Hypocrisy And Qatar

Jon Gold

The NYDailyNews, a very slanted newspaper (very pro-Israel for instance), has come out with a piece about Khalid Sheikh Mohammed (KSM) and Qatar, written by none other than Richard Clarke. There is supposedly an established "history" between the two. There is an entry at historycommons.org about Robert Baer, but I don't know that I trust Robert Baer completely because of things he's said over the years regarding Iran.


"Baer also tries to interest New York Times reporter James Risen in the information about KSM. But just before Risen can come to the Middle East to meet the black prince, the black prince is kidnapped in Lebanon and sent to prison in Qatar. There will be speculation that the CIA turned on the source to protect its relationship with the Qatari government. Risen will publish an article in July 1999 about KSM, but it will not include most of the information from the black prince, since Risen will not be able to confirm it."

It's interesting to note that the Joint Congressional Inquiry's report on 9/11 has this entry...

"[In 1995, Yousef’s plots to bomb twelve U.S. airplanes flying Asian routes, kill the Pope, and crash a plane into CIA Headquarters were thwarted by Philippine police when a fire erupted in an apartment where Yousef was preparing explosives. The police seized a list of names and telephone numbers and found a notation for “Khalid Doha” with telephone and facsimile numbers in Qatar. [REDACTED]. Yet another link to KSM was made when Yousef, who was apprehended shortly after fleeing the Philippines, made a call from detention to Qatar and asked to speak with “Khalid.” This number was similar to the one found by the Philippine police. [REDACTED] - pgs. 310-311

And this entry...

"The Intelligence Community agencies worked together to apprehend KSM during his time in Qatar and in the Balkans. However, KSM’s frequent travels, and the slow pace of efforts to learn his whereabouts, [REDACTED]." - pg. 311

But the 9/11 Commission's report does not that I can see.

There is no established connection between the Government of Qatar and the 9/11 attacks.

There is also this...





http://www.historycommons.org/context.jsp?item=alate01ksmqatar#alate01ksmqatar (important one)








I'm not posting this to make the argument that Qatar is connected to terrorism. They were instrumental in sending people to Syria. But, so was someone else.

"Qatar and Saudi Arabia are among a handful of countries whose support for the uprising against Bashar al-Assad's regime has won plaudits from many in the region, where few dispute that the Syrian president has forfeited any right to power." - [telegraph.co.uk, 4/27/2013]

They are being singled out because they have close relations to Iran, and have Al-Jazeera.



Maybe Saudi Arabia was aware this report was coming out and decided to throw Qatar under the bus.