“The 28 Pages” Revisits… “Man who met 9/11 Hijackers poisoned in Texas”

The story of Shreveport dentist, Dr David M. Graham and his personal encounters dealing with three of the 9/11 hijackers reads like a southern-style John Grisham novel.

Prior to 9/11, Dr David Graham reports the “future hijackers” to the local FBI.
Following 9/11/01, Dr. David Graham contacts top government officials.
Later Dr Graham dies a slow gruesome death following “radiator fluid” poisoning in Texas.

(1:41 minutes)(Notice that World Trade Center Building 7 is in this TV Newscast)

Jeff Ferrell of Shreveport’s KSLA 12 reports the story. (Shreveport, Louisiana is on the Texas border)

(2 minutes)

(2:34 minutes)

YesWeekly.com while traveling with Sander Hicks reports the story.

The poisoning is described by an attorney at the 4 minute mark.


Dr Graham wrote a book detailing his experiences entitled: “The 9/11 Graham Report: The True Story of Three 9/11 Hijackers who were Reported to the F. B. I. ten months before 9/11”
BOOK on pdf (208 pages)

On June 4, 2002, Dr Graham hand-carried to the U.S. Congressional Joint Select Committee on Intelligence’s attorney Steven A. Cash in Washington, followed by his report being officially accepted into committee. “The Graham Report” was additionally provided to the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks upon the United States (also called the “9/11 Commission”).

In late summer, 2002, with cooperation from Congressman Jim McCrery (R-LA), an updated Graham Report, including the new film entitled “Graham-Habeeb Corroborating Videotape of June 24, 2002”, was delivered via Congressman Saxby Chambliss to Congressman Porter Goss (R-FL), Chairman of Permanent Select House Committee on Intelligence and a leading member of the Joint Select Committee on Intelligence studying events leading to September 11, 2001.

Moreover, Graham secretly filmed a second video known as the “Graham-Khan Corroborating Videotape of March 8, 2003,” after which he quickly forwarded national security information and (original) videotape copies to both the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). The reader will see numerous corroborating statements from both videotapes, allegedly implicating two foreign-national Muslims who allegedly aided and abetted the hijacking terrorists of September 11, 2001.

Page 23 of Graham’s book.
Full Size Image - http://photos3.meetupstatic.com/photos/event/d/a/4/0/highres_449275872.jpeg

Page 34 – Dr Graham takes notes of the 3 future hijacker names, (1) NAWAF ALHAZMI; (2) KHALID ALMIHDHAR; and (3) FAYEZ BANIHAMMAD.
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Pages 48-49 –Dr Graham meets two of the hijackers.
On or about October 7, 2000: Encounter with two (future) 9-11 hijackers...

After Graham and Jamal had talked for about twenty minutes, three men wearing turbans and off-color-white Muslim jackets marched (unannounced) through the back door into Jamal’s kitchen. The taller, middle one (of the three) was Dr. Mohammed Habeeb Ahmed, the dental patient of Dr. Graham’s who had shown an interest in being part of the “Gum Disease Potentially Linked to Cardiovascular Disease” study.
Upon seeing his dentist with Jamal, Habeeb was shocked and visibly perturbed to the extent of almost falling to the floor. Habeeb’s reaction led Graham to recognize his patient, but Graham struggled to immediately remember his name. Habeeb finally relaxed after Graham said that he and Jamal were talking business; Jamal chimed in saying Dr. Graham might invest $25,000.00 with Jamal (which Graham had no intention of doing). Graham ignored Jamal’s investment statement, asking Habeeb about his two friends. Notwithstanding Habeeb’s demeanor worrying Graham, he remained excited to meet the two apparent middle-Easterners.


The two shorter middle-Eastern men were introduced by Jamal and Habeeb as medical doctors. Fayez Banihammad was introduced (Habeeb speaking, with Jamal nodding approval) as a Resident from LSU Medical Center in Shreveport, and Nawaf Alhazmi was introduced (Jamal speaking, with Habeeb nodding approval) as a medical doctor from Chicago who would be staying with Jamal for four to five weeks while taking course(s) at LSU Medical Center. Fayez and Nawaf showed no emotion before, during, or after being introduced, other than Nawaf’s intense, never-ending stare that penetrated straight through Graham.


Since Nawaf had entered the room following closely behind Habeeb, Nawaf had a clear view of Habeeb’s shocked reaction upon seeing Graham there, so Nawaf apparently took offense to Graham’s presence. Nawaf, whom Graham later refers to as “Pretty Eyes,” could not answer questions posed by Graham, appearing to be unable to answer in English.

After eight to ten minutes of Nawaf Alhazmi’s burning, intimidating stare at Graham, Jamal suggested to Nawaf that he (Nawaf) might want to go upstairs to rest awhile. Nawaf did go upstairs, glaring back at Graham as he (Nawaf) ascended the stairs.


About five minutes later, Jamal looked straight at Dr. Mohammed Habeeb Ahmed and related, speaking loudly in English, that his (Jamal’s) father recently visited Usama bin Laden. With no words spoken, Habeeb disgustingly leaned his head to one side as if to imply that Jamal was the dumbest brain on earth for making such a statement in Graham’s presence. Graham felt in danger, so in order to act neutral, Graham asked Jamal what his family really thought about bin Laden, since television programs said negative things.

Jamal said, “The TV lies. Bin Laden is a nice guy, a great businessman who makes lots of money, and bin Laden has friends and contacts all over the world.”

Added danger gripped Graham, so Graham casually left Jamal’s place about fifteen minutes later for a contrived dental emergency, never to return to Jamal’s townhouse.

Published at 911Truth.org, Sander Hicks wrote this summary in October 2007.
Sander Hicks website - http://www.sanderhicks.com/graham.html
Short VIDEO of Dr Graham on VIMEO - https://vimeo.com/18956199


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911blogger collection on Dr. David M. Graham

In 2009, a fabulous documentary for its time, “9/11 Core of Corruption - In the Shadows” came out. “North Texans for 9/11 Truth” distributed thousands of these DVDs to new people. It was very well received. “9/11 Core of Corruption - In the Shadows” is worth watching if an individual has not seen it. It covers Dr David Graham and the cover-up of the hijackers along with covering "Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth".

“9/11 Core of Corruption - In the Shadows”

Rare Footage of Dr Graham and of Jamal Khan

Rare Footage of Dr Graham and of Jamal Khan.
Read the comment at the link, and you will understand why.

Jamal Kahn, an albino Saudi who moved to Pakistan. As far as I know, he is still a fugitive. He should be hard to miss if spotted.


Trailer: American Resurrection - The Life and Death of a WhistleBlower from Sander Hicks on Vimeo.

Short summary of "The 28 Pages" from wikipedia

Short summary of "The 28 Pages"
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CBS Reporter Jeff Ferrell of Shreveport’s KSLA News 12

CBS Reporter Jeff Ferrell of Shreveport’s KSLA News 12 covered the story of Dr Graham.

I have to tip my hat to Jeff Ferrell. He has covered many "controversial or conspiratorial" stories with true journalistic investigative reporting for the resources at hand. (Examples: Nukes carried across America or martial law)
This is astounding really.
Mainstream investigative reporting.

In this interview, the "conspiracy to bring chaos to the Muslim World" comes up.
(2 minutes)

--- A Most Viral Story ---
Probably the most viral YouTube Video of Jeff Ferrell's investigations is when he takes air samples from local aerial spraying to a lab in late 2007. This video has been copied repeatedly by other YouTube Channels. Many viewers do not recognize that this is the same mainstream CBS reporter who has covered many other important topics, including the murder case of Dr Graham.

Recently, John O. Brennan, Director of CIA, spoke at the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) June 29 2016. He covered many topics, especially Homeland Security type issues, but he also reinforces Jeff Ferrell's investigation when John Brennan talks about Stratospheric Aerosol Injection -( SAI )- Geo-Engineering at around the 12 minute mark.
This is the Jeff Ferrell YouTube Channel
The point of this comment is that when mainstream reporters actually do their job by investigating, despite the controversial or conspiratorial nature of the topic, then we all win.
Such a rare commodity in this era.
...and so important in exposing the 9/11 Cover-up.

Another "tip of the hat" to Jeff Ferrell

Here is Jeff Ferrell again on the News asking about why Osama bin Laden was not wanted in connection to 9/11.
About the 1:12 mark

(See March 2009 911blogger link to this video - http://911blogger.com/news/2009-03-24/staying-strong )