Highlights From Press Conf. Regarding JASTA And 28 Redacted Pages - 7/6/2016

Thanks to Walter Jones, Stephen Lynch, Thomas Massie, Terry Strada, and Kaitlyn Strada.



First, Thanks for the video.

Second, I trust Bob Graham, Walter Jones, Thomas Massie, and Stephen Lynch. I see nothing in their demeanor that suggests mendacity.

Third and beyond, I agree with Stephen Lynch that the 28 pages will answer some questions, but will raise thousands of others.

At the vid's ending Walter Jones emphasizes, 9/11 is about one country and one country alone. That strongly suggests to me that the 28 pages are primarily about just Saudi Arabia, though Jones adds that questions are raised concerning the GWB administration (i.e. there is also some US blame).

But why have the congresspersons sometimes spoken of (plural) foreign governments? I don't know.

Some researchers have spoken of voting patterns by those who have read the 28 pages--that they began voting against Israel. In 2014, only eight congresspersons voted against Israel's "Iron Dome," as opposed to 395 who voted for it. Seven of those eight Reps are said to have read the classified material. They are: Beto O'Rourke, Keith Ellison, Justin Amash, Zoe Lofgren, Walter Jones, Thomas Massie, and Mark Sanford. Their names can be found here https://28pages.org/notable-advocates-of-28-pages-declassification/ as cosponsors of HR14 or HR428. (Being a cosponsor doesn't guarantee the cosponsor has read the pages. However, it is essentially certain that either most or all of the seven have read the pages.)

One of the congressmen, Beto O'Rourke, spoke of his vote against "Iron Dome" and is quoted here http://legalinsurrection.com/2014/08/meet-the-eight-members-of-congress-who-voted-against-the-iron-dome-bill/: "Not only did he vote against the bill, he later deleted retweets that referred to Israel’s right of defense as an 'atrocity.' 'I could not in good conscience vote for borrowing $225 million more to send to Israel, without debate and without discussion, in the midst of a war that has cost more than a thousand civilian lives already, too many of them children,' O’Rourke told the El Paso Times." [Their right to defend themselves as an "atrocity"? That's kinda strong.]

Also noteworthy is that O'Rourke had previously been pro-Israeli interests: http://forward.com/news/israel/206542/how-the-israel-lobby-set-beto-orourke-right/ "O’Rourke, in fact, had no prior record of criticizing or voting against Israel. He did not even oppose more funding for the Iron Dome system. He only opposed rushing through the large appropriation with no debate as members of Congress were hurrying home for the summer recess when a more considered vote to boost the program was coming in October." [Yes, the last two sentences offer an explanation, but I'm not sure how far to trust it. It does not comport with "atrocity."]

I find it probable that people from Saudi Arabia, the US, and Israel, had significant roles in 9/11--including the coverup by the US media as well.

Like others, I hope the 28 pages are a door into the truth, and not merely a pretext for war with the Saudis.

And I hope we learn what Stephen Lynch meant by the thousands of questions the 28 pages, especially if declassified, will raise.

a good sign?

It seems auspicious that Jones and Lynch are stressing the terrible "errors" of US Intelligence. If their main goal was a war with Saudi Arabia, they might not be focusing so much on US "errors" and possible (=undeniable) coverup. And, for that matter, it suggests the intelligence itself wasn't written solely or primarily for the sake of providing a casus belli against the Saudis.

More about H Res 779

which urges the House Intelligence Committee to declassify the 28 pages http://www.thepeoplesvoice.org/TPV3/Voices.php/2016/07/10/jones-lynch-and-massie-host

The oft covered 28 Pages to be finally released before conven...

The long-classified pages detailing alleged Saudi Arabia government ties to the 9/11 hijackers will be released by Congress as early as Friday, sources told CNN Thursday.


No comments on CNN article. Discussion here.


Some key points for when the pages are released...

1. Bush told the different alphabet agencies to "back off" the Saudis and the Bin Ladens when he came into office. This infuriated FBI Agent John O'Neill.

2. George Bush and George Tenet both have close personal ties to Prince Bandar.

3. The Bush White House classified the 28 redacted pages citing national security, but many who have read the pages said it was more about embarrassment. Most likely having to do with Bush's relationship with certain Saudis.

4. Philip Zelikow, the Executive Director of the 9/11 Commission, blocked half of the interview requests for Saudi investigators. He made it difficult for investigators to gain access to the 28 redacted pages, and fired Dana Lesemann who gained access to the pages through a back channel to try and do her job. He and Dieter Snell took part in a late night editing session to remove Saudi support for the hijackers from the final 9/11 Report, and moved the information into footnotes in the back of the book. Against the wishes of Mike Jacboson and Raj De, two staffers who investigated the issue.

5. When 9/11 Commissioner John Lehman asked Bush about Prince Bandar and Princess Haifa's connection to 9/11, he "dodged the questions."

6. The MFRs for 3 of the individuals involved say that the witnesses were untrustworthy, and yet, the 9/11 Commission came to the conclusions they did.

7. This... http://www.opednews.com/articles/You-Can-t-Point-A-Finger-A-by-Jon-Gold-911-Truth_Saudi-Arabia_Saudi-Arabia-150123-823.html