Justice in Focus: Opening Remarks by Mark Crispin Miller


Mark Crispin Miller: "I can tell you as a professor that my own students are no longer intimidated by the 'conspiracy theory' meme."

True, true, true. People are waking up, and the rate of them doing so may be increasing. I see it in people in my own circles. I see it on the Internet and in comment sections. More and more, the question is, "Now that we know, what can we do to improve things?"--as opposed to, "Was it really an inside job?" On campus at the University of Washington, where I volunteer, I can speak to students, professors, friends, and the issue is taken seriously.

Edit: examples: Two women I've known as co-workers, fellow students, and friends, for more than thirty years, have both decided just during the past few weeks, that 9/11 was a false-flag. It was a combination of the Europhysics article and the in-progress UAF WTC 7 study that did this. In the past, they listened to me patiently, but would tell me it just wasn't plausible. Now they know.

I could give other recent examples I've seen personally, but will leave it at that for now. It's happening.