Witnessing 9/11: Explosions & Explosives

A 15 minute compilation of eyewitness statements about the destruction of WTC 1 & 2, including some from the FDNY oral histories released in 2005, news reports and footage from the 2010 NIST FOIA data release.

A lot of the footage will probably be familiar to you, but I used a few less well known clips here too. I made the aspect ratio of all the clips consistent, which will hopefully make them more suitable for others to download and use. Please share the video with others and I wish everyone well for 2016.

What impact! This is a very strong tool for informing others!

This is fantastic for introducing a new person to 9/11.
What a great tool!
A new person would have to be in a coma not to raise eyebrows upon seeing this footage.
Tremendous impact.
Also, just the right amount of "attention span" length for a newcomer.
You hit it superbly with Graeme MacQueen's statements.

"North Texans for 9/11 Truth" would like to put this on a DVD, along with some other short clips like Ed Asner's Ae911Truth WTC 7 following this one. We also plan to include James Corbett's "9/11: A Conspiracy Theory", because most people do not know the official story at all, especially younger audiences. It has been 15 years and most new people have a very nebulous idea of the official story. They only have the impression of some vague ideas, because the pundits told them what ideas to have at the time.

Is there a source of a crisp download?

Also, have you ever considered the idea of putting together a DVD designed for a new person?

Our group has given out more than 67,000 DVDs to date.
This would be great to add to our arsenal.

Again, as always, thanks for what you do!!


Tom . . I'd be happy if you wanted to include this video (or any other video I've made for that matter) on a DVD. As for a crisper version, as you probably realise, I just get the raw footage for these videos from You Tube, so the quality of my video is only as good as the footage I have to work with, and although I do try to find the best quality version of any clip I use, there are times when the only version of a clip I can find is a poor quality one, and I figure that I'll still use it, rather than not use it at all, especially if I think its an important clip.

This was case with some of the lower quality clips in this video, such as the one at 04:58, of the man speaking about experiencing a blast at the bottom of the towers where the "whole volume of air moved" and clip of the doctor talking about the man who suffered injuries from explosions as he was trying to help people in the South Tower, and the news report of people being injured and blown up against ambulances by an explosion they felt outside the towers (that's a really interesting report I'd never even seen before until I found it while making this video). Another thing about much of this 9/11 footage, particularly the TV news reports, is that they were originally recoded on VHS video tape, which is often not such good quality to begin with, but then after being converted to a file suitable for the internet, and being compressed in the process of uploading to you tube, it looses even more quality.

But if you email me, I could share the original version of the video, which should at least be a little sharper than how it looks online, and would be sharper than if you were to download it from you tube yourself. Drop me an email via the blogger mail system, and I will send you the link to my drop box where I can share the original video with you.


You da man!

Witnessing 9/11: Explosions & Explosives

Great work Platos Cave! I'll flag this up at TMR. Cheers, J.

Thanks J.

I appreciate that.

I just saw it in the media

I just saw it in the media section of TMR, looking good! But one small thing: I just noticed that in the information I originally gave beneath the video (which I see you've included there on TMR) I said the NIST FOIA data release was 2011, that was my mistake, I meant 2010. It's not a big deal really, but as I corrected it under my video, if you can also correct it, that would be good. Thanks.

More angles in

Thank you for this

It took a while to download, but finally have it to watch. I know, and appreciate, that some of you guys have been putting together material like this for years, long before I ever even signed up here at 9/11 Blogger. I credited Nathan Flach beneath my video (and several other you tube channels) as he has clearly done so much in archiving a lot of this 9/11 footage. Does Natan Flach post here on blogger also?


Nate is instrumental in locating, archiving and distributing footage. http://911blogger.com/users/xenomorph911

Also see Arie's blog: http://911blogger.com/users/arie and his film Between The Lies(2009): http://911blogger.com/news/2009-08-28/between-lies-2009-full-length-film

A good chunk of the orig footage is avail via http://911datasets.org. There's also a quick-ref to the best angles on the front page of http://911encyclopedia.com. Let me know (and locate the original:) if you find more that should be added. Anyone interested in meticulous tedious mediawiki editing; basically adding sources to this form: http://911encyclopedia.com/wiki/index.php/Special:FormEdit/Publication_Form drop me a line, help wanted.

Thank you very much

I'm watching Between the Lies right now. Do you think I would need to contact Arie to ask if I can upload it to my you tube channel? (crediting him obviously) I'm thinking he will be fine with that, don't you think? Although I would have to split it into parts, as I'm currently being restricted to uploading only 15 minute videos. I really need to get myself a new, empty external hard drive, to download some of the NIST datasets.

Actually, I can see that a few people have uploaded it

to You Tube already. I've never even seen this film before. Thanks again.

appreciation and suggestion

i agree with Tom...this video is now one of the 2 or 3 most powerful educational tools out there... thank you and all who have done so much work to find, archive and make these clips available to us like this

as i see it, Graeme MacQueen's brilliant distillation of the central point and the subsequent onslaught of eyewitnesses and candid initial impressions make it difficult ever again to hear about building "collapse" without recognizing an absurd misnomer

my humble suggestion is that there be in the title or subtitle some direct attack on the use of that term, which crystallizes the false history MacQueen so eloquently distills, maybe something like: 911 Witnesses: Collapse or Demolition? explosives and explosions on 911

anyway wow...thank you so much