Downtime / Fundraising

Friends, is one of the longest running 9/11/2001 news sites on the net. In Sept of 2024, it will pass the 20 year mark from dz's original site:


It's not going anywhere, but we need a few more monthly donors. Currently, our expenses are $39.00/mo for the 2x servers (the site is split into separate http and a sql servers for reliability) plus $6.00/mo for DNS hosting. Our recurring monthly donations from two long time donors (thank you NL and MM!) currently amount to $19.11/mo.


Please consider becoming a monthly donor. We are $4.89/mo (as of Apr 14) from breaking even.

Running total (as of Apr 14 2022)

Individual donation total: $85.65 (ME, KL, JA, AM, ME, SS)

Recurring donation total: $34.11/mo (NL, MM, AC, DC)

Also, big thanks to MZ for an $80 donation right before this fundraiser started.