This Will Be Ugly and Pathetic

9/11 Movie Trailer - in Theaters Sept. 8th - Starring Charlie Sheen & Whoopi Goldberg

From the guy...

That reportedly said Bush was an "absolute gentleman" that "did the best he could with what he was confronted with, and it is beyond anything I can comprehend." One of AJ's buddies.

Go figure. ?



Elevators don't free-fall.

This is Hollywood, starring Hollywood, with Hollywood special effects.

WTC7, however, did free-fall for 2+ seconds.

Therefore if Charlie and Whoopi were trapped inside an elevator inside WTC7 at 5:20 pm on 9/11, they'd experience free-fall because the hoist engine, cables, rails, counterweights and car would be all going down together.

Next stop: Con-Ed substation.

Good Lord

So is this Charlie Sheen's penance for espousing "outrageous conspiracy's concerning the attacks of September the 11th?". Or do you suppose he'll be mentioning NORAD and the ISI during the Press Junket's?

Maybe Bust Buy will sell this along with "Zero Dark Thirty" in an OC Propaganda Pack for $7.99