THE BELOW WAS SENT TO SUSSEX POLICE [UK] COMPLAINTS DEPARTMENT AS OF TODAY 4/3/16 and is worthy of note for all taxpayers, let alone 9/11 Truthers... Let's
wait for the inevitable pile of manure in response...

Dear Sir or Madam,

Re Complaint Reference: 0407, first lodged on 23/02/16 by telephone to Sussex Police


In June 2013, myself, Mr Ian Henshall, Mr Matt Campbell and Mr Adrian Mallet attended Chichester Police Station at the invitation of then District Commander Tanya Jones. This meeting was held to discuss the scientific anomalies, fraudulent conclusions and removal of evidence in relation to the collapse of World Trade Center Building 7 on 9/11, 2001. [It should be noted that Mr Campbell’s brother, Geoff, died on 9/11 whilst attending a meeting in the North Tower or WTC 1 that morning].

The meeting [I’m supposing] was held following my submission of evidence, both documented, video and verbal, over a period of at least the previous 2 years, that demonstrate the official version of events for 9/11 can NOT be true. In tandem with the evidence for this assertion, I also submitted evidence that contradicts the official version of the London Bombings of 2005. To put these evidences into an appropriate context, it should be known [and was made known] that we now have documented, incontrovertible evidence that elements within the United States Government plotted to bomb parts of Florida and Washington DC, murder US citizens, blow-up ships, hijack aircraft and stage mock funerals, in an event known as ‘Operation Northwoods’ in March of 1962. This plan was submitted to then President John F Kennedy who rejected this highly illegal and treasonous proposal. [These documents can viewed via the links at the foot of this letter].

The purpose of The Northwoods terror campaign was to blame Cuba, and instigate mass public outrage and support for invading that Country. It should also be noted, the chief conspirator in The Northwoods proposal was Chief of Staff, General Lyman Lemnitzer. For his role in attempting to dupe the US public by means of a fraudulent terror campaign, he was promoted to the Supreme Allied Commander of NATO for Europe from 1963-69… John F Kennedy's fate needs no highlighting...

It is with this in mind, we now have to accept that the United Kingdom continues to be the wagging tail of US military foreign policy regardless of that Country's disregard for planning high treason and mass murder, a Country that FAR from arresting, processing through court and imprisoning those who contrive to commit such terrorism, actually REWARDS those that plot what is known as a ‘false flag’ event…

During the meeting with Tanya Jones in June 2013, she was shown video evidence of the collapse of the 47 storey WTC 7 [see video loop] which collapsed into around 3 stories of rubble in less than 7 seconds at 5.20pm local time on 9/11. This building was not struck by an aircraft and its collapse [after 7 years of ‘investigation’] was attributed to ‘normal office fires’. The investigation into the collapse of this building is now demonstrably false, littered with lies, fraud and ‘dry-labbing’ [scientific fraud] and its investigators to this day, refuse to release the data for their computer model which is [allegedly] ALL we have for assessing the collapse as the physical evidence of steel and concrete etc was swiftly removed and shipped abroad. This removal of evidence [ a federal offence in itself] came as a shock to Tanya Jones, and she felt sure this would never happen in this Country. It should also be noted that Commander Jones had never even SEEN WTC 7 before - this should be remembered especially given her written response in explaining why there could have been no foul play on 9/11. [Also available below]. It should be further noted, that despite Tanya Jones assertion that she had consulted with colleagues in Counter-Terrorism, it in no way illustrates that those colleagues are in any measure more informed on the issues at hand than she was. In truth, it has been my experience and Mr Campbell’s, that most serving officers [even within Counter Terrorism] are no more aware of WTC 7, nor the previous criminal history of US planning of False Flag operations. They are also largely oblivious to the massive amount of evidence that proves WTC 7 was blown up by controlled means, which proves conclusively there was foreknowledge of the attack on 9/11. This evidence includes eyewitness accounts of explosions, not to mention empirical measurements of a free-fall descent which can ONLY be achieved by total and simultaneous structural failure. [See the documentary ‘Incontrovertible’ for this evidence].

During the meeting with Tanya Jones, I repeatedly asked if I had ‘reasonable cause’ to believe I was furthering the purposes of terrorism [strictly prohibited under UK Law in the Terrorism Act of 2000] by funding, via my taxes, the illegal wars that have arisen from 9/11, an event which can now be demonstrated to be a ‘false flag’ event, along the same lines as Operation Northwoods. Ms Jones repeatedly refused to answer that question and Sussex Police have now refused to answer that question over a period of some years. In fact, during my phone conversation of yesterday with Sussex Police Operator ‘Luke’, I asked if I should actually bother reporting ANY terrorist activity I was aware of to Sussex Police as it appeared utterly futile. He told me that he could not give me an official answer on that…

Returning to the meeting with Tanya Jones:

I made her aware that I was planning to make the documentary which would outline the myriad problems with the official version of 9/11 and indeed, [albeit to a lesser degree] the London Bombings. For the latter of these events, it should be noted that in May 2011, a jury at Southwark Crown Court was shown a documentary made by John Anthony Hill which he had sent on DVD to an earlier trial connected to 7/7. For trying to avail the judge and jury at that previous trial of ALL the available evidence on the London Bombings [not an offence incidentally], Mr Hill was extradited from his home in Ireland, imprisoned for nearly 5 months, and eventually put on trial at Southwark charged with ‘attempting to pervert the course of justice’.

It is notable that the BBC even went to the trouble and expense of dedicating a whole programme of their ‘Conspiracy Files’ series to John Hill and his film ‘7/7 Ripple Effect’. The film, very successful on The Internet, in no uncertain terms points out the massive anomalies within the official version of 7/7 and the discrepancies quite apparent when compared to his research. Mr Hill was portrayed by the BBC as a troublemaker and accused of “damaging trust in the British Government” - the latter was an accurate point, given that his film did point the finger of guilt and orchestration for 7/7 in the direction of No 10 or most certainly elements associated with that residence…

The BBC declined to make a film about Mr Hill’s acquittal at Southwark, when, having viewed his documentary, the jury found him Not Guilty of perverting the course of justice. Any Police Officer worth his or her salt should watch Mr Hill’s film and contemplate WHY this acquittal has received such little publicity, or indeed, WHY such a verdict was reached and what evidences persuaded the jury to reach it [?] [Mr Hill’s film ‘7/7 Ripple Effect’ is linked below].

Commander Jones actually approved of my idea to make a film about the above issues. I told her I would interview law enforcers including police, judiciary etc, plus firefighting experts who would attest to the impossibility of WTC 7’s collapse as explained by the US authorities. That film is now complete [and is linked at the foot of this letter] as is Commander Jones’ written response to our concerns about the forensic anomalies surrounding 9/11 and her specious excuses for non-investigation.

Since 2013 not only have I completed the documentary discussed with Commander Jones, I have forwarded it to her and DS Alan Fenn at Chichester Police Station, hoping that the latter at least may have some advice on the issues raised within it. Despite 2 letters, I have received nothing from DS Fenn. In fact, I know that he was emailed about his non-response by Sussex Police but has even failed to reply to that - so, a hat-trick of failures to respond in total. Yesterday, when asking if Sussex Police would contact him again for me, I was told he was off duty. I was also informed by phone on 23/2/16 that the Duty Inspector at Chichester Police would be made aware of my concerns. This apparently did not happen. I most certainly have had no contact from that officer at Chichester.


The film I made was embarked upon because my local Police have always and continue to ignore irrefutable evidence that the attacks of 9/11 can NOT be as advertised. The evidences demonstrated for this are backed by police officer after police officer in the film, expert witness after expert witness. If ‘reasonable cause’ has not been demonstrated by the film then one might ask what actually IS ‘reasonable cause’? It should be noted [if only for legal purposes] it IS as follows according to our own Crown Prosecution Service:

" It clearly connotes something more than suspicion and the belief must be rational and based on adequate supporting material. It does not require the prosecutor to adduce as much evidence as would be required for a jury to convict. A High Court Judge has suggested that it is a belief based on a reasonable evidential source”.

The above criteria is interesting given that John Hill’s assertions contained in his film ‘7/7 Ripple Effect’, namely that elements linked to UK Government were complicit in the orchestration of 7/7 and that the UK Government were/are complicit in the ongoing cover-up of 7/7, these assertions were effectively deemed ‘reasonable’ by a jury, otherwise we should assume he would have been found guilty. Such an acquittal actually exceeds the CPS’ own requirements. Further to that, I, myself have shown much of the 9/11 evidence to a District Judge in February 2013, when I appeared at Horsham Magistrates Court, charged with the heinous crime of refusing to pay my TV Licence. Given that the BBC reported [TWICE!] the collapse of WTC 7 some half hour and 23 minutes BEFORE it fell and have yet to disclose the original source for those reports, I felt justified in withholding payment from them, especially given the physics surrounding the collapse of that building. Despite not having a TV Licence since 2005 because of these anomalies, District Judge Steven Nicholls refused to fine me nor [when asked] did he instruct me to go out and buy a TV Licence, which all in the courtroom took as an at least tacit admission that the evidence offered was of significant substance and pointed to an establishment and media cover-up of 9/11. [See link to the court case below]

That my own film contains several hundred years of collective Police and Intelligence Community experience on the record, not to mention experts in fighting fires, the backing of over 2,300 architects and engineers, not to mention Newtonian Physics etc, this all seems ‘lost’ on Sussex Police. In fact, they have literally ‘lost’ one bundle of evidence submitted which is pretty indicative of their standards thus far. When offered a duplicate of that evidence bundle, Ms Jones declined to accept it…

The assertion as contained in Ms Jones’ letter to myself and Mr Campbell etc, that she ‘feels confident ’ that there was a degree of oversight by the UK Government and that a cover-up of these proportions would be impossible, is a confidence both without foundation in history or logic. [These assertions from a woman who hadn’t even SEEN WTC 7 a decade after the fact nor knew of Operation Northwoods].

Nearly half a million Internet viewers are now aware of Sussex Police’s reaction to the evidence contained in my film and Mr Hill’s - that reaction being silence, inertia and gross naiveté.

By law I am required to submit known evidence of terrorist activity to my LOCAL Police.

I have.

That evidence has been either ‘mislaid’, ignored, or explanations such as the one from Sussex Police phone operator ‘Luke’ yesterday, amounting to ‘ It’s not our problem’… Again, when asked if I should report terrorist activity to Sussex Police, he stated that : " I cannot give you an official answer to that question".

My complaints are actually questions that have been ignored and are fairly simple: Given the evidences laid out below in the links provided I would like the following questions answered:

Surely, a Police Force that refuses to pursue a known offender, an offender who has [for example] a known previous’ history of plotting terrorist events, and an offender who has been caught obfuscating facts, lying about forensic evidence, disposing of vital evidence etc etc, surely, that inaction must be deemed irresponsible, even criminal, and that refusal to pursue this offender might well result in further acts of terrorism - no matter where? It may even happen in Sussex again, as it once did in Bognor, West Sussex by the IRA…

That I have to fund such incompetence, cowardice and probably outright corruption is an affront to not only my sensibilities, but an insult to every dead soldier, Iraqi, Afghani, not to mention the notion of British ‘Law’ nor to mention the 66 dead cops, 343 firefighters and 67 murdered Brits on 9/11. I know Sussex resident Matt Campbell wouldn’t mind a little Police activity in investigating the death of his brother as the US authorities have given us nothing but a demonstrable sham of an ‘investigation’ and even that was stalled for over 140 days.

Max Cleland - 9/11 Commissioner: "The commission had to subpoena the F.A.A. for documents, had to subpoena NORAD for documents and they will never get the full story. That is one of the tragedies. One of these days we will have to get the full story because the 9-11 issue is so important to America. But this White House wants to cover it up".

My questions are:

1. ’Do I do, or do I not have reasonable cause to believe that by funding Sussex Police [an organisation that have made it abundantly clear they intend to do NOTHING about these evidences] is that funding furthering the purposes of terrorism”? That same question applies to funding the UK Government as my Council Tax, income tax, VAT etc as these are all fungible monies and may be used in any way the UK Government deem fit.

2. If not - WHY not? And WHY has not ONE officer from Sussex Police been able to contradict the evidences provided in my film? WHY have they been TOTALLY ignored?

3. WHY did Tanya Jones inform myself, Mr Campbell, Mr Henshall and Mr Mallet, that Sussex police “don’t investigate cover-ups”? Surely ANY criminal attempting to evade capture is engaging in a cover-up, or does Ms Jones mean “We don’t investigate evidence that points to an ESTABLISHMENT cover-up”…?

4. WHY, [despite the Official Report on the collapse of WTC 7 being demonstrably false, fraudulent and scientifically unsound] haven’t World-wide precautions been implemented to notify ALL serving firefighters that high-rise buildings may now collapse upon their heads after only 6 hours of ‘normal office fires’. This notification SHOULD surely apply also to police officers in attendance and the general public…?

5. Should not all buildings now be fitted or retro-fitted with adequate heat protection that prevents such sudden collapse and simultaneous structural failure? [The Final Report on the collapse of WTC 7 is listed below]. If not - WHY?

6. Are you aware that under International War Law [namely ‘The Nuremburg Principles of 1950, also listed below] each and every soldier AND Police Officer is guilty in law of obeying the orders of a Government that has breached those legal requirements? Not to mention that the wars involved, namely Afghanistan and Iraq are based on the demonstrably false pretext of 9/11…

15 Fund-raising.

(1)A person commits an offence if he—
(a)invites another to provide money or other property, and
(b)intends that it should be used, or has reasonable cause to suspect that it may be used, for the purposes of terrorism.
(2)A person commits an offence if he—
(a)receives money or other property, and
(b)intends that it should be used, or has reasonable cause to suspect that it may be used, for the purposes of terrorism.
(3)A person commits an offence if he—
(a)provides money or other property, and
(b)knows or has reasonable cause to suspect that it will or may be used for the purposes of terrorism.
(4)In this section a reference to the provision of money or other property is a reference to its being given, lent or otherwise made available, whether or not for consideration.

This complaint letter will be made available to a variety of websites that campaign for a new investigation of both 9/11 and The London Bombings. Thousands, if not millions await your contradiction of the evidences offered and the scientific reasons behind those contradictions - if any.

I would request that ALL in the 9/11 Truth Movement who receive a copy of this complaint publicise it WELL - especially those of us who have to fund the UK and US Governments or any of the military activity they or
your Country may be involved in.

This letter will also be forwarded to the IPCC and Theresa May [whom we are sure is simply 'unaware' she continues to do business with a nation that plots fake terrorist campaigns then rewards those conspirators with high office in NATO for 6 years…]

I look forward to a relatively swift and through response to the questions listed. It should be noted that Sussex Crime Commissioner Katy Bourne will also be copied in on this - despite having ducked the information already...


Tony Rooke
Writer/Director ‘INCONTROVERTIBLE’ A Film FOR Coppers and Firefighters BY Coppers and Firefighters.

Documented and Video evidence List:

1. Operation Northwoods: The plans to stage a terrorist campaign in the USA by the USA Government may be viewed here:

2. John Hill’s documentary ‘7/7 Ripple Effect’ as witnessed by a jury at Southwark Crown Court:

3. My own documentary ‘Incontrovertible’ :

4. Tony Rooke’s court case against the BBC:

5. The Nuremberg War Laws:

6. The Final Report on The Collapse of WTC 7 can be sourced here: