The Fat Bin Laden Confession Video - ? Translation Questioned

James Corbett of the Corbett Report discusses a question about the translation of the “Fat Bin Laden Confession Video”. In his show notes, he provides links to more information about the video and the translation.

Corbett Report Episode with shownotes and links -
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BitChute Link - 25:45 mark -

Complete Bin Laden “confession” video (C-Span) -
Higher quality clip from Bin Laden video (from Moussaoui trial) -
Taking the fat out of the fat bin Laden confession video – pdf -
Corbett Report - Interview 285 – Maher Osseiran -
Corbett Report - Episode 174 – Patriot Mythology -
Original Das Erste report on video translation (GERMAN) -
English translation of Das Erste report -

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Feb 2020 UPDATE - Fat Bin Laden

Broc West (video) and James Corbett recently re-released with updated video work Episode 174 – Patriot Mythology which originally aired February 6, 2011.
Source & References -

Starting at the 19:54 mark of the video, Corbett goes into great detail about the Fat Bin Laden video.
QUEUED video -

Don't miss the earlier parts of the video, where James Corbett discusses such things as a David Rockefeller quote or the JFK Silver Certificate Myth.