Larry Silverstein - New WTC7 designed in 2000 Published on Mar 13, 2016

Larry Silverstein - New WTC7 designed in 2000

Published on Mar 13, 2016

According to Larry they started planning the new wtc7 in april 2000

got a bit of a nervous twitch there, Larry

... and chewing gum?

Full Talk by Larry Siverstein

Thanks again to Joe for finding the full talk.

58 Minutes 48 Seconds
"...and so, the next thing you know, we got the designs of the building. And the first design meeting was in April of 2000 and construction began shortly thereafter in 2002...."

"Explosion Proof"

I like the part where he's still talking about rebuilding WTC 7 and then starts talking about buildings being "explosion proof" and praising where they found the engineers to do the job.

1 hour, 44 seconds "A building that could never again, be affected by what happened on 9/11"

1 hour , 55 seconds. "We went through an enormous amount of effort to find out what happened on 9/11 to cause the twin towers to collapse . At the same time decide how to build a building safer and stronger and impenetrable, so that we would feel safe in it"

1 hour, 1 minute, 22 seconds "We scoured the world for the best engineers. Where do you think we ended up?

1 hour, 1 minute , 31 seconds "There's a country that apparently has lots of problems in makings it's buildings explosion proof . It's called Israel. "

1 hour, 2 minutes "They keep having explosions in their county"

And then goes on to name the engineer they found / flew in to do the job.

Anyone else catch this part?

7WTC911....ha!...Yeah, I caught it too.

What a paradox!
...what a joke!

This guy is sly...
I am wondering if he deliberately threw in the "April 2000" just to trip people up, just to mess with truthers because the name Larry Silverstein is mud across the internet.

(Edit with this added on)
...or maybe Larry was "covertly bragging" to members in the audience about his participation with 9/11 when he mentions April 2000. After all, the talk was in a tone of "bragging and pride"...and he is very chummy with some of his audience. His "character" and demeanor (and gum smacking) was a different personality portrayal than what I have seen in some of his other videos.

I would like to see the PowerPoint slides of this presentation.

Silverstein gave different date on other occasions

This is interesting, although I'm not sure it is correct. In this article -- -- Larry Silverstein wrote, "We held our first design meeting for 7 World Trade Center less than a month after 9/11." (See p.5 of the pdf.)

Similarly, on p. 5 of this Silverstein Properties document -- -- it states that the "[f]irst design meeting" for the new WTC 7 was held in "late 2001."

So it is possible that Silverstein may have just misspoke here.

I am wondering that also.

Where does he get April?

Nice find, Joe

April is specific.

Silverstein thinking about insurance payout on evening of 9/11

Here is something else of interest about Larry Silverstein and 9/11. Reportedly, on the evening of September 11, Silverstein was already thinking about how much insurance he would be able to claim for the attacks on the World Trade Center.

In his book After: The Rebuilding and Defending of America in the September 12 Era (p. 19), Steven Brill wrote: "[A]ccording to his own lawyers, by that evening [of September 11] he [Silverstein] was on the phone with them worrying whether his effort to shave costs when he'd bought insurance would now come back to hurt him, or whether his insurance policies could be read in a way that would construe the attacks as two separate, insurable incidents rather than one. The difference was roughly $3.55 billion versus $7.1 billion--the kind of gap corporate litigators dream of."

Timing Is Everything

May 2002-- Settlement for the loss of WTC7--$861M. Gotta be the fastest settlement in history.
May 2002-- Salomon Smith Barney's two 6,000 gallon diesel tanks removed from the former loading dock location.
May 2002-- Commence building the new WTC7.

How did Larry finalize the boundary exchange with LMDC, negotiate with Con-Ed to incorporate a new substation into this structure, seek environmental impact statement approvals, draw the plans, sign contracts with construction companies and get all the required permits within eight months of the loss of the old WTC7?

Feb 2016 - Larry talks about WTC 7 - BisnowTV

Here at the 7 minute mark, Larry talks about getting to work on a new WTC 7.

The videos come from an interview at BisnowTV.
(3 parts)

Larry Silverstein has a tremendous amount of money, with major projects all over New York and the world.