Hey guys!! Very very very long time no see haha!!

Hey guys!! This is my first post back here in literally years, have never forgot how much I love this site though and all you amazing people! Haven't made a political video for just as long lol, but getting back into the saddle a bit now. Made this entry for the CNNmemeWar, had about 5 other ideas but time wise only really enough for one. Put some 9/11 Truth in there also so thought had to share it to you guys, plus is a great excuse to finally say hi again after so long lol!

Trump VS CNN Queen Alien (Full Version)

Thanks guys!!!!

Good to see ya again!

Dem Bruce Lee Styles, Hey guy! Good to see ya again!

You made a very creative video! I enjoyed watching it. I laughed at the Hillary rendition and facial expressions.

While I occasionally see what is on InfoWars, I have been following the Corbett Report , TruthStreamMedia and some others.
Corbett Report often has stories on solutions (e.g. BitChute), and it always cites sources.. Some of the comment section data are useful.

Dem Bruce Lee Styles, you were around that summer of 2008 when NIST had their WTC 7 report and Barry Jennings died the same week.
Here is a brief video which Corbett made at that time which was on 911BLOGGER... http://911blogger.com/news/2008-08-27/nist-wtc7-report-parody-video

Recent Corbett Feature... 5 STARS
Our Leaders Are Psychopaths

WEBSITE - https://www.corbettreport.com/
Corbett Report Channels…
BitChute – https://www.bitchute.com/channel/corbettreport/
Corbett Report YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7TvL4GlQyMBLlUsTrN_C4Q
Corbett Report EXTRAS YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCM6EbmEFrTbrQ_31bUx5h3w

This 5 minute video is what I often use to help educate people about 9/11.

Thanks man!! Will say that am

Thanks man!! Will say that am not keen on the way Infowars and Paul Joseph Watson bash Islam so much - especially considering they know full well the Neo-Cons always wanted everyone to think of Muslims as terrorists - so PJW in particular feeds right into that scapegoating and it's almost like they're amnesiacs forgetting that all of these "radical Islamic attacks" justify an agenda set in motion by 9/11. I mean, do they now think "Muslims" were to blame for 9/11? So yea, I think that's ridiculous of them tbh, but I still appreciate AJ though overall despite a lot of the crap because I do think his heart is in the right place, PJW though has really gone almost too far I think, unfortunate and foolish. In terms of Trump I don't think he's as bad as the media constantly paint him as, there are a lot of problems but he's better than Hillary by miles. Personally I really wanted Bernie to win, but Hillary and the DNC cheated him out of that in a more blatant way I think than when the elections were stolen for Bush twice.

Obviously Corbett Report is way more measured and considered than Infowars, James Corbett is always accurate and never veering off into the kind of stoking of bigotry that Paul Joseph Watson does when he describes himself as being a "contrarian" - i.e. being a disingenuous bigot for web traffic. Corbett Report is excellent.

Am glad you liked the video man anyway lol! Had to make it as soon as I figured out Hillary could be the Alien Queen and Chuck 'Schemer' Schumer, along with Maddow and Paul Ryan could make appearances as well haha! I love the one which won though, has a very cool vibe to it as well as being a lot of hard work. I actually think my one missed the deadline cus was for the Wednesday, but I actually submitted it on the Thursday - couldn't see anywhere the exact deadline so thought might be alright. Doesn't matter really, was good to just get the idea out of my head and on to Youtube, haven't made anything like this for way too long lol!

Also TruthStreamMedia are

Also TruthStreamMedia are brilliant as well - I remember having quite a few email convos with Aaron Dykes years ago when he was at Infowars lol!! He liked the links I mailed them and stuff - plus also I pointed out some "no planes hit the Towers" bullshit on Infowars that they published and he quickly took it down and said it was a mistake haha!!

I too like Aaron and Melissa. Corbett often suggests them.

Dem Bruce Lee Styles, we are singing the same tunes.



Dem Bruce Lee Styles, Your video trumps the $20k winner

Dem Bruce Lee Styles,
Personally, I enjoyed your video so much more than the $20,000 winner at InfoWars.