Jon Gold Corresponds With Shayna Steinger, The Person Responsible For Issuing 12 Visas

The hell with it. This conversation took place 10/24/2014... During my show with Michael Springmann, we brought her up extensively.

I've held out from posting this conversation because I was trying to be nice, but I think it's important enough for everyone to see...

Where it says (alien face) she actually posted a picture of an alien…

Jon Gold:: Hello Ms. Steinger... could you please tell me what in this is incorrect if anything? Thank you for your time.

Shayna Steinger: Jon, the answer is no. It is not true. Among the many unfortunate lessons I learned from how 9/11 was handled by all three branches of government and the media is that perception is reality and whoever gets their story out first Has the most control over what is perceived to be true. I mean seriously, 40% of Americans believe the president is not an American citizen!

Actually I made up the 40% statistic, I understand there are a percentage of people in America who hold the above you which is absurd and certainly not based on any evidence as the evidence is already clear on that matter. But if I say 40%, it could easily get repeated and accepted as true. I think people most people believe the things they hear that confirm their own political views and ignore the rest of the evidence/information that is available.

I was raised with certain beliefs about the world but when I come across clear evidence that counters what I learned growing up or in school I adapt my views accordingly. But it's my job to analyze and interpret and most people probably don't even have The time or the capability to go out there and seek out all sides of any situation so as to best inform themselves. The truth is usually somewhere in the middle.

I am on twitter to share information on promoting efforts too keep WMD, their delivery systems, and related materials out of the hands of non State actors, especially terrorist and criminal organizations.

I normally would not have reached out to you but I don't want you to further spread false information my role in 9/11 in public fora.

Trust no one. (alien face)

The truth is not necessarily out there!


Shayna Steinger: That is "S" not A. Clearly I need to upgrade to an iPhone six as I constantly hit The wrong wrong letters on the squishy keypad. I miss my old BlackBerry I learned to write on the phone with my thumbs -- personally I prefer a tactile keyboard but that technology went the way of Betamax.

Jon Gold: Ms. Steinger, if you could be more specific about what is untrue, instead of treating me as some kind of "conspiracy theorist," it would be greatly appreciated. Did you not issue 11 or 12 visas to the hijackers?

Shayna Steinger: Yes I issue the visa. That is a undeniable fact. Had I done anything nefarious I would be in prison. If you're not going to tell me what this has to do with you or why you are following this issue at this time I would ask that you respect my privacy. Nothing personal.

Jon Gold: With regards to 9/11, there are many people who should have been held accountable, but instead, were rewarded and promoted, so the notion or logic that if you had "done anything nefarious" you would be "in prison" unfortunately doesn't apply to 9/11. I'm not saying you acted "nefariously" when you issued the visas. I'm not saying you belong in prison. I'm just trying to understand what, in those entries, is untrue. I will keep this discussion between you and I.

Jon Gold: The timing of this inquiry has to do with the fact that I recently had a discussion and interview with a former consular official who happened to work at the offices that you did in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Your name, and the public information available about you was brought up in the discussion. Based on public information available on what you did, and on the surface, it seems that at some level, maybe you should have been held accountable for issuing those visas. So again I'm asking, what in those reports are untrue?

No further response…

Here is my show that discusses her with Michael Springmann

Here are all of the available documents from the 9/11 Commission about her

I think...

This is one of the most important posts I've ever made. To automatically treat me as though I'm some kind of "conspiracy theorist" is a "tell" in my book. Not telling me the truth about the entries on the timeline is another. Check out the links in the timeline, they seem pretty verifiable to me (you may have to go to

Her name...

Did NOT appear in the 9/11 Report. Not even in a footnote.


Will show you how important this story is. Here you go. Please be sure to go here. I found a picture of our conversation in FB PM, and found a picture of the alien. Thanks. This was originally just a post on FB. The hell with it was in the original posting...

What about the SS#s

I'd like to know about their Social Security numbers.

Do they get issued as a result of having a valid Visa or was proof of a valid SS# required to apply for the Visa?

Several of the Saudi HJs have impossible SS#s. Numbers never issued by the SSA.


Question mark.

Just so we're clear...

Yesterday, I posted a conversation between me and the person responsible for issuing 12 Visas to 12 of the supposed hijackers. She started out by treating me as if I was some kind of crazy person or "conspiracy theorist," and all I did was post a link to her entries available at and asked what in there was untrue. She told me none of it was true. We spoke some more, and she then admitted to issuing the visas and told me that if she did anything wrong she would have been held accountable for it. I furthered the conversation, and she never spoke to me again. This is a person the 9/11 Commission's Report did not mention one time, not even in the footnotes. Since 9/11, she has been rewarded and promoted. She told two "untruths" to two different committees. Isn't this important? If this woman denied the visas as she SHOULD HAVE DONE because of how horribly they were filled out, 9/11 would never have happened (I don't know if that's true, but if these individuals were somehow involved, there's a pretty good chance it would).

I don't care about "credit." Write your own article if you want...

Someone is inferring that I am a liar and that I have no credibility for posting my conversations with Shayna Steinger. I'm not a liar, I'm telling people the truth about what happened after a significant amount of time (3 years) has passed. In the face of the fact that we may never see this in a court room. I made a decision, hence when I said "the hell with it."

I'm not a liar.

He said I'm doing no different than "them." I'm doing the OPPOSITE of what they do which is classify things for people NEVER to see.

AND... I said that because she wasn't answering me. That was my attempt to get her to respond.

I'm telling THE TRUTH.

Addendum: If someone is using this to paint me as a liar... if she didn't lie to me about the posts on the timeline (they're pretty easy to verify, just click on the links, you might have to go to, if she didn't automatically treat me as some kind of "conspiracy theorist" (something most detractors of this cause do), if the 9/11 Commission mentioned her in their report (which they didn't, not even in the footnotes), if her actions didn't help to bring about the deaths of 2, 977 people... I wouldn't have posted it. Am I somehow less trustworthy than all of those "alternative news" outlets that have completely ignored so many different lies about 9/11? Again, I saved this for 3 years so as to use in a court of law, but that doesn't look like it's going to happen any time soon.

What's this?

“While Saudi Arabia was the Government most active in carrying out the September 11 attacks (I don’t know about that, Jon), the involvement of Saudi Intelligence really means the involvement of a section of the American state apparatus.” - [The Herald (from Zimbabwe, their biggest paper), 9/14/2017]

“If we want the full truth about the situation with Saudi Arabia, NO ONE must be allowed to point a finger at Saudi Arabia for their connections to terrorism, knowing full well how we have enabled them and even collaborated with them, without having 5 fingers pointing back to the United States.” - [Jon Gold, 1/23/2015]

I think we have a clue.