Book by Dr. Steven E Jones: 9-11 Research as a Full Professor of Physics

I have recently completed seven books regarding research I have done and my current research efforts. Three of these books are now published and offered to the public.

I wish to call your attention especially to Book 5 which deals with 9-11 Research, described below along with the links to all three books.

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Book 1 (Metal-Catalyzed Fusion)

Book 2 (Challenging Einstein's Theory of Relativity)

Book 5 (9-11 Research as a Full Professor of Physics)

In a series of seven books, Physics Professor Steven E. Jones describes his quest for truth and a search for a novel source of energy to benefit mankind. This fifth book explores his observations and experiments regarding the stunning destruction of three World Trade Center skyscrapers on 9/11/2001d, when only two of the buildings were hit by jets. He questions the "official narrative" and shows strong evidence for the use of explosives on that day.

He provides several of his peer-reviewed published scientific papers on the subject in this book. He also considers the little-known background of what was happening at his university as the research for these papers was being done, and the aftermath following various publications.

Dr. Jones published his first paper in this arena in the Journal of the Utah Academy of Arts and Sciences (April 2006) and he explains how those early results were verified. He describes how, thirteen years later in August 2016, his paper (with co-authors) in EuroPhysicsNews reviews progress in this arena ("15 years later: on the physics of high-rise building collapses").

Dr. Jones writes, “By September 2005, I had accumulated a large body of data regarding the strangely accelerating straight-down collapsing of THREE WTC skyscrapers (World Trade Center buildings 1, 2, and 7) and I analyzed each one carefully. I also sought feedback from my peers at the university – I sought “peer review.” So I organized a colloquium at Brigham Young University (BYU) in a large auditorium room, presenting the physical evidence I had accumulated that the “official story” of the 9/11 disaster was incomplete at best."

Dr. Jones also challenges the "official narrative" regarding why he was placed on "administrative leave" at his university, even though he was a Full Professor of Physics.

Of my three just-published BOOKS, the most read is:

Book 2 (Challenging Einstein's Theory of Relativity)

This surprises me! Also Amazon reports that this book is the (quote): "#1 new release in Relativity Physics"

Note that the pricing I chose reflects the length of the book - this one is the shortest, and that may be a factor.


I outline research that I wish to do in EACH one of my books. My plan is to undertake experiments FIRST in the ONE book that sells the most (in the previous month).


In the book on my 9-11 Research, I provide a lot of new information that I thought would interest many of you.  We'll see!



Meanwhile, our 9-11 paper in EuroPhysicsNews continues

to have high readership = 982,577 reads/views right now. This is by FAR the highest readership of any paper in that influential scientific journal. We should exceed ONE MILLION views this month, if all goes well.

Link is here:
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Of my three books now available on Amazon, the challenging Relativity book is still the top seller, but the 9-11 Research book is a close second.

I appreciate getting the word out - thanks for your help!

Our 9-11 research paper in EuroPhysics News nears 1 MILLION

Our 9-11 research paper in EuroPhysics News is fast approaching 1 MILLION views/reads. The count today (23 September 2019) stands at 997,590 views/reads of the PDF-format paper.
Will this number reach 1 MILLION reads by the end of September? We shall see!

You can access the paper and augment the readership count using this link: