Donald Trump and the Next Wave of 9/11 Truth Telling

Happy Belated New Year.

With Barack Obama leaving the White House and his own 9/11 legacy to be held to account, a few questions really must be asked about how a President Trump figures into the history of 9/11.

1. Is President Elect Trump and his Justice Department going to be open to allowing lawsuits and inquiries to go forward?

2. How Truth is Trump?

Trump is willing to call out fake news media in a way that has never happened before by any contemporary President. Maybe I missed it but the only thing that hasn't been lobbed at him is 9/11 Truth "conspiracy" sympathizer.

Do we have any evidence that Donald Trump knows more about 9/11 from public comments then or now?

In this first clip around 2:35, Trump sounds shades of Jerome Hauer in his answer to the reporter who asks how a building that was made to take plane impacts could be destroyed.

The second is Trump calling into a TV news morning show with a more detailed personal account. Here he muses that something other than the plane would have to have been involved in bringing down the building with out further or clearer hypothesis.

Could it be that a breakthrough is ahead in the next 4-8 years for 9/11 Truth, Justice and Reconciliation? I'm not suggesting he would crusade for the cause from the White House , but how possible and likely that he nor his Justice Department nor appointed judges would obstruct cases that could be heard in civil and criminal court?

"Who blew up the World Trade Center?"

He just annihilated two political dynasties and the MSM.
I'm optimistic.

If President Trump . . .

. . . knows the truth, which is not out of the question--no matter what one thinks about him, he's not stupid--then whether he does anything about it would all come down to strategy.

He has already demonstrated remarkable canny in the way he's played an overtly hostile MSM like a violin. Most people don't realize how shrewd he really is, (in spite of his winning!) which itself is to his benefit.

Consider how the reigning elites and oligarchs have viciously opposed him. Consider what the neocon crackpots think about him. Consider how prominent elements of the CIA tried to thwart him and discredit his presidency--and have tried to sabotage in advance his intention to normalize relations with Russia so we don't get vaporized.

If he knows the truth about 9/11, which I strongly suspect, he has an ace up his sleeve that is the ultimate game-changer. Something that could flatten his enemies, bolster his standing here and abroad, and save his country from the humiliation of not having resolved the problem on our own.

Is he really above doing this? I don't think so. Remember, this man has a massive ego--ironically one of the things that makes me hopeful about his presidency. When you've had all the money, all the women, all the fame and success a man could handle, what's left? Only one thing: He wants to go down in history as the man who brought America back. Were he to conclude that exposing 9/11 was necessary to that end, then he'll do it.

As to Shoestring's point about his friendship with Silverstein, nothing surprising here considering that he's primarily a New York real estate magnate. I wouldn't draw too much from it. He was friends with the Clintons; they attended his wedding and all that. He's been friendly with people in both major parties and all across the political spectrum. I doubt he would let this friendship stand in his way if he saw a clear advantage to his legacy.

All pure speculation of course.

9/11 Mastermind’s Letter To Obama:Here’s Why We Attacked America

Amusing drivel:’s-letter-obama-here’s-why-we-attacked-america

"When Barack Obama was still in office, Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, one of the perpetrators of the 9/11 terror attacks, penned a letter to him. Though a judge recently ruled that letter could be sent to the White House before the outgoing president left office, the contents were to be withheld from the public until a month later - until after President Trump had assumed power.

This week, the Miami Herald obtained and published the contents of the 18-page letter, originally written in 2015 and titled “LETTER FROM THE CAPTIVE MUJAHID KHALID SHAIKH MOHAMMAD TO THE HEAD OF THE SNAKE, BARACK OBAMA, THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, THE COUNTRY OF OPPRESSION AND TYRANNY.” It contains the Kuwait-born Pakistani terrorist’s insights into why 9/11 occurred, as well as surprisingly accurate assessments of American politics.

One of the main reasons for 9/11, according to Mohammed, is one terrorists have referenced before: American foreign policy. His explanation is rooted both in history and in current affairs."

Thanks Satyavira! Very "clean" sourced videos.

I appreciate the clean videos which make it easy to identify their origin.


I'm surprised that Donald Trump, with all of his building experience, did not understand that the '93 bombing was not under the tower.

It is impossible to get a vehicle within the footprint of either tower.

The truck bomb of 1993 was under the Vista Hotel. Only minor damage was done to the south wall structure of the North tower. There was never any danger of a tower collapse.

I am hoping that Mr. Trump will invite the structural engineers associated with AE911T into a strategy session, so we can move forward with an truly independent investigation.

1993 - Bomb under the Vista Hotel - (not World Trade Center)

Thanks kawika!
QUOTEThe truck bomb of 1993 was under the Vista Hotel. Only minor damage was done to the south wall structure of the North tower. There was never any danger of a tower collapse.

Either I forgot (it has been 10 years since I last reviewed the 93 bombing) or I did not know.

Best -

Who Remembers...

The relief the "conservatives" felt after Bill Clinton when "Bush the Lesser" was selected and installed?
Who remembers the the relief and euphoria after "Bush the Lesser" when Obama was selected and installed effectively
putting the left to sleep? Promise anything to get elected!!! deliver nothing.

I think we have been manipulated and played again. Left foot, right foot, left foot...yet the trajectory does not change.

Trump did say during his campaign that if elected he would tell us who was responsible for the 9/11 attacks...

Then reminds us of the "Dancing MUSLIMS".

No truth is coming. I'd love to be wrong.

I hear ya. Me too. No truth coming... I would love to be wrong.

I have tinges of hope on occasion, but no solid expectations. I expect that many aspects of the system will stay the same.

Examples of "hope": Calling out the media and addressing the vaccine issue.
I cherished Trump calling out the media "You are fake news!"
Trump on Buzzfeed News Service, and says to CNN at the end “You are Fake News!”
(90 seconds)

Hacking, Intelligence Agencies
(90 seconds)

-- One minute -- (Prior Trump discusses Hacking and Russia, but at this point Trump nails Hillary and Podesta on what was released in the emails.)

The White House might now expand the Press Briefings to include bloggers and talk show radio hosts.

Robert Kennedy Jr. says tapped by Trump to head vaccine safety review.
Kennedy revealed that 70% of ad revenue for major news networks comes from Big Pharma.
The Big Pharma Washington Lobby is more powerful than any other Lobby Group, including oil and defense contractors.
(15 minute video with Robert Kennedy testifying)

The corrupt CDC is now scampering in fear with some of Trump’s appointments…
…Georgia Congressman and surgeon, Dr. Tom Price, as Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS). Read this hit-piece: Tom Price Belongs to a Really Scary Medical Organization That Promotes Anti-Vaccine Hysteria

One final note:
I am aghast at the number of Left protesters at the inauguration of Trump, because it paints a picture of a huge number of folks who are unaware and "don't look" at the evil during the Obama / Hillary reign.
The Left has lost their soul by denying the wars, corruption, loss of freedoms, and lies during the past 8 years.
Incredible willful ignorance.

Donald Trump was friends with WTC leaseholder Larry Silverstein

It is worth noting that Donald Trump has said he was good friends with Larry Silverstein, the real estate developer who took over the lease of the World Trade Center just six weeks before 9/11.

On September 11, he said on UPN 9, "You look at Larry Silverstein, who's a terrific owner in New York and a very good friend of mine who I just called. I was very worried about him, because I assumed maybe he was in the building." (Source: 1 minute 9 seconds into the video.)

Trump later said on MSNBC's Hardball, "Larry Silverstein is a great guy, he's a good guy, he's a friend of mine." (Source:

Trump described phoning Silverstein on September 11 during an address in November 2001. Interestingly, he mentioned that Silverstein "was remarkably optimistic about the future, despite the catastrophe that had just occurred." (Source:

In December 2001, Silverstein actually received the 2001 Fred C. Trump Award for lifetime achievement. The award was presented to him by Trump. (Source:

Silverstein was reportedly "selected to receive the award prior to Sept. 11, largely because of the World Trade Center acquisition." (Source:

Do some far-sighted people understand what's coming?

I don't want to risk reading too much into this, but it does seem like there's a latent awareness about 9/11 Truth among a few who may be positioning themselves for the coming blow-up.

Tucker Carlson is one example. Consider his recent interview with Alex Jones:

Smart move. Remember how he treated Prof. Griffin? "It is wicked, blasphemous and sinful for you to . . ." (Or something stupid like that.)

When it all blows sky high, that kid would have some 'splainin' to do. Does he recognize something? Is he trying to pull a CYA in advance of the excrement hitting the whirling blades?

What else would explain this? What did he have to gain? Particularly in view of his new (or was it then forthcoming?) prime slot on Faux News?

The new boss is starting to look a bit like the old bosses...

Trump's New World Order
Truthstream Media

Published on Feb 5, 2017

The new boss is starting to look a bit like the old bosses...

Thierry Meyssan
Thierry Meyssan : "Donald Trump was the first personality in the world to contest the official version of the attacks of 9/11, on television that very day. After having noted that the engineers who built the Twin Towers were now working for him, he declared on New York’s Channel 9 that it was impossible that Boeings could have burst through the steel structures of the towers. He continued by stating that it was also impossible that Boeings could have caused the towers to collapse. He concluded by affirming that there had to be other factors of which we were as yet unaware. From that day on, Donald Trump has never ceased to resist the people who had committed those crimes. During his inaugural speech, he emphasized that this was not a passage of power between two administrations, but a restitution of power to United States citizens, who had been deprives of it [for sixteen years] [2]."

Webster Tarpley sued by Melania Trump
A separate defamation suit was launched by Trump against a Maryland blogger who had written about rumors she had worked as an escort and falsely stated that she suffered a breakdown.

However, the lawsuit was settled with Webster Tarpley, the blogger, to pay a "substantial sum", according to Trump's attorney.

"I acknowledge that these false statements were very harmful and hurtful to Mrs. Trump and her family, and therefore I sincerely apologize to Mrs. Trump, her son, her husband and her parents for making these false statements," Tarpley wrote in a statement released by the lawyer.


It would be charitable to assume he has TDS.

New National Economic Council director tried to profit from 9/11

Former Goldman Sachs President Gary Cohn, who Donald Trump has appointed as head of the National Economic Council, instructed his employees at the Goldman Sachs building in lower Manhattan to try and make a profit from the crisis when the World Trade Center was attacked on 9/11.

Former Goldman Sachs manager Nomi Prins recalled in a 2012 documentary that on September 11, 2001: "All we knew was that an airplane had hit the building. Gary Cohn, the head of the commodities area, who is now the president of Goldman, was telling his traders to keep trading because his gut instinct was that he could make money from whatever was going on because it had to do with planes, it had to do with oil, so they could make money."


Saudi Crown Prince Awarded the CIA ‘George Tenet’ Medal of Honor


The US Central Intelligence Agency has awarded its “George Tenet Medal” to the Saudi Crown Prince for his "intelligence work in the fight against terrorism". The medal was given to Mohammed bin Nayef by CIA Director Micheal Pompeo during a reception ceremony in the Saudi capital Riyadh.

Our relationship with the United States is historic and strategic. Any attempts to undermine that will falter.



Some past Trump wrestling moments

Our President…
Trump in “The Art of the Deal” (with eye candy). Watch for the boogieman!
(one minute) ­
Trump gets thrown to the mat.
(45 seconds) ­
Trump throws punches and disrespects hair.
(3 minutes) ­

And in the Left corner...
Russia is continuing to invade Korea!!!
..and Nancy Pelosi finds out she can’t work with President BUSH.
(30 seconds ) ­

Watch out Japan!! Islands can capsize.
(10 seconds) ­

Photo of Politics as I see it.

Excellent find!
“I mean the Deep State, it’s not just intelligence, it’s banking, it’s law enforcement, it’s the administrative agencies…It’s the below the radar service of the government that never changes no matter which party runs the White House,”
“…The laws have been written to keep them in power.”

And on 2/14/2017
Dennis Kucinich Discusses The Deep State's War On Trump
Full interview -
(30 second summary - Worth watching!) -

More DEEP STATE with Democracy Now & Glenn Greenwald

QUOTE from neocon Project for the New American Century (PNAC) co-founder Bill Kristol:
"...But if it comes to it, prefer the deep state to the Trump state."

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Glenn Greenwald, co-founder of The Intercept: Empowering the "Deep State" to Undermine Trump is Prescription for Destroying Democracy

Deep State vs Secretary of State Rex Tillerson

Repeatedly in this video, Rex Tillerson stresses the importance of INTEGRITY.
He also talks about the destructive aspects of "people with fiefdoms trying to protect their own turf" within a bureaucracy.
Rex Tillerson gets extra points because he directly opposed the Rockefeller family wishes in 2008 after becoming CEO of Exxon in 2006.
NEWS - Feb 17, 2017 - CBS
...Much of seventh-floor staff, who work for the Deputy Secretary of State for Management and Resources and the Counselor offices, were told today that their services were no longer needed....
"...Four top officials were cleared out of the building at the end of January..."

Feb 16, 2017 Trump goes after media in Press Conference

The "Russian Ruse" is also discussed.
Full Press Conference

White House Statement to the Press on the "Travel 'Ban'". (prior to the court decision which struck down the travel 'ban')
According to the White House, it actually was not a 'ban' but rather a more cautious vetting process on countries suggested by the Obama administration. People still can come like always, except it might be a little longer process to ensure everything is copacetic. 16:22 and later 24:30 - Queued to 16:22

The "Russian Ruse" and Fake News about Russia

Recently, we saw Bill Kristol's Twitter QUOTE: "...But if it comes to it, prefer the deep state to the Trump state."

Who are the powerful Washington DC players who for many years have been screaming “Russia is the bad guy”?
Who are they? …
…The Neocons (and younger recruits) with their rebranded entities like “The Foreign Policy Initiative”.
The neocons for many years have been wishing for a new cold war with Russia in order to further their agenda of maintaining American dominance by having a continuing "Mexican Standoff".
Mexican Standoff definition -

Robbie Martin probably has done the best research on the new neocons.

The Project for the New American Century (PNAC) was founded by Bill Kristol and Robert Kagan.

The neocons were very busy as foreign advisors to Obama and Hillary. Warmongering Robert Kagan, family and friends were especially industrious.
The neocons repositioned themselves using a rebranded name The Foreign Policy Initiative

Robbie Martin discusses how the neocons have carved a new enemy -- Russia.


Great 12 minute summary of the Neocon agenda during Obama and Hillary along with showing the end of the Cold War.

The “Project for a New American Century” continued extremely strong with Obama and Hillary, and now it seems like elements are on Trump’s team.
(5 minutes)

James Corbett also reports on Russia and the Neocons.
Corbett Report video –
Show notes –

Kristol Quote

thanks for supplying links to my films & interviews

however I must stress how deeply concerned I am that much of the 9/11 truth movement has come to the conclusion that Donald Trump is not part of a deep state apparatus or that he is somehow a secret 9/11 truther. Just because *most* neocons wanted to stop Donald Trump doesn't mean that all neocons did. PNAC signatories Michael Ledeen, Frank Gaffney, William Bennet, John Bolton & James Woolsey are all very pro-Trump, some of them might end up working directly in his administration (Bolton was promised a side job after not getting sec state). Shoestring was pointing out some very important connections above that I think deserve a lot more focus from truthers, specifically Trump's close relationship to Larry Silverstein (that continues to this day, Silverstein was just given a contract to build a new FBI building under the Trump administration for example) & Rudy Giuliani (a man so deeply connected to not just 9/11 and the 2001 anthrax attacks and subsequent coverups but also other nefarious deep-state activities like the BCCI and representing Manuel Noriega, that he qualifies as a 9/11 prime suspect).

I'm working on a podcast about Trump's own relationship with the deep-state and what neocons have chosen to remain close to him, and also the very very suspicious nature of conspiracy culture in general being narrowly focused into a curiously 'pro-Trump' narrative by way of people like Alex Jones, Roger Stone and Steve Pieczenik. Additionally I have to give respect points here for hold-outs like Kevin Ryan, Wayne Madsen and James Corbett for not going along with this trend.

hope i didn't offend anyone with this post as I could understand why some think Trump is 'on our side', i think that's a potentially very dangerous mindset to put oneself in especially during a very precarious political landscape like this.

Beautifully stated, very important information

I would very much love to see you "get a lot of milage", a lot of exposure.
You bring a tremendous amount of background research to the table which is extremely pertinent in this Trump era.
I think you could enlighten us all about phenomena like "Russian hackers and the evil Russia mantra", along with this phenomena of "Fake News" in the press and the Left's loud angst. And Trump's ties to all these inside players.
You are spot on about Alex Jones, Mike Adams, Roger Stone (who wants to sell books), and others.

Corbett and/or Newsbud really need to have you on. Repeatedly.

"Deep State" going mainstream

The phrase "Deep State" is gaining more mainstream usage. That is very good thing, even if poorly defined by media outlets and reporters. I just watched Rush Limbaugh tell Chris Wallace Glenn Greenwald coined the term.

However smarter reporters and spokespeople are beginning to connect the dots and open the public to "spy level" reality. The more the term becomes normalized, the less a pejorative like "conspiracy theory" has any weight. This is exactly the kind of soil where 9/11 Truth grows verdant.

April 22 is 'Earth Day' and 'March for Science' Day
There will be events in D.C. and other cities across the country.

Our NorCal 9/11Truth group will be in San Francisco tabling etc. We are looking for 9/11 science one-liners: '9/11 Truth' is not 2+2=5, if you catch the drift...
So, please post science-related truth slogans that cause you to smile, think, and say "Wake the F@#k Up People ! "

This probably should be a new apologies!


The only thing that will bring change is us. The only way we can bring change is coming together. I suggested a while back to create a day when we all come forward together. 9/12 for truth and everyone stand together and demand truth for the infamous day of 9/11. I see no other alternative; they pick people off individually, but our power is only there if we use it together.

"accused (GW Bush) of knowing about the 9/11 attacks..."

Former President Bush breaks his silence on Trump | Feb 27, 2017

Trump is not your friend

The american president is several rungs down the ladder of power in this country. He's no different from Obama in bowing down before the controlling elite. Within weeks of Obama being elected, he invoked 9/11 to justify sending 17,000 more troops to Afghanistan. This was to demonstrate unequivocally his respect for the true powers-that-be. Trump did the same thing with his first travel ban. Read the text of Section 1 below. September 11 is front and center. Make no mistake; the road will be long and no mainstream leader will save you. Grassroots is the only way, people!

Section 1. Purpose. The visa-issuance process plays a crucial role in detecting individuals with terrorist ties and stopping them from entering the United States. Perhaps in no instance was that more apparent than the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, when State Department policy prevented consular officers from properly scrutinizing the visa applications of several of the 19 foreign nationals who went on to murder nearly 3,000 Americans. And while the visa-issuance process was reviewed and amended after the September 11 attacks to better detect would-be terrorists from receiving visas, these measures did not stop attacks by foreign nationals who were admitted to the United States.

If anything,

we are more likely to see a U.S. false terror event, as we witness Trump ramping up to be YOUR Homeland Security president. He's already invoked 9/11 to enact a Muslim ban, beef up DHS domestic forces, begin removing social securities, civil rights and federal legal safeguards, not to mention spending your tax money building a frikkin' wall. But you think he's going to, some bright and useless day, expose 9/11 inside jobbery? Wtf has happened to 9/11 truth?


thanks for saying it! Trump is not on our side!

Seriously Tom?

Enough with the WWE please.

I enjoyed that.

I needed a laugh.

Still, I say this. The US president is a puppet of a massive command and control structure hidden from the public and capable of enormous feats of power. It executed a massive false flag operation on 9/11, incorporating amazing control over the military, FEMA, mainstream media, and Washington. To suggest that a president could affect that power is absurd. He could possibly take a stab at it from a microphone, make a pinprick -- and be neutralized in short order.

Still think that?

There are extraordinary people. I remember close friends telling me there is no way he can win, because they are too powerful. It's perception, not reality.



Trump is not interested in truth.

I voted for Obama in 2008, hoping that he would investigate 9/11. It became clear rather early that he wouldn't, and that I was deluded in my hopes. I think it is clear by now that Trump likewise has no interest in getting to the truth of 9/11. It's time for all those who thought he was to admit that they too have been fooled.

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts : Trump Is Over Apr 23, 2017

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts : Trump Is Over
The Mind Renewed

Published on Apr 23, 2017

MP3 & SHOW NOTES: "I think that the Trump presidency is already over. I'm not even sure he qualifies as a figurehead."—PCR

We are joined once again by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, former US Assistant Secretary to the Treasury for Economic Policy, for a discussion on the Trump presidency so far.

Dr. Roberts assesses the performance of the new president and his administration with reference to pre-election promises; shares with us his view that the deep state has effectively neutralised Donald Trump as US president; gives his reaction to the so-called "Syrian gas attack" in Idlib, and the subsequent military action by the US against Syria; and considers the very real prospects for war as Washington steps up its warmongering around the globe.


Interview Notes:

Disclaimer: The views expressed by Dr. Roberts in this interview are his responsibility alone; they do not necessarily reflect those of The Mind Renewed.

Yep. Trump ain't playing 4-D chess.


For PCR's prediction to age worse.

Dr. Julian Charles is a fantastic interviewer.

JFK (yes)

And he's going to Dallas next week. Cant imagine why the perma-state dislikes him so much...

This is the work of Bob Fischer:

When I saw it years ago, I had to verify it myself:

Note the odds calculation is wrong due to a rounding error. The correct odds are:
1/22 x 1/22 x 1/22 x 1/22 x 1/22 = 1 / 5,153,632

August 12, 1944 at eight zero five hours - Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr., the eldest son of the Kennedy patriarch Joseph Kennedy, is killed over the English Channel while flying a mission during World War II.
Approximate location 8mi southeast of Halesworth, Suffolk, England,_Jr.
Exact Location: 52 degrees 14 minutes 46.22 seconds N Latitude, 1 degree 50 minutes 24.58 seconds E Longitude
Astronomical sidereal time above location at time of incident: 15:50':18.3"

November 22, 1963 at 12:30 p.m. CST (18:30 UTC) - President John F. Kennedy is assassinated in Dallas, Texas
Patsy: Lee Harvey Oswald
Approximate location: Dealey Plaza, Dallas, Texas, USA.
Exact Location: 32 degrees 46 minutes 43 seconds N Latitude, 96 degrees 48 minutes 30 seconds W Longitude
Astronomical sidereal time above location at time of incident: 16:06':30.2"

JFK had three attempted assassinations, including a suicide bomber, prior to the actual murder in Dallas. One of the attempts in Chicago on November 2, 1963 coincided with the actual CIA sponsored assassination of the South Vietnamese President Ngo Dinh Diem and his younger brother Ngo Dinh Nhu on the same day. All three attempts fit the same predetermined pattern.

These events were on:

December 11 1960 at 9:55 EST in Palm Beach FL as he left a church service; (Source Book: "Ultimate Sacrifice", Pages 621-625)
Patsy: Richard Paul Pavlick
Astronomical sidereal time above location at time of incident: 15:56':15"

November 2 1963 at 13:00 EST in Chicago at Soldiers Field (Army vs Air Force football game); (Source Book: "Ultimate Sacrifice", Pages 621-625)
Patsy: Thomas Vallee
Astronomical sidereal time above location at time of incident: 15:54':44"

November 18 1963 at 13:45 EST arrival at MacDill AFB in Tampa FL
Astronomical sidereal time above location at time of incident: 17:03':31"

June 19, 1964 - Sen. Ted Kennedy (Edward Moore Kennedy) is in a plane crash in which one of his aides and the pilot were killed.
(NTSB Report):
(NTSB Report @
Approximate location: Southampton, Massachusetts
Exact Location: 42 degrees 09 minutes 31.64 seconds N Latitude, 72 degrees 42 minutes 55.30 seconds W Longitude
Astronomical sidereal time above location at time of incident: 16:02':35.0"

June 5, 1968 at 12:15am - Robert F. Kennedy, brother to both John and Ted, is shot multiple times in Los Angeles, immediately following his victory in the California Democratic presidential primary. He died the next day.
Approximate location: Ambassador Hotel, Los Angeles
Exact Location: 34 degrees 03 minutes 34.97 seconds N Latitude, 118 degrees 17 minutes 49.53 seconds W Longitude
Astronomical sidereal time above location at time of incident: 16:18':03.4"

July 16, 1999 - John F. Kennedy, Jr.; his wife, Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy; and Carolyn's sister Lauren Bessette die when the private plane Kennedy is piloting crashes into the Atlantic Ocean
(NTSB Report):'s_NTSB_Report.doc
(NTSB Report @
Approximate location: Atlantic Ocean near Martha's Vineyard, seven miles from the southwestern tip of the Massachusetts island.
Exact Location: 41 degrees 17 minutes 37.2 seconds N Latitude, 70 degrees 58 minutes 39.2 seconds W Longitude
Astronomical sidereal time above location at time of incident: 16:34':37.9"

Interesting notes on Skippy's friends:

Trump: "I Think I Know" Who Was Behind 9/11 Attacks

"Iraq did not knock down the World Trade Center," adding "It were other people. And I think I know who the other people were. And you might also."

He's been destroying their PR arms for ~3 years. Extraordinary times.

Cryptic but curious comments

These are certainly curious comments. I hope Trump was referring to the real perpetrators and not just another group of scapegoats from the Middle East.


Has really shown his true colors.

I hope no one...

Puts stock into the idea that Trump is going to help us. He's a conman, plain and simple.

It's possible...

He could release 9/11 documentation (though Barr has fought against it). But, it's not looking like he's going to do a damn thing.

Archive offline

Sort as preferred. Scroll down slow enough to load the images without error. Save As.

Yea. YouTube and other places are again purging harder.

Some recent YouTube purges...

Destroying the Illusion
Joe M
X22 Report
Edge of Wonder
SGT Report
Amazing Polly
Truth & Art TV
Dustin Nemos

Stroppy Me
JustInformed Talk
Sarah Westall

and more not listed.

Joe had his "The Plane Truth Project" video removed yesterday.

Irregular Warfare

January 2020

Who would have thought in January 2020 we would be watching Rudy Giuliani and Bernard Kerick make a public case for a large scale criminal conspiracy involving strategic election and voter fraud? An inside and outside job. .

Thousands of sworn affidavits.

Four minutes or so into this he says the video evidence of ballots being pulled out from of tables is akin to the Zapruder film.

Who knows where this goes, though I think it opens Rudy to a line of 9/11 Questioning he might find uncomfortable.