Bringing Closure to the 9/11 Pentagon Debate

The paper was published in the Foreign Policy Journal on October, 7, 2016 and can be found at:

For over fifteen years the 9/11 truth movement and some of its most visible leaders have debated this question: Did a large plane, matching a Boeing 757 in general and Flight AA 77 in particular, hit the Pentagon on September 11, 2001? In the last several years a group of scientists and engineers have presented a number of scientific papers that answer both of these questions with a resounding “Yes.”

It’s time for the 9/11 truth movement to resolve its Pentagon debate by applying the scientific method to the Pentagon evidence. Doing so points conclusively to large plane impact.

This paper is also listed on the Scientific Method 9/11 website in the Pentagon section and comments can be sent to .

John D. Wyndham

Unsatisfactory So Far

It ain't over. We don't have all the data and therefor the conclusions are incomplete.

It's pretty good if you only consider what we've been given so far. Trust me, there's more to be gathered and we are wasting valuable time.

You are right



I agree that this has not been fully resolved, but I also agree with Chandler et al that the "no jet hit the Pentagon" claims in their various forms are no longer strong enough to be presented as part of the core claims of 911truth. I also believe that this is the real point that Chandler et al are trying to make.

So no compromises then?

Is that what you are thinking, Mr. Downvoter? After all the work exposing the buried eye witness testimonies to explosions and molten metal at the WTC, 911truthers should be seen sneering at Pentagon eyewitnesses to a large plane impact to preserve the "no plane at Pentagon" meme? And we should also insist that the plane wreckage was planted for the same purpose? And we should also believe that this sort of conflict does not damage the credibility of 911truth?


People never once questioned whether or not a commercial airliner hit the Pentagon. Not once. And guess what? People who didn't aren't bad people. There was just too much information proving it was a commercial airliner.

People can...

Vote me down all they want. Debris with the AA logo on it pretty much confirms it was an AA commercial airliner. To my knowledge, NO ONE has put forward any credible information or evidence that the debris was "planted," which is one of the major assertions by those claiming it wasn't a commercial airliner. A theory on top of another theory, etc... People should be focusing on other, more easily verifiable information. Of course, people are going to do what they want. The people pushing this aren't helping anyone. Just an FYI.

truth/lie dichotomy


This is not done yet.

What hit the Pentagon;

is a Orwellian wet dream, why not just call it what it was, part of a massive crime AND THERE HAS NEVER BEEN A CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION!

A Criminal Investigation

I call it a DAMN criminal investigation when you have 300 agents ready to swarm over the site, confiscating videos and shards of wreckage.

Later on when ordinary citizens come forward to do their own investigation they find serious evidence that the FBI is hiding what they took control of within hours. Try asking the FBI for the photos of the wreckage. I asked for a list only and was told there is no list. WHAT?!!!

Here is the FBI's own website with a few photos of plane parts.

Don't get me wrong. I admit I am no IT specialist, but I'm pretty sure if you have a website with image files on it, you'll also have a parent directory (list). Am I way off base here?

Speaking of lists, what about the so-called 85 videos that are often cited? If you study it, you'll find that most are not from that site, but include WTC and even Florida (Kinkos) locations. Many are not even from 9/11. Some came from touristas capturing the spectacle afterwards.

Since we can't trust the investigation agencies to do their job honestly, we must do what we can to find the truth.

So can we all agree then...

that the Boeing passed through the front door?

FBI Re-Releases Pentagon photos

About a week ago, the FBI quietly re-released a collection of photos from the 9/11 aftermath into their online records vault. The photos, which focus on the wreckage at the Pentagon, were originally published in 2011, but disappeared for some time due to a technical glitch.

Despite reports to the contrary, FBI spokeswoman Jillian Stickels told the Associated Press last week that the new photos in the FBI vault’s “9/11 Attacks and Investigation Images” folder were not “previously unseen.” In fact, the photographs were originally uploaded in 2011, and only re-released on the 23rd due to a technical glitch that wiped them from the site.

It is unknown how long the photos were gone between their original upload date in 2011 and their restoration this month.

The restored photos include 27 photographs of debris, emergency workers, and even aerial shots of the damage at the Pentagon.

Link to all images