History Commons May Disappear

What is the History Commons?* One of the most important and invisible, useful and unknown websites on the internet — and without better funding, it may disappear from the web. You might not have heard of it, but it’s been used and referenced by an array of well-known investigative authors and journalists, including Glenn Greenwald, Craig Unger, James Ridgeway and Peter Lance; see section at this article’s end. HistoryCommons.org is a documentation & research tool driven by a relational database and public input, with editorial oversight. It’s proof-in-practice of the Mosaic Theory of Intelligence Gathering, but for the public interest, the people, our posterity and future generations. HistoryCommons.org is best known for the Complete 9/11 Timeline, but the site hosts over 30 timeline projects on diverse subjects such as elections, wars and foreign interventions, civil liberties, health care, climate change, and other important domestic and foreign policy issues.
HistoryCommons.org is run by the underfunded, unsung Derek Mitchell of the Center for Grassroots Oversight. No one is paid, current contributions aren’t covering basic maintenance, and the site goes down periodically. A years-planned overhaul and upgrade of the site has not gotten underway due to lack of funds — and fund-raising expertise.

If you care about the History Commons and appreciate its contribution to the world, please donate now at HistoryCommons.org, and/or appeal to others to do so. Spread the word about the History Commons. If you have experience in PR, fund-raising, grant-writing, etc., and can offer your services pro bono, please contact HistoryCommons.org today.

- Read the whole thing and see the list of people who've praised the History Commons:

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Link for donating to History Commons

To make a donation to History Commons, go here: http://www.historycommons.org/donate.jsp


You have problems with the donations page, you can send a payment through PayPal to hacadmin@historycommons.org that will go directly to Derek. Best to send it as a friend so there's no fee.

Washington's Blog...

Sadly Washington's Blog with all its great resources has already disappeared... So it can happen.



Oh no...

:( I am doing my best to maintain my site. I even sent instructions to people I trust on how to maintain it. In case I kick the bucket or something. The work GW did with 9/11 was prolific. Here is the last archive taken of his site. There are many sites that should be archived and put into the Smithsonian as far as I'm concerned. GW's is one of them.