Hunt The Defects

New to me analyses revealed in a recent FOIA record. (Only took ~four years to get a reply)

See if you can point to at least three defects in the models. Hint: Same defect exists in both exteriors.

I am too slow mentally. Get me up to speed. ;)

Kawika, Did these simulations originate from NIST? and then were released about 18 months ago?

I am not extremely familiar with FEA standard procedure, and what is capable of being accomplished.

On the 3 defects in the models, can I just cheat with Cliff Notes (Kawika notes)?
What are they?


Defects ID'd

It appears that the makers of the sims are showing breaches in the walls where there were none.

WTC1--east face
WTC2- east and north faces

If this is what they are depicting, what data did they utilize to support it?