After 9/11: Bush Declares "War on Terror" Then Classifies The 28 Pages

Excerpts from a couple speeches that George W. Bush gave in the two months following 9/11, juxtaposed with some of what we've since heard about the 28 pages from former Senator Bob Graham, 9/11 victims' family members and a number of Congressmen.

Primo!! MUST SEE ! This is top of the line!

Platos Cave, You did it again! Thank you! ...and ha!....I love the "Bush effect".

I often follow your YouTube Channel. Great stuff! I have been noticing the recent Anthrax videos and Wakefield & VAXXED videos. Love what you do, man!
(By the way, many of our group members turned out for VAXXED and picked up some new folks to help with local campaigns. )

The Bush Effect

Yeah, perhaps I should incorporate that in the title! Thanks for the words of encouragement, and let me know if having the original video file of the film would be of any use to you.

"More critical than ever" --Walter Jones R-N.C.

Walter Jones says, in the text, "It is more critical than ever for the American people to know what led to the tragic attacks on Sept. 11, 2001, and I urge my colleagues on the House Intelligence Committee to release the pages." Truth has always been critical, but I wonder what is prompting him to speak with this sense of urgency?

They may circumvent the classification

by publishing them in the Congressional Record.

Also from the link I gave above:

"Lawmakers on Wednesday ramped up pressure on the House Intelligence Committee to declassify the 28 secret pages of a 2002 congressional report about the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks by publishing them in the Congressional Record."

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I'm not sure how that would work, sure if someone could memorize the text and then say it on the floor, but otherwise, how do you get them out of the SCIF without a law?

Another link / and... we need to know which governments

It says: "Lawmakers backing the release of the 28 still-secret pages of a 2002 congressional report about the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, are asking House Intelligence Committee leaders to declassify them by simply publishing them in the Congressional Record."

Perhaps some congress members could also jointly state salient facts, such as which foreign governments are implicated, key individual persons, and names from US intelligence agencies who are either implicated or of interest. If the material is published verbatim et literatim from the inquiry report, then of course that won't be necessary.

Knowing which foreign governments are implicated in the report, would be a huge step forward.

There is something "shocking" and important in the report. We need to find out what.

As for the SCIF, I don't know the answer. If the congress members feel it is important enough or that treason has been committed, maybe they will risk speaking out.