Please see this new site challenging Zdenek Bazant's amazing ability to determine the cause of collapse of the Twin Towers in less than 48 hours.

I like that approach.

I like that approach...
"This website attempts to provide sufficient information to encourage a campus wide discussion at Northwestern University as to whether Professor Zdenek Bazant’s published work on the fall of the WTC towers on 9/11/01 should be a cause for university wide concern."

maybe.. ?

the website can sponsor an ad publish Dr. Bazant's own paper in the school's news paper and then publish Tony's paper next to it. or in the next edition? or possibly side by side summary reviews? just brainstorming.. I'd chip in for that..


chip in

I'm game on a chip in.

Something relatively inexpensive...
Possibly a Press Release, like PR Newswire, could have some impact. Anyone can write one, but it is important to follow the criteria. (By reviewing other Press Releases, an individual can get a feel for how to scribe it.)
I have seen companies use it to make their stock prices rise, and for altruistic campaigns like the Water Fluoridation effort.

Pass this around

Links to the website should be posted in as many places possible.

More than just simple discussion of Bazant and his two day later paper on the WTC collapses is available there, as the links to the published papers which show the Bazant WTC papers to be bogus are brought together in one spot on this site. These papers will be educational for those interested in understanding just how insidious the Bazant WTC papers were/are.