Terrorism in 2015: Following a False Flag Formula

In 2015, there were 385 terrorist incidents around the world according to Wikipedia. Of these, 94% were attributed to Muslim perpetrators or occurred in Muslim countries surrounding the world’s most resource-rich region. The geographic pattern behind these and previous attacks suggests that terrorism is more a function of the need to seize resources than it is about religious or political beliefs. The terrorist events of 2015 continue to fuel speculation that most terrorism is government-sponsored and focuses on achieving political objectives.

Most of the terrorist attacks in 2015 were attributed to groups located in the relatively small region of southwestern Eurasia that has been the focus of competition for resources among the world’s superpowers. The political will to drive seizure of those resources requires Western governments to generate a fear of terrorism in their own societies so that “responses” can happen without interference from the public. Maintaining the fear is what appears to be the primary objective behind the fewer, better publicized, attacks in Western countries.

Since 9/11, terrorist acts in Western countries have exhibited a formulaic set of common features that suggest the government might have been involved in the crimes. Here are ten such features.

  1. Evidence against the accused is usually composed of hearsay claims or dubious documents that originate with military or law enforcement sources.
  2. The hearsay evidence typically includes vague accusations that the suspects were in contact with, had “links” to, or made recent pledges of allegiance to, terrorist leaders.
  3. The documentary evidence includes things like passports conveniently left at the scene or social media postings that imply a commitment to terrorism.
  4. There is an overly obvious attempt to associate the terrorists with Islam.
  5. The suspects are usually dead by the time the first reports come out.
  6. People who knew the accused often say they had absolutely no idea that their friend/neighbor/family member was involved or interested in terrorism in any way.
  7. The testimony of eyewitnesses is ignored as authorities provide contradictory stories that quickly become the official, media-driven accounts.
  8. Eyewitnesses often describe the attackers as armed and outfitted like highly trained, and well-supported, special operations soldiers.
  9. The attacks usually coincide with military or law enforcement exercises that mimic what happens.
  10. The incidents are used to justify rapid military attacks against countries of strategic interest before any investigation is conducted.

In 2015, two acts of terrorism in the U.S. were attributed to white men who survived and were not said to be associated with Muslims. These were the June shooting of nine African Americans in a South Carolina church and the November killing of three people at a Planned Parenthood facility in Colorado. But the remaining six terrorist events in the West were all attributed to Muslims. Here are quick summaries of how those terrorist events exhibited the features listed above.

paris-attacks-2Paris in January—The Charlie Hebdo and Kosher Grocery attacks: The first of two major terrorist acts in Paris resulted in a considerable number of as-yet unanswered questions. Not the least of these was that the military-style attackers wore balaclavas to conceal their identities yet left a passport for quick identification. The attackers took pains to associate themselves with Islam yet also displayed professional training like that of special operations soldiers.

Copenhagen in February—Two people were shot dead in separate shootings that were allegedly motivated by art that was disrespectful to Muslims. Police said that Omar Abdel Hamid El-Hussein committed both crimes and that he died during the second attack. El-Hussein was reported to be well known to Danish intelligence and had been in and out of prison. Despite being sentenced to two years in December 2014 for “serious violence,” he was released in January 2015 and was allegedly engaged in the shootings just two weeks later. Danish citizens have raised questions about the possibility of this being a false-flag attack.

Texas in May—At an anti-Islamic art exhibit featuring images of the Prophet Mohammed in Garland, Texas, two heavily armed gunmen wearing body armor began shooting. One school security officer was shot in the ankle before both of the alleged attackers were killed. The two men had police records and one was the subject of an FBI investigation.

Australia in October—In Parramatta, a 15-year old boy was said to shoot a police employee after visiting a mosque and listening to a lecture by an extremist Islamist leader (according to police). Although Australian authorities called it an act of political terrorism, like most 15-year olds the boy was not politically active and the lecture he attended was about “charity and how to worship God and help others.” His family and friends had no idea that he had any violent tendencies.

Paris in November—In a coordinated series of attacks, terrorists killed 130 people. Just two days later, before an investigation was completed, France began a new bombing campaign in Syria. Only one of the ten suspects, Saleh Abdeslam, survived the attacks. He was first questioned and released by French authorities, even when it was known that he had rented a car used in the crimes. It was reported that Belgian authorities later let him escape. In November it was revealed that Paris police were engaged in a mass shooting exercise the very morning of the attacks.

California in December—The San Bernardino Shootings: The only eyewitness to the shootings said the perpetrators were three tall, athletic, white men in combat-style gear. The witnesses to the getaway said they saw three men in black masks fleeing the scene with rifles in hand. The attackers got into a black SUV with tinted windows and “calmly” left the scene. Despite these eyewitness reports, the official account quickly became that two small, brown-skinned, Muslim people committed the crimes. A few days later, President Obama promoted the new myth without proper investigation or trial and took pains to remind the nation that, “Al Qaeda killed nearly 3,000 Americans on 9/11.”

Citizens later learned that there are glaring questions that remain unanswered about the San Bernardino shootings but the media frenzy in support of the government account had already become an entrenched myth. Even as the New York Times retracted reporting on the subject and the Washington Post admitted that American law enforcement officials were “famous for feeding contradictory and unfounded information to the media,” the myth continued to go unchallenged.

Despite the fact that government-sponsored false flag terrorism has been well documented as a fact throughout modern history, terrorism remains a powerful tool for controlling public opinion. The events of 2015 have shown that the propaganda tools for presenting terrorism are being continually refined. The formula used by government and media to report new accounts of terrorism may one day become so well tuned that it will be effective in presenting anyone as a terrorist with little or no actual evidence. It would therefore be wise for all citizens to question all acts of terrorism in order to prevent greater abuses of power.

Kevin Ryan blogs at Dig Within.

Thank you Kevin!

Let us not forget about the FBI entrapment and coercion here at home that seem to have their own disturbing trend. Take the HBO documentary "The Newburgh Sting" for example where a paid FBI informant spends years relentlessly trying to recruit extremely socially vulnerable men into doing things for the promise huge sums of money. They are usually, jail-house Muslim, extremely poor, and sometimes mentally ill. They are given every tool to carry out their plot, and had they not been given these tools, wouldn't in a million years had the means or motive to attempt it.

Yesterday while looking into the recent Rochester NY NYE "plot", I found only one article that casts any doubt on the man's motives while all other media seem to be toeing the official line. It has almost every characteristic of the Newburgh Sting as well as other "foiled terror plots".


The Newburgh Sting

Glad that Kevin highlights this new "terrorism agenda".

Glad that Kevin highlights this new "terrorism agenda".
It is interesting to note this "increasing" trend of domestic terrorism, not only the increasing quantity of domestic events as portrayed by mainstream media but also the increasing quantity of blatant false or conflicting reports by the media with no real journalism follow-up to these important conflicting details.
Another correlating "trend statement" is that there is an increasingly vast quantity of citizen journalism when a terrorism event occurs. Man! The internet lights up.

Some of these events have almost a comical "badly written script" side to them.

For example, the first big event of domestic terrorism post 9/11 was the Underwear Bomber. Kurt Haskell exposed all kinds of things about this false flag event...and we do know that it was a false flag event. I had to laugh when I saw that in 2011 Osama Bin Laden in an FBI video praised the Underwear Bomber. Ha! Come on...pull my leg some more. http://911blogger.com/news/2011-09-27/osama-bin-laden-talks-about-underwear-bomber-prosecutions-evidence


Kevin mentions Garland which is the 12th largest city in Texas and is part of Dallas County, our neck of the woods.
This "terrorist event" reads like a "Fargo TV Episode" with trailer park redneck script.
When one reads who financed and heavily promoted the "First Annual Muhammad Art Exhibit and Contest" in the heart of a lower income redneck side of the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex it becomes evident that the intent of the event was to deliberately create a "terrorist event". They might as well have had neon signs saying "Muslim Extremists, please drive up to the police shooters here".

DALLAS, TX - Attempt to blow up a tall skyscraper without nano-thermite.
Thursday 9/24/2009
Here, the FBI recruits someone who is not too bright and gives him "a bomb".

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I have many friends and acquaintances who are Muslim. Good manners and concern for all humanity are characteristics which stand out with many of the Muslims who I have had the pleasure of meeting.
A large portion of the Muslims who I have met also know about 9/11 as being a false flag event.
A dilemma exists currently for many Muslims, because their communication about 9/11 is inhibited in light of Islam being demonized.

An example is the Dallas area Irving School District incident with the 14 year old Muslim "clock boy" who had brought a gizmo he made to school in order to impress his teachers and classmates. He was "arrested", detained and the clock held by authorities.
His Father had a Facebook page. On the Facebook page he talked about 9/11 being a false flag event.
FOX NEWS " Father of 'Clock Kid' Linked to 9/11 Conspiracy Facebook Posts" - http://insider.foxnews.com/2015/10/07/clock-kid-ahmed-mohameds-dad-pushes-911-conspiracy-theories-online
(Sometimes I wonder if this Facebook post is what pre-empted the whole "clock boy" saga.)

This Muslim candidate for governor questions 9/11.

North Texans for 9/11 Truth have given out thousands of DVDs and brochures to members of the Muslim Community over the years. Even in the Martin Luther King parades, we often marched near the Muslim community and would chat about 9/11. Some of the area University student newspapers also have Muslims who try to bring up 9/11 and the false flag events along with the inappropriate demonization of the Muslim community.

Here are some interactions which we have had with the Muslim Community concerning 9/11...

This went out to over 22,000 people in the Muslim Community.

Dallas Unity Day - 9/11 Memorial

Excellent work

As always Kevin. I notice one of your links takes us though to the '42 admitted false flag attacks' article on Washington's blog, but there's actually a more recent one there stating 53 false flag attacks. I guess he just keeps finding more and more of them! Here's the link to 53 one, don't know if you want to update your article with it. Anyway, thanks again for your continued efforts.