CIA, Hollywood, and 911

The following article deals with the CIA's support of, involvement with, and "manipulation" of Hollywood.

Its pretty long and more thorough with recent films like Argo and Zero Dark Thirty, but the affect of 9/11 on Hollywood is repeated constantly.

But, whats particularly interesting is the specific notation and time spent on Ben Affleck's relation to the CIA:

"The long relationship between Affleck, a prominent Hollywood liberal, and Langley seems particularly perplexing. But the mutual admiration has paid off handsomely for all concerned."

"Brandon, the CIA’s man in Hollywood, was also a frequent presence on the set of Alias, the TV espionage series starring Affleck’s then-wife, Jennifer Garner. The series, which debuted in September 2001, reflected the pervasive paranoia of the post-9/11 era—that climate of permanent anxiety so beloved by national-security agencies. Created by the Hollywood powerhouse J. J. Abrams, who would go on to reboot the Star Trek and Star Wars franchises, the show featured Garner as Sydney Bristow, a CIA undercover agent who infiltrated a global conspiracy."

"In March 2004, the CIA announced that Garner—reflecting the growing merger between Langley and Hollywood—had filmed a recruitment video for the agency."


Now, the show Alias was obviously planned, scripted, cast, and filmed well before its debut on September 30, 2001. But the timing... well, its just a coincidence right?

But anyone remember the summer blockbuster of 2001, coming out on Memorial Day weekend?

Pearl Harbor  Starring Ben Affleck. Co-starring Jennifer Garner.

Wow, small world. And again, interesting timing.

It was also produced by Jerry Buckheimer, who is known to have worked with the aforementioned Chase Brandon (the CIA liason officer) on his earlier movie Enemy of the State, not to mention how his movie Top Gun is credited with pretty much establishing the whole modern Hollywood-USmilitary colaberation.  

Furthemore, the article mentions the CIA involvement in the tv show 24, which also, only coincidentially, came out in November 2001.

More about the CIA, Hollywood, and 9/11

If you find this article interesting, you may want to check out a couple of articles I have written, which deal with the subject:

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Shoestring's pay compared to journalists' pay - The irony

For mainstream media, I thought "The Atlantic" article was okay. The Atlantic has had some other "okay" articles.
J Bax, thanks for posting this.

I have to chuckle at the irony of it all...
For hard hitting, referenced, investigative journalism, Shoestring mows down the mainstream media when tackling some of these topics.
Shoestring receives no pay for his superior reporting, compared to these other manistream publications.
And Shoestrings reads are full of highlighted wildly interesting tidbits.

It is a world turned upside down.

Strange situation

It certainly is an odd situation. The truth about what happened on 9/11 is surely the news story of the century. And yet, so far, the mainstream media is ignoring it. So if you want to read about this most interesting story, you have to write the reports yourself! It is a very strange world.

Thank You.

Add Kevin Ryan, James Corbett, Russ Baker, and Washington's Blog in there as well. Shoestring definitely leads the pack. I'd say he and Kevin Ryan are the best that I know of. The rest are nice as well. Everyone does their part and we all need to keep doing ours as well.


You nailed it.

I add Steven E. Jones to the list

Thanks guys.

I would add Steven E. Jones to the list of top 9/11 researchers, for his landmark recognition of the significance of the molten metal found in the rubble of the World Trade Center and for pointing out that thermite (specifically, nanothermite) was likely used to bring down the WTC towers on September 11. I'm also a big fan of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth, for its members' heroic efforts to promote 9/11 truth.

Tom Secker has some great video clips & dialogue on CIA & film

Tom Secker reviews a vast variety of shows and their CIA links. He has interviewed people such as Robbie Martin and Sibel Edmonds.
His format with film clips is entertaining.

One example:
"... Fortunately the CIA’s own Homeland (on HBO) is there to put you straight just in case you had any doubts that Bin Laden really was killed in May 2011:

From the CIA Inspector's Report...
More on Bin Laden's burial and the ship.


Tom Secker Website -
Vimeo Tom Secker –

YouTube - (many of Tom Secker's YouTube videos have been deleted or censored)
He uses "Porkins Policy Radio"

Personally, I have always enjoyed this 4 minute X-Files excerpt which Tom Secker did...

"...A win win except for the American people..."

Hollywood reporter David Robb discusses Hollywood war films "...A win win except for the American people..."
(taken from )

Much of the new film "The Infiltrator" revolves around BCCI.

Breaking the Bad at BCCI (Bank of Credit and Commerce International) & the CIA
"The Infiltrator" Movie


BCCI Scandal - Covert CIA Terrorist and Drug Smuggling Operations

BCCI Scandal - CIA Connections [7/8/1991 NBC]