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In an act of admirable altruism and self-sacrifice, Edinburgh firefighter, Brian Maxwell! resigned on Monday over his treatment by and attitude of senior officers at Scottish Fire ! & Rescue [SFR] following his appearance in online documentary ‘INCONTROVERTIBLE’.

Having served 15 years with SFRS, Maxwell handed in his notice, no longer willing to operate in an organisation that at best seems indifferent to the unexplained yet barely publicised collapse of a 47 storey New York skyscraper that raises grave concerns over the official narrative of September 2001. The film centres on the sudden and unprecedented fall of the steel-framed high-rise known as WTC 7. Maxwell was disciplined for bringing it to colleagues’ attention and for his part in the documentary - a documentary, it should be noted, that was funded by many firefighters and police officers…

It would take 7 long years before the US National Institute of Standards and Technology [NIST] concluded that WTC7 collapsed ‘due to normal office fires’. The building, despite only suffering relatively minor fires on its lower floors, would collapse swiftly and suddenly to the ground in less than 7 seconds. To this day, NIST refuses to release its computer input data detailing just how the building fell. Regardless of this, and if the official story is to be believed, the safety implications are not only massive, they have not been disseminated to those most in danger - our Emergency Services.

Potentially fatal consequences now await any fire crew engaged in extinguishing simple office fires. The collapse of WTC7 was so sudden and so swift, no firefighter could escape such disintegration in time to avoid certain burial within the debris.

Despite the shocking implications that a steel framed building could now fall into its own footprint at such speed and into only a few piles of rubble, NIST’s explanation for refusing to release their input data remains ‘Reasons of Public Safety’. If that statement is to be taken seriously, it then begs the question ‘What about a fire crew’s’ safety’???

Maxwell appeared on camera for less than 3 minutes when he aired his views during ‘INCONTROVERTIBLE’. Brian comments in the film:
“We now have a major problem world-wide with buildings that are built in a similar nature.”

For that brief interview, and for circulating DVD’s of the documentary to fellow firefighters, police and military, he was placed under a formal investigation by his employers and found guilty of bringing the SFRS into ‘serious disrepute’. Maxwell was also charged with ‘operating outside the parameters of his employers code of conduct’.

Yet many former employees of US and UK Emergency Services also expressed their anxiety about the collapse of the building and the inevitably grave repercussions that could unfold should this risk remain unpublicised and adequate measures not taken immediately.

The fact that WTC7 is SO unheard of is suspicious in itself.

A February 2016 US YouGov Poll found that a stunning 49% of those who had actually seen WTC 7 collapse doubted the official report, with 27% unsure, and only 24% content to agree with the NIST account

The Building fell in less than 7 seconds leaving no time for potential escape and leaving an alarmingly small debris pile

Hertfordshire Firefighter of 9 years, Adrian Mallett, echoed Maxwell’s observations in the film ‘INCONTROVERTIBLE’
“It changes completely how you’re going to fight high-rise fires. It’s the only steel-framed building in history to have collapsed from fire alone - all of the others have stayed up. We’ve had partial collapse, little bits have fallen off, but we’ve never had an entire building go from 47 storeys into 3 piles of rubble in a few seconds. So every procedure for fighting high rise fires is going to have to change . For architects and building engineers it’s going to have to change, because now, apparently, according to NIST, the unspoken acceptance that a fire can’t burn hot enough to bring down a steel-frame, this can now happen”.

The film also questions the integrity of the NIST Official report of 2008, which has now been found to be riddled with either manipulation and scientific fraud. Possibly the most disturbing element of NIST’s ineptitude or outright criminality, was their failure to recognise that WTC7 fell at free-fall acceleration for at least 2.5 seconds of its descent. It took a US High School Physics teacher to point out this elementary measurement, not to mention the dark implications of a building losing ALL its structural support for over 100 feet and all at the same instant.

Writer/Director of ‘INCONTROVERTIBLE’ Tony Rooke commented:
“Many of the people who funded the film are or were firefighters and coppers. There are now around 2,500 architects and engineers petitioning for a new investigation. In the documentary we highlight numerous pieces of evidence demonstrating that NIST’s working data has been fudged and suppressed. I think anyone watching that building fall will have immediate concerns about the sheer speed and nature of its collapse. Even if we take the US authorities’ word for everything, we must then consider that any response to a 911 call in America since 2001 could now end in a preventable catastrophe. Another unexpected and total structural failure to my mind, would be murder by neglect because we’ve been told it’s possible, so new measures to prevent it being possible should at latest have been outlined and initiated in 2008. The same must apply here [the UK] and elsewhere. All Brian Maxwell has done is highlight an official investigation’s conclusion which presents a real and present danger to every fire crew fighting similar fires in similar buildings but one which is very, VERY disturbing if proven false. This issue requires immediate action or lives will be lost. Sadly, the obvious questions have been muted by our mainstream media. At best, it’s possibly because of the extreme costs to Government agencies and influential figures owning our larger buildings, who are now candidates for the massive bill of what should be compulsory upgrading of fire insulation or even complete rebuilds. At worst, we’re looking at an insurance scam or some unknown motive which shows foreknowledge of the event. Either way, we’re seeing total inaction by our fire authorities at senior level. However you look at it - a fire crew’s welfare would appear pretty bloody unimportant right now. I’d down tools and strike but it has to be done in numbers. I’m surprised more firefighters don’t have the same bottle or integrity as Brian Maxwell, but I guess they simply don’t know about it and that’s the problem we’re dealing with, or, maybe 343 dead colleagues simply isn’t enough for some people to do something…”

Maxwell concludes:
“I was in a position that my conscience found untenable. I have a moral obligation and duty of professional care to promote the issues highlighted by the ‘INCONTROVERTIBLE’ documentary. The SFRS organisation has severely limited my capacity to do the right thing for the right reasons. It is because of this that I find the SFRS guilty of wilful ignorance and bringing itself into serious disrepute with reality!”

“It’s my sincere hope that the steps I have taken will in some way be recognised as a wake up call to those still serving in a uniformed discipline that have never considered that you can ignore reality, but you cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality. Your children and grand children’s futures depend on your actions or lack of here and now.”

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My hat is off to all those who stand proud for 9/11 Truth.