laden's fake murder extended the Myth for a new generation

The younger generation really does not know much about 9/11.

It is up to The MythMakers to "educate them". Bin Laden's death was a good way.

This survey was done at Texas Tech...

"Who won The Civil War?"
"Who is our Vice President?"
"Who did we gain our independence from?" "Do you know what year?"

"What show is Snookie on?"
"Who is Brad Pitt married to?"
"Who was he married to before that?"

So...when a young African-American adult does not even know what The Civil War was, it is easy to fill that void with propaganda. The MythMakers could literally make up something very silly to define The Civil War and these young adults would buy it....
"Yes. The Civil War occurred when in the late 1700's Congressional Gentlemen argued about what manners would best serve as a model for people. They argued on what type of activities would be civil. Thus, The Civil War".

An article I wrote...

To all of those people saying it's a "limited hangout" or a "psyop" or "misdirection" or whatever... so you've read them?

Have not Read the 28 redacted pages.

There real I am sure, but partial to the truth. I believe that these docs are being used politically for power/control over Saudi of some fashion. Why would the press is allowed to tease this, but not the money trail or other obvious holes in the official account.

I don't know why...

Everyone is so worried about the 28 redacted pages. They were already "debunked" by the 9/11 Commission. That wonderful, credible, thorough, no holds barred investigation. The Saudis refer to it all of the time. Philip Zelikow isn't worried about them. That's why he's pushing for the release of the 28 redacted pages. Oh wait, he's doing the exact opposite. Hmmmm...

The 28 pages is not about the 28 pages. The MythMakers...

We all know that "The MythMakers" have not lost control.

The 28 pages might have some interesting information, and if released may be the topic of news stories, countless discussions and armchair back-n-forth.

But it is not a game changer for the 9/11 Truth Movement.
We know this.
We know this because we already have game changers.
But GameChangers vs The MythMakers is like 300 Spartans against the whole of Persia.

The MythMakers have control of this situation regarding the 28 pages.

Sure, I would like to see the 28 pages.
So would everyone interested in 9/11.
But if released, it will be for a marketing agenda by The MythMakers.


"Limited hangout" can only be a "limited hangout" if we allow it to be. If we allow them to "limit" the information that comes out. That's why a lot of my videos over the years that talk about Saudi Arabia in some way say that the Royals are not the only problem. That's why I wrote the above article. To me, it's no different than any other subject regarding 9/11. There are so many to choose from. If you listen to my interview with Erik Larson, we talk about the 28 redacted pages, but we also talk about all of the documentation from the 9/11 Commission that has yet to be released, and we talk about the information that has been released that has a great many redactions. Dan Christensen just wrote this.

The "Mythmakers" can say whatever they want. So can we. So can the families. The "mythmakers" can be defeated, but only when the people unite with a clear message. To me, that message should be that "we were lied to about 9/11." Simple, and an absolutely true statement. Nothing theoretical about it. Anyway, the push for the pages is for transparency and the families. We should always help the families that are seeking truth, accountability and justice.

I, for one, am interested to see what could happen in a court of law. Like Mike Jacobson or Dana Lesemann being called to testify to talk about how Philip Zelikow blocked half of the interview requests for Saudi investigators, how Philip Zelikow blocked Dana's access to the 28 redacted pages, forcing her to go through a back channel to get to them resulting in him firing her, how Philip Zelikow and Dieter Snell took part in a "late night editing session" to remove Saudi support from the 9/11 Report. Or, maybe they could talk about specific people. People possibly connected to Bush, Cheney and/or Tenet. I don't know.

I then would be interested to see if either Zelikow or Snell are called to testify under oath. That would be a sight to see. Hypothetical of course, but it would be a sight to see. I wonder if that would stir up any problems for the "Mythmakers."

I'll Trust Zelikow

He would never obfuscate, misdirect, or manipulate. Oh wait, that is his function in this world.

I could be wrong. These 28 pages may detail how Saudi Arabia funded and created false identities for non-existent hijackers.


Was being sarcastic.

Why the press is allowed to tease this (To Jayeats)

Respectfully.... Because Bob Graham refused to give up for years on end. Now certain congresspersons are refusing to give up on the same matter of declassifying the 28 pages. In simplest terms, having this in congress "indemnifies" the press to give it coverage. If this were just some crazy, or not so crazy, professor, we at this point in time probably wouldn't be hearing about it in the news.

Why we are hearing about it a bit more of late, I'm not sure. I have been somewhat off-grid for a while. I do know that neither Graham, nor Massie, nor Lynch, gives me that creepy "Zelikow" kind of feeling.

What's more surprising to me is how *little* press this has received over the years. Consider that here in Seattle I still occasionally see metro buses with "See Something, Say Something" signs inside them. So, according to a sign, we're supposed to say something about a backpack left on a bus; yet 28 pages regarding people who are said to have helped fund 911 aren't much worth talking about?

I'd like to know what's in the 28 pages that would motivate Graham to stick with it for more than a decade.

Also, I'd like to express strong agreement with those who say Saudi connections to 911 will point back to connections within the US.

As long as Americans

believe that Muslims were the perpetrators, there's no chance for justice. I oppose any attempt to blame 9/11 on Saudi Arabia or to reinforce the myth that "hijackers" were perpetrators. This was not a Muslim attack that was allowed to happen. Insiders were behind insider trading. Insiders blew up the towers. Insiders hijacked the planes and ran drills. Insiders mailed anthrax. Hani Hanjour, having never flown a jet or trained in a sim, could not have even turned the plane around to find Washington DC. --- let alone executed an advanced maneuver that the captains of that aircraft couldn't pull off. These people were patsies. Which is exactly what a false flag seeks to do: frame others.

Members of the Jury

Members of the jury demand the opportunity to review all the evidence. Those representing both sides are withholding records. The jury cannot make a fully informed decision.

If patsies were being assisted we need to know by whom. If governments were working together to murder our citizens and citizens of other nations we need to know which ones and to what extent.

Full disclosure is the only path to justice.

You are right about full disclosure.

"Full disclosure is the only path to justice."
You are right.

When (or if) the 28 pages are released, I am sure that the 9/11 Movement will assess the hell out of them.
For we all know how the government "feeds confusion and its answers" to the public.

I am interested in seeing what is on those pages, as we all are.
I want to see them disclosed.

Of course I hold them at suspect.
And if they have a motive as a "misdirection storyline", then at least I will have some extra toilet paper.

The CIA has cleared Saudi Arabia

This seems relevant to the discussion. Somehow this one got missed. I haven't seen any references to it here on blogger.

CIA Report Says No Evidence Saudi Arabia 'Willingly Supported' al Qaeda Leading up to 9/11
By Jason Leopold and Samuel Oakford
June 12, 2015 | 8:40 pm

A newly declassified CIA watchdog report that probed the agency's intelligence failures leading up to the 9/11 attacks reveals that investigators on the CIA's 9/11 review team "encountered no evidence" that the government of Saudi Arabia "knowingly and willingly supported" al Qaeda terrorists.

Moreover, the June 2005 CIA Inspector General report's, released Friday, said the Senate Intelligence Committee's Joint Inquiry into Intelligence Community Activities before and after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 "'had made no final determinations as to the reliability or sufficiency' regarding Saudi issues raised by its inquiry." (A separate report released in 2004 by the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States, commonly known as the 9/11 Commission, found no evidence that the government of Saudi Arabia or Saudi officials individually provided funding to al-Qaeda.).....

More at the link.