28 Pages - Declassified


Are STILL too many redactions. Since Bush "dodged the questions" about Bandar and 9/11 when 9/11 Commissioner John Lehman asked him about it, would someone please arrest Bush? Thanks.

Interesting tidbits from the 28 redacted pages:

“A CIA report also indicates that Bassnan traveled to Houston in 2002 and met with an individual who was (redacted). The report states that during that trip a member of the Saudi Royal Family provided Bassnan with a significant amount of cash. FBI information indicates that Bassnan is an extremist and supporter of Usama Bin Laden, and has been connected to the Eritrean Islamic Jihad and the Blind Shayk;” - pg. 417

“According to FBI documents, several of the phone numbers found in the phone book of Abu Zubaida, a senior al-Qa’ida operative captured in Pakistan in March 2002, could be linked, at least indirectly, to telephone numbers in the United States. One of those U.S. numbers is subscribed to by the ASPCOL Corporation, which is located in Aspen Colorado, and managed the affairs of the Colorado residence of the Saudi Ambassador Bandar. The FBI noted that ASPCOL has an unlisted phone number. A November 18, 2002 FBI response to the Joint Inquiry states that “CIA traces have revealed no direct links between numbers found in Zubaida’s phone book and numbers in the United States.” - pgs. 418-419

“A second individual who may have been in contact with al-Hazmi and Al-Mihdar also has ties to the Saudi Government, including connections to the Saudi Ambassador to the United States.” - pg. 421

“The (redacted) memorandum dated July 2, 2002, incorrectly noted that al-Bayoumi’s wife, while living in San Diego, was receiving $1200 a month from Princess Haifa Bin Sultan, the wife of Prince Bandar, the Saudi Ambassador to the United States. The FBI has now confirmed that only Osama Bassnan’s wife received money directly from Prince Bandar’s wife, but that al-Bayoumi’s wife attempted to deposit three of the checks from Prince Bandar’s wife, which were payable to Bassnan’s wife, into her own accounts.” - pg. 426

“Bassnan also has other ties to the Saudi Government. Bassnan’s wife received a monthly stipend from Princess Haifa. In a recent search of Bassnan’s residence, the FBI located copies of 31 cashiers checks totally $74,000, during the period of February 22, 1999 to May 30, 2002. These checks were payable to Bassnan’s wife and were drawn on the Riggs Bank account of Prince Bandar’s wife. The FBI has determined that there has been a standing order on Princess Haifa’s account since January 1999 to send $2000 a month to Bassnan’s wife. Baseman’s wife was allegedly receiving the funding for “nursing services,” but, according to the (redacted) document, there is no evidence that Bassnan’s wife provided nursing services. (redacted sentence)” - pg. 427

“In the October 9, 2002 hearing FBI Executive Assistant Director D’Amuro commented on this funding:

I believe that we do have money going from Bandar’s wife, $2,000 a month up to about $64,000. What the money was for is what we don’t know.

(Redacted) testified:

(Redacted sentence) She gives money to a lot of different groups and people from around the world. We’ve been able to uncover a number of these…but maybe if we can discover that she gives to 20 different radical groups, well, gee, maybe there’s a pattern here.” - pg. 428

(Too many redactions in the paragraph, but this is an interesting sentence) “The FBI has identified this address as the address of Prince Bandar.” - pg. 429


“On at least one occasion, Bassnan received a check directly from Prince Bandar’s account. According to the FBI, on May 14, 1998, Bassnan cashed a check from Bandar in the amount of $13,000. Baseman’s wife also received at least one check directly from Bandar. She also received one additional check from Bandar’s wife, which she cashed on January 8, 1998, for $10,000.” - pg. 427


Had the West coast regional Director of the FBI tell me if I wanted to put this BS story down on paper to come on down to San Diego bureau of the FBI told him when my youngest turned 18 I might just do that also might be above his pay grade. So Her birthday was on 1-02-2016 . I went down on February 15,2016 with my plans to go public with story . I thought it was my idea to remain anonymous and 2001 and for that I truly apologize I was only thinking of the safety of my family at the time . Also it was insinuated by federal official that if I decided to go public at some other point . That they would crucify me his words not mine . Well the government can break out there Wood and their nails . Hook me up to a polygraph I've never taken one but I'll know I'll pass . I have a mantra I live my life by and that is if you don't lie . You don't have to remember what you said ! My story will be same in 2016 as it was in 2001 .

9/11 and what the CIA left out

you know I thought the far left Nancy Pelosi , Diane Feinstein from my lovely state would've jumped all over helping me get the story out ? Just to make George W. Bush look bad but that's not true it didn't matter if the politicians were on the left or the right they don't want to story told . And I don't know if it's because they are protecting the Saudi's because of Iran ? I don't know. It doesn't make any sense to me but I do believe that the victims families and the American public deserve to know the truth not some BS they try and sell .


http://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/secret-28-pages-9-11-report-released-hold-no-proof-n610286 (THEY DO)

Article about the 28 pages by Philip Shenon

The website of The Guardian has just published an article about the '28 pages' by Philip Shenon, author of The Commission: The Uncensored History of the 9/11 Investigation. It is titled "Release of 9/11 report could strain US relationship with Saudi Arabia" and you can read it here: https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2016/jul/16/911-report-release-saudi-arabia-us-relations

They probably read...

Amazing statement...

Excerpt below

...For example, one glaring piece of information was not mentioned in either the 9/11 Commission or the Joint Inquiry’s 29 pages — the information regarding Fahad Thumairy and Khallad bin Attash found in both an FBI report and a CIA report —that are now declassified. Both reports indicate that Fahad Thumairy — a Saudi Consulate official—helped bring Khallad bin Attash into the United States in June of 2000 so he could meet with two of the 9/11 hijackers, Khalid al Mihdhar and Nawaf al Hazmi. Thumairy escorted bin Attash — a known al Qaeda operative — through INS and Customs at LAX evading security and any possible alarm bells. Again, this information is found in both a CIA and FBI report.

Four months after Khallad bin Attash met with the two 9/11 hijackers in Los Angeles, the USS Cole was bombed and seventeen U.S. sailors were killed. Khallad bin Attash, Khalid al Mihdhar and Nawaf al Hazmi were all named as co-conspirators in the bombing of the USS Cole.

Where is the information regarding bin Attash and Thumairy? Has it ever been investigated? Had our intelligence agencies capitalized on the known connection between Thumairy and bin Attash, they would have been able to thwart the bombing of the USS Cole. In addition, they would have had access and the ability to weave together nearly all the pieces of the 9/11 attacks — more than nine months before the 9/11 attacks happened.

But as history shows, Saudi Consulate official Fahad Thumairy was not investigated and 17 sailors in addition to 3,000 others were killed....


...Though more notably, the 29 pages do not include information found in the more than 80,000 documents that are currently being reviewed by a federal judge in Florida — 80,000 documents that neither the 9/11 Commission, the Joint Inquiry, the Clinton, Bush, or Obama White House, nor the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia wants us to know about.

More than anything, please know this: The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia provided operational and financial support to the 9/11 hijackers. That is a fact. And, the U.S. government has been covering up that fact for fifteen years — even to this very day. And that is a crime.....

(9/11 widows Monica Gabrielle, Mindy Kleinberg, Lorie Van Auken, and Patty Casazza all sign their names to this blog)

US Visas to hijackers- Nafeez Ahmed and Mindy Kleinberg

(2 1/2 minutes)( Platos Cave video)
Nafeez Ahmed and Mindy Kleinberg speak about the glaring problems with the application forms of the alleged 9/11 Hijackers.
Mindy Kleinberg: "...Had the INS or the State Department followed the Law, at least 15 of the hijackers would have been denied Visas, and would not had been in the United States on September 11th, 2001...."


Where do we go to put this down on paper ? Somebody wrote it down in 2001 put me under oath hand on the bible . Saudi's royal family ambassador and their entourage stayed at LaCosta spa and resort in Carlsbad California for an extended period of time. They left in the middle the night didn't pay their tab and it was huge The manager of Lacosta almost lost his job . You guys want the truth I'm here

CNN & Saudi Foreign Minister Adel Al-Jubeir - July 16, 2016

On CNN, Saudi Foreign Minister Adel Al-Jubeir discusses the release of the 28 pages, the situation in Turkey, the fight against Daesh and comments made by Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

Foreign Minister Al-Jubeir Holds Press Conference on Release of the 28 Pages 07/15/16


Here the Foreign Minister talks about Islam and psychopaths... WORTH WATCHING at the queue


Posted on July 16, 2016 by Kevin Ryan\


28The missing 28 pages from the U.S. Congressional Joint Inquiry into intelligence activities related to 911 were finally released to the public. These pages do not reveal a lot of new information but what is new strengthens lines of investigation that need to be followed-up. Here are five examples.

The 28 pages say a lot about two men—Omar al-Bayoumi and Osama Bassnan. The pages hint at the idea that Al-Bayoumi and Bassnan, who sponsored some of the alleged hijackers in the U.S., were Saudi intelligence agents or assets. Although this is not new, the pages also mention that both of them worked closely with the Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission (SACM). That should bring investigators back to the WTC security company Stratesec, which held its annual meetings in SACM offices.
The SACM was part of the Saudi Embassy run by then-ambassador Prince Bandar. The released pages do a lot of hinting about Bandar’s funding of Al-Bayoumi and Bassnan’s activities in the United States. What is perhaps a revelation is that the men’s wives received money from Bandar’s wife but also that Bassnan received $15,000 directly from Bandar’s account.
The pages also reveal that, “several Saudi Naval officers were in contact with the September 11th hijackers.” A related fact that needs more scrutiny is that Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC), which profited greatly from the 9/11 crimes, had spent over twenty years building and training the Saudi Navy. At the time of 9/11, SAIC was run by Dick Cheney’s protégé Duane Andrews, who was the most knowledgeable person regarding the vulnerabilities of the information and communications networks that failed that day.
The released pages also make a lot of insinuations about Abu Zubaydah’s “phonebook.” Zubaydah was the first alleged al Qaeda leader captured. The 28 pages repeatedly mention that his phonebook had several numbers that could be “linked” to U.S. phone numbers. Readers will likely fail to realize that in 2009 the U.S. government retracted its claims that Zubaydah had any association to al Qaeda. That the 9/11 Commission Report depended heavily on Zubaydah’s torture testimony is a fact that was quickly forgotten by Commission and intelligence agency leaders.
The Inquiry’s report was built largely on information provided by the FBI and the CIA. The 28 pages show this clearly. What people might fail to question is why the Inquiry would go about investigating intelligence agencies simply by reporting information provided by those agencies. That contradiction was amplified when the Inquiry’s leaders allowed the FBI to intimidate their own panel members by investigating them while they were investigating the FBI. The reasons for these contradictions are probably related to the fact that leaders of the FBI and the CIA are legitimate suspects in the 9/11 crimes.

In the end, the release of the 28 pages reinforces some information that was already available but does nothing to correct the propaganda that the Joint Inquiry produced. The public can learn from it, of course, but that requires looking beyond the propaganda.



Here is part of the 28 redacted pages with redactions:

“A CIA report also indicates that Bassnan traveled to Houston in 2002 and met with an individual who was (redacted). The report states that during that trip a member of the Saudi Royal Family provided Bassnan with a significant amount of cash. FBI information indicates that Bassnan is an extremist and supporter of Usama Bin Laden, and has been connected to the Eritrean Islamic Jihad and the Blind Shayk;” - pg. 417

Here is the entry on www.historycommons.org about this incident which is way more descriptive.


In that entry it says "While in Texas, it is believed that Basnan “met with a high Saudi prince who has responsibilities for intelligence matters and is known to bring suitcases full of cash into the United States."

The only article I can find describing someone like that is Prince Bandar.


"How rich is Bandar? A friend of mine used to drive for the prince. I can't mention the name for fear of a fatwa, but I was told that there were often suitcases taken off the prince's airplanes that were literally bulging with cash."

So it SEEMS that Bassnan met with Bandar AFTER 9/11 to get more money in Houston. IF it is indeed Bandar (which I think it is).

Timing and other shenanigans...


On Friday July 15th, as the national newsmedia were either on vacation or preparing for the opening of the Trump National Convention on Monday the 18th, the long-awaited release of the ‘missing’ 28 pages from the U.S. Senate’s 9/11 report occurred.

It “was kept secret from the public on the orders of former President George W. Bush”, and remained secret under Bush’s successor Barack Obama, until that Friday night late in Obama’s Second Administration, right before a week of Republican National Convention news would be dominating the news (along with any racial incidents, which would be sure to distract the public even more from any indication of Bush’s guilt). The pdf was of a picture-file so as to be non-searchable by journalists and thus slow to interpret, and thus would impede press-coverage of it. The file was also of a very degraded picture of the pages, so as to make the reading of it even more uninviting and difficult. Well, that was a skillful news-release-and-coverup operation! The Federal Government had plenty of time to do this right, but they evidently had plenty of incentive to do it wrong. They’re not incompetent; the reasonable explanation is something worse than that.


Official 9/11 Narrative on Life Support

Revelations in 28 Pages Don’t Align With 9/11 Commission Conclusions
July 19, 2016 | Jeff Clyburn

Bananas and 9/11 Victim Family Members

Chiquita Is Blocking a 9/11 Victims’ Bill
…Chiquita has spent some $780,000 over the past year and a half lobbying against the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act (JASTA)….


Leon Black’s father owned Foster Grant, Inc. and United Brands Company (Chiquita bananas) which has a sordid history of corruption, mass murder, drugs and terrorism. (See links below)

Guatemala - CIA & the United Fruit Company

Bananas and 9/11

Confessions of an economic hitman – John Perkins
Article via “WeAreChange” - http://wearechange.org/blood-and-bananas-chiquitas-deadly-history-drugs-corruption-coverups/

The founder of Apollo Global Management is Leon Black. He has a PERSONAL art collection approaching a billion dollars.

Apollo has had money invested in all types of companies (such as Twinkies, AMC Entertainment, Telemundo, GNC, Coldwell Banker, Century 21, McGraw-Hill Education publishers, Chuck E. Cheeze’s, cloud servers and web hosting, mega real estate holdings and mortgages, etc.)
Apollo has a variety of masked sister investment arms, some affiliated with Arabian oil money, some affiliated in partnership with the infamous Carlyle Group (see 9/11 research and Soros research) along with its holdings of Carnegie Learning, the University of Phoenix, etc.
(It should be noted that Wikipedia has expunged/censored some previously written Wikipedia financial escapades of Apollo.)

Sprouts is like a small Whole Foods offering vitamins, healthy and organic foods.

In the Spring of 2011, Apollo bought a controlling interest ownership of privately owned Sprout Farmers Market for 214 million.
IPO stands for an “Initial Public Offering” which means that the company’s stock will be traded on Wall Street. Often investors rush to buy shares on the day an IPO occurs.
On August 1st, 2013 Apollo took “Sprouts Farmers Market” public to the stock market with an IPO.
Some reporters estimate that Apollo PROFITED overnight to the tune of way more than billion dollars with the Sprouts IPO. https://www.pehub.com/2013/07/apollo-make-5-3x-its-money-sprouts-farmers-markets/

-- Sprouts Farmers Market, Apollo, NBC, GE, "Autism Speaks" --

Sprouts Farmers Market has a deception on its support for AUTISM.
Sprouts will collect donations for Autism at the cash register, but “Autism Speaks” is the organization which receives the funds. https://www.autismspeaks.org/
“Autism Speaks” is a fraud.
“Autism Speaks” adamantly refuses to mention vaccines as a possible link to Autism.
“Autism Speaks” was founded by Bob Wright.
Bob Wright was the CEO and top executive of NBC for many years and also top honcho for General Electric (which owned NBC, The Weather Channel, Universal Studios, etc.) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bob_Wright