Sibel Edmonds, James Corbett, the Fourth Estate, the Fifth Estate, and your personal Activism

The International Forecaster – James Corbett August 13, 2016
CorbettReport -
…So that leaves us pretty much where we started: aware that the media is biased and aware that this is leading to an escalating cycle of hatred that is conveniently directed away from the powers-that-shouldn't-be.
So what do we do about this?

There are going to be many different answers to this question, obviously, but one of them is coming from Newsbud…. -(see video)-

Sibel Edmonds:
“…Decades of these people writing a couple term papers a year, investigating, has done nothing, has gotten the system worse.
Not only do you have to investigate, analyze, write those term papers, but you need to go out there loudly – CONFRONT!!…”
“…it is only YOU who can do this. So, stop sitting there idle. And say: “I am going to take it upon myself…I am going to take it into my own hands”, because if you don’t and you sit, this system is going to continue….”


Kevin Ryan was asked "What can I do to make a difference?"

I beat the drum for Activism.

Activism with Journalism. Newsbud did a fantastic job!
Journalism which promotes activism.
It is a rallying cry against Tyranny!

— Kevin Ryan —
Kevin Ryan is asked for advice by someone who is inspired “to make a difference”. Ryan points out that there are many things which a person can do. If a person has talents in the area of journalism, then this is an extremely important pursuit.

“…We need to build a new media. It is critically important for the future….”

A new type of Fourth Estate is so important.

I think the type of Journalism which will help save us is the type which inspires Activism.

It is nutty to build a car, but never to drive it.
It is weak to become informed, but never to take courageous action.

Being Texan, there is that famous rallying cry against tyranny “Remember the Alamo! Remember Goliad!”.

Perhaps this Newsbud mobilizing action will one day fill a garden of blossoms to a new rallying cry “Remember 9/11! Remember the Fraudsters Elite!”

Wow! Eye opening update - Aug 19, 2016 - "...the Parasites..."

The entire episode is an Eye Opener.

My favorite part... 38:30 queued.

This type of alternative media like CorbettReport and Newsbud is leading the way among its peers.
This type of alternative media inspires people to be independent, to be a Voluntaryist-Agorist-Activist, to bring about effective change by action.

The days of the "choir to choir" alternative media / blogs are numbered.
"The Powers That Shouldn't Be" have agendas.
"The Powers That Shouldn't Be" have an agenda to neuter the alternative media, to make them ineffective.
By the design of "The Powers That Shouldn't Be", the majority of the alternative truther media has been duped and neutered.
The majority of the alternative truther media is on course with the agenda of "The Powers That Shouldn't Be".
The majority of the alternative truther media has been played into being ineffective, into just being a "rage sounding board for the choir to choir audience".
A "rage sounding board for the choir to choir audience" with lots of awake 'pundits' on their typewriter keys screaming to each other...this is our neutered alternative media.
Where is inspiration? Where is the encouragement of courageous grassroots action?
The majority of the alternative truther media does not inspire action, they do not highlight "the common person taking action".

"Get off the Bus."
"Get off the Bus."
"Get off the Bus."
Rosa Parks, a common everyday person, was a Voluntaryist-Agorist-Activist. Word of mouth and the alternative media of the era brought "The Powers That Shouldn't Be" to their knees.

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