Dr. Steven Jones 'Lifting the Fog' Berkeley Lecture Now on Google Video

This is the recording of a live webcast of Steven Jones' presentation from the Lifting the Fog conference held on the campus of UC Berkeley thanks to 911Truth.org

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and they also think every

and they also think every site on the web is run by the CIA (except for theirs of course) -> http://www.breakfornews.com/TheCIAInternetFakes.htm

glad to see Steve get a huge standing ovation at the end, that should bring at least a few dozen new people into 9/11 research.

Why cut out the questions at the end?

You can bet dz would cut out the questions part. (I can't call it a Q & A because Jones had no answers!) They had to stop the questions because Jones was coming unglued. Nearly all of the questions were about the beam weapon article and Jones had no answers. None!

Interesting that Jones tried to explain the toasted cars with thermite. But, does he realize they were at least a half mile away?

What about the pulverization?

Did he explain why the seizmic impact made by the buildings is what you'd expect for 16 and 20 story buildings having the same footprint? Where did the rest of the building go?

i didn't record it, edit it,

i didn't record it, edit it, or post it to the web, so i didn't 'cut out the questions part' (thanks for the insinuation though). it was actually put together by 911tv.org it looks like.

do you have the Q&A? feel free to post a link to it.

I videotaped the Q & A

If you know somewhere I can host it, I can post it. 

register with google and

register with google and upload it to video.google.com.. its pretty easy.. youtube limits to 10 minutes now, but you could go there too.. they both accept most formats.

we need our own youtube

I don't like relying on those fuckers.

I'll upload it and then post it here. 

Q & A



Right on.

The list of "fake truth sites" are really a list of fantastic websites.

infowars, prisonplanet, rense, globalresearch,.ca, larouchepub.com (la rouche is always exposing the evil Fed bankers, I love it), apfn.org (has the book on line "Secrets of the Federal Reserve". ( this is how I came to know about the private federal reserve bankers who are the parasitical organization that has taken all the riches from the rightful owners, the 300 Million Americans.),

So, thanks break for news I will have to check out the other 60 urls on your list. I had did not know about them.
And I will have to beware of any websites that are not on your list.

After having the veil completely removed about "911, the Federal Reserve, Rockefeller, Rothschild, the Pharmaceutical industry, the false war on terror, depleted uranium atomic war we are having in Iraq right now, the desire of the federal reserve bankers to have a one world govt with them at the top and us at the bottom etc.." in the past year I have to thank the websites mentioned above for catalyzing my jump from sheeple to eyes wide open truth info machine.

And the comments on the breakfornews website about us being handled by controllers or that we are intelligence operatives or us having been professional manipulated is the most laughable manipulation I have ever seen with my own two eyes.

Anyone who doubts that breakfornews is a mega psyop bunch of cow manure intelligence operatives please jump into the websites I mentioned above that they have listed as fake websites, the water is fantastically clear.

I would also like to mention rbn radio. Especially Webster Tarpley (world crisis radio) and Dan Abramson (false flag news). You can listen to their archives at


Another link I liked a lot.

Another unbelievable one:

And you thought Buffet was rich.

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not gonna comment on the

not gonna comment on the Jones thing yet, but for reference you sort of can build a nuclear weapon out of houshold materials.
I hope Al Qaeda isn't reading this lol.

Dunne is disinfo on 9/11...through and through.

And Dr. Jones is a wonderful human being who I happen to know personally.

And so is Dr. Fetzer.

Fintan Dunne needs to take his "fog" elsewhere, far from the truth about 9/11.

yes, he is

Is Dunne a planted agent or just an ego freak?

If one were really paranoid, one would suspect that Agent Dunne is attacking Dr. Jones in order to muddy the waters concerning the legitimate questions about Jones...

I'm going to go with Dunne as egofreak for now, though

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Kevin Barrett on CNN

I just saw a short interview with Kevin Barrett on CNN Europe. It was quite short but they didn't demean him. Did anyone else catch that?

yeah, it was on anderson

yeah, it was on anderson cooper.. i heard he would be on about a week ago when CNN visited his office, but unfortunately i didnt find out it was tonight until too late..

hopefully someone will have a copy.

ezra is a skank.

ezra is a skank.

Woot...Go Prof Jones.

Woot...Go Prof Jones.

help me find...

I saw the Jones/Barrett/Ryan presentation recently in Colorado.

One of Ryan's key points was that as of this summer, *NIST abandoned their pancake theory* in favor of a smorgasbord theory of alleged reasons for the WTC collapses.

I hadn't heard this before, or seen it publicized etc. Can someone point me to an article from a good (idealy MSM) source which tells of this rather dramatic NIST theory change?

It would be really useful for those messageboard debates where the 911 OCT believer/shills are still busily promoting whatever NIST says... :)

Way OT, but while I'm asking,

WRT Popular Mechanics' Ben Chertoff, alleged by journalist Christopher Bollyn to be cousin of DHS head Michael Chertoff, I saw a reference today to wikipedia entry on Ben where he personally repeatedly denied being related:


I hadn't seen this either. What do we make of this denial? Should we abandon that claim, when debunking PM's credibility wrt 911?

In the 9/06 PM article by Jim Meigs, they coyly acknowledge the "possibility" that Ben and Michael are related, then go on to discount the relevance of the matter:
(skip down to the section entitled "Guilt by Association")

Is the " The Hidden Hand Of The CIA, 911 And Popular Mechanics" story by Bollyn still unimpeached?

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pssst-- sources puleeeze

not substantiating your smears on Bollyn makes them ring pretty hollow... say, did you used to post as "Shalom" our former resident ADL/Mossad whip? LOL

Really, point us to something **BY BOLLYN** which is "neo-Nazi" or "white supremacist".... and if your source is dubious somehow, please clarify what part we should focus on, and why we should conclude as your smears suggest.

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CIA promotes jihad

Do you really believe what you are saying about people here supporting Osama bin Ladin? Osama was a CIA asset until the day he died. Islamism is a geolpolitical tool for the sick fucks in this country's intelligence apparatus.

The website you link to shows that Bollyn writes for a publication that is associated with neo-Nazis. That's not good. I wouldn't cite to Bollyn, because I do not think his stories are very relevant, but the website you link to does not refute his reporting, it just criticizes some theories he has supported.

LOL, as expected,

you post nothing written by Bollyn substantiating your smears on him, only a hokey link which says he writes for AFP, and since evidently ADL/Mossad don't like AFP, therefore Bollyn is a neo-nazi white supremacist. You Zionists have gotten so full of hubris, so sloppy in abusing your engineered memes and hollow smears, people just laugh at them nowadays... lol.

I agree, Bollyn is off limits!

Christopher's beating should affect all of us very deeply. I consider him one of the first casualties in the neocon's war on Truth, and it's no laughing matter.

You will often hear me asserting some fairly tounge-n-cheek comments, as I try to use exaggeration and lame jabs to drive my points home. And I'll accept the view that this is a poor way to hide my literary incompetency, especially as compared to most of you here.

Still, I deplore you to account for any less than 300,000,000 reasons why we must defend every American's right to engage in a jolly good rant, even if means calling a despicable piece of trash like Henry Kissinger, a goddamn fascist-jew!

In the spirit of true 'democracy,' we also must acknowledge the remarkable spiritual healing-effects of offering those who we may unjustly 'slander,' the EQUAL right to issue any defensive rebuttals they may choose to use! This seems central to our (sic) Judeao-Christian American 'ethos.'

-Capiche, Comrade?

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9/11-DENIAL (not just a river in Egypt)

As long as we're having fun smearing everyone in sight with hollow, unsubstantiated & deliberately misleading engineered memes like "Holocaust DENIER" (rather than the plainly more accurate "REVISIONIST"), let's propagate the same BS meme logic to all the 9/11 Revisionists in the 911blogger community, and call ourselves 9/11 DENIERS (and throw in some additional BS about the shame of our degrading the memories of the victims, their families, their pets, yada yada).

I don't suppose you're going to produce any Bollyn material where he's demonstrably **DENYING** the Holocause (TM) either, correct?

Seriously, what would you Zionofascists do all day if you couldn't go around puffing up your make-believe "perpetual victimhood"?? Remind anyone here of how every American was the "victim of Islamofascists" on 9/11, justifying whatever unprovoked attrocities against Israel's enemies we wish to commit, coz "WE'RE ALL VICTIMS, REMEMBER?!?

DENIER is more accurate in

DENIER is more accurate in the case of the Holocaust, because those who try to revise the holocaust out of history have to deny reality.

(9/11) DENIER is more

(9/11) DENIER is more accurate in the case of (9/11), because those who try to revise (9/11) "out of history" have to deny (the official CorpGuv/Hollywood version of) reality.

(Hey! this twisting of logic, and of the English language, IS FUN!! Who's next??)

Hey guys don't take me so

Hey guys don't take me so seriously! You know I'm on the payroll of the FBI. Lighten up!

Ps.: How to piss-off a mole, Part II

Fentan really went off the deep end a few years ago. He appears to have been lackidazical in properly constructing, (or even completely forgot) to wear his tin-foil hat. Thank God, he went to the next-level, mon! -Silly poofter!

Ordinarily, I do support the Irish, but even this appears to offend him too. It's like I go out of my way in London, to explain every conceivable glorious reason why the bloody Poms need to go there and kiss the Blarney stone, just as to make them really appreciate a 'true' American geo-political overview.

But the most fun I've had in pissing-off the remaining Europeans, is by howling aloud about the absurdity of lies surrounding WWII. Even the Brits, and certainly the Aussies get the irony in the way that Germany has borne the weight of the lies perpetrated, solely to discredit (and/or exponge) the Jews.

Shall I go on...?

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Godwin's Law


"smooth move ex-lax"?

"smooth move ex-lax"? christ, that's such a lame come back.. but please keep wasting your time here.. it's funny shit to see morons like you trying to be witty.

I think holocaust revisionism is valid

I've seen a video about auschwitz, done by a Jewish fellow where he took the tour. It's alleged the place kiled over a million people which seems hard to believe, and hard to back up because aparently all the evidence is gone too. I think it's valid but that holocaust revisionism has no place even being associated with the movment because of how that instnatly stigmatizes it. I don't know why these topics are so taboo as to require a fanatical belief in the official claim.
Let me reiterate.
Holocaust and 9/11 denial are lumped together to try and disvalidate 9/11 truther's claims. They have nothing in common with one another. Critique the evidence of the event or go home.

It's not the kind of thing you'd expect a valid 9/11 researcher

to start posting threads about on the Loose Change forum, that's for sure.

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I wouldn't be suprised if it was you who posted it


Godwin's Law...


Ben Chertoff/ PM radio show

I went and listened to the PM radio show which the wiki entry on Ben Chertoff points to, alleging,

"Chertoff has been accused of bias in the 9/11: Debunking The Myths story by conspiracy theorists, arguing that he is the cousin of Department of Homeland Security secretary Michael Chertoff. [3] However, Chertoff has repeatedly denied this claim, most notably in the September 11, 2006 issue of U.S. News and World Reports, stating "no one in my family has ever met anyone related to Michael Chertoff"[4] and in an audio interview where he notes any possible relationship would likely only be found back in "19th century Belarus."[5]"

Advance to 1 hour 4 mins into THIS PM RADIO BROADCAST where they begin to address the matter, and you hear the same coy, non-commital bobbing and weaving around the issue as we saw in the recent PM article by Meigs.

Listen to it yourself, but short version is, it appears safe to assume BEN & MICHAEL CHERTOFF ARE COUSINS.

the 'pancake theory' was

the 'pancake theory' was aspoused by FEMA, the NIST report never advocated the 'pancake theory'.. i believe their report is sumarized by the 'truss failure theory'.. then there was a silverstein study which aspoused a 'column failure theory'..

i may be off, but i think that is right.. ryan went over the different 'investigations' in his presentation in chicago, which you can watch here:

or here:


hope that helps

Anyone catch Barrett on

Anyone catch Barrett on Anderson Cooper tonight?

Can somebody tell me

what the hell is going on at st911.org???!! These are scholars acting like a bunch of babies calling each other names and crap! Has hell frozen over? Somebody pinch me.

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I'm calling bullshit on your

I'm calling bullshit on your post. Your so obvious. But go ahead and try to back up any of the claims you made ...

When are you going to get it? Truth...

is not subject to the whims of man.

And truth always comes out in the end.

9/11 was an inside job, and this is why we need a new, truly independent 9/11 investigation, this time a real one. The killers have not been apprehended nor justice been served yet.

There were explosions in the sub-basements of WTC1 before the plane hit, experienced by many eyewitnesses. This denotes coverup and complicity by terrorists still unknown. Who caused those explosions?

mockingbirds and shills

are out in force. Seeking to sow discord, distraction and self-doubt. Even to suggesting treason on the parts of those who would question and engage in dissent against our "war on terror' -fighting government (which promulgates the 'war on terror' meme simply to control the populace). So we're traitors, eh? What nonsense. In any case, according to the Military Commissions Act, I suppose I AM an 'enemy combatant' insofar as that label now can be applied by the Executive Branch to any who criticize BushCo. Golly, I guess that well over 60% of Americans are now 'enemy combatants'...... With majorities in many polls also questioning the government's role in 9/11. Gee, I guess all of us must be friends of OBL too.

The truth movement is only gaining momentum. And as J G has stated elsewhere, the movement is more important than any single member or set of members. And it has taken on a grass-roots aspect that supercedes and is independent of comments on these or other blogs. Even in my little Bible-belt part of the world more and more people are expressing suspicions that 9/11 was an inside job independ of our local truthers' efforts to spread the truth...... efforts that have also been and continue to be successful. ...... I bet the shills will now refer to those of us working for 9/11 truth out in the countryside as 'terror cells'.... particularly since Homeland Security (the Fatherland's Gestapo) sent instructions to local police departments to make note of locals who express dissent....

"There are none so hoplessly enslaved as those who falsely believe they are free" (Goethe)..... a paraphrase from V: Cast aside the illusions. Only when you are finally hopeless can you truly be free.

JFK's murder

I know this is off topic but it needs to be said since yesterday was the anniversary of JFK's murder............Like everyone else I remember exactly what I was doing when our last "Real" president was murdered in the streets of Dallas on 11/22/63. I was running blueprints in the drafting department of a steel company in San Francisco. I was 21 at the time and like most Americans I loved JFK. He made me proud to be an American. His murder shook me to the core. I ran from the drafting department to my car to listen to the radio. I remember when they announced he was dead I sobbed like a baby. It seemed like everyone was crying. The following years I read everything I could about the murder. I knew from the time Ruby shot Oswald it was an inside job. Our country has never been the same since that horrible day. I believe that was the day the "Shadow Government" took control. This country has gone to the dogs since. Thank God 9/11 happened because now people are starting to wake up to the fact that the country is being run by gangsters backed by the world bankers. Don't get me wrong though. My heart goes out for the victims of 9/11. That is why I became a 9/11 truther but 9/11 will be the Bush Crime Family and the world bankers downfall. Trust me on that one. Every dog has his day and our day is close at hand. Finally we will have world peace. Have a happy Thanksgiving everyone. We have much to be grateful for.

JFK & RFK were not nearly corrupt nor evil enough for their

fellow politicians & the world bankers. That's why they were murdered by the same types of diabolical, greedy liars that are in office today (some are even blood relatives)!

That whole Oswald/Ruby, magic-bullet stage show was as preposterous as the 9/11 "official story."

JFK/RFK killed by Israel

See Michael Piper Collins, Final Judgment. This latest thing about the CIA killing RFK is the JewsNews smokescreen. Israel did it. See also Salvador Astucia's book, Opium Lords.

It's Time to Re-Open the

It's Time to Re-Open the Investigation of RFK and JFK Assassinations
Baltimore Chronicle
Thursday, November 23, 2006

Planning to write a film script about the case, Shane O’Sullivan, an independent researcher, investigated the assassination of RFK. But, O’Sullivan found much more than he had hoped.
On Monday night, the BBC broadcast O’Sullivan’s report on their high-profile programme, "Newsnight." O’Sullivan’s findings shocked many people. Working through an exhaustive analysis of videotapes made at the Ambassador Hotel on the night of RFK’s assassination, O’Sullivan identified three figures as former agents of the CIA. Two of the agents O’Sullivan identified could be seen moving away from the hotel pantry shortly after the shooting of RFK.
While O’Sullivan is calling for a re-opening of the case of RFK, it is only reasonable to re-open JFK’s case, as well.


You might want to ask yourself if you have watched this video.

If you haven't, you should.


Afterwards, you will thank me. :)

To download Jones' talk...

Prof. Jones' talk can also be downloaded from


in various file sizes, along with other conference presentations. Spread the word!!!

Do you know if those segments

on archive.org include the Q & A sessions?

If so, I won't bother uploading mine.


Yes, there are about 7 minutes of questions at the end, and then the session ends.

Nancy Pelosi: Zionist Whore

Hey Ezra

Shouldn't you be ranting about the North American Union, Our undefended borders, and the bill of rights being destroyed? I would think you would embrace anything that attacks the current administration, they are hardly friends of the John Birch Society.

"Lifting the fog"

*Clinical studies reveal that the leading neurological disorders which commonly appear in " 911-deniers," are caused by; Aspertaime, MSG, Lead and heavy metals poisoning, to name a few. The vast majority of these ding-bats are simply not getting enough oxygen to the brain. If you feel you may be experiencing these symptoms, or know someone suffering from advanced 9/11-denial, you really need to consider visiting your local Whole Foods -supplier, and begin to understand the keys to increasing your metabiological processes which can lead to better mental clarity.


It wasn't much more than an hour after I watched the re-plays of the first hit, when I realized that I would soon be fighting the greatest battle of my life.

The biggest 'clue,' by that point, was the absurdity of the camerawork itself. Having been over my story numerous times here, I won't repeat it now. What stands out about this footage is the timing of the up-links, since I know of no means by which these affiliates could have leaped into gear so quickly, without advance guidance. I say; we must not ask why did #7 fall, because --everyone knew the building was conceived as in-fill, DURING the original discussions about "Total property re-development," but; Why didn't Naudet re-focus?

Of course, very few people saw anything approaching the accuracy of detail that was available to me that morning. I was using '4DTV' with an 8' Uniden dish that was spot-on focus, plus the knowledge to tune-in on the direct Network back-hauls. I didn't bother loading my VCR, (to tape over a pre-recorded movie,) as I knew this would be an inferior image, plus we didn't know that the Networks were already onboard to participate in the greatest scam in history. I did see TWO things which have eluded nearly everyone, to date. The first was this highly unlikely (in fact absolutely impossible) response from this guy Naudet.

Observing a plane hitting a building is a serious event. And I don't care if you are a seasoned Basketball, or Football, 'action' -shooter, you are going to respond ONLY ONE WAY, especially as is the Naudet's claim; "WHEN COMPILING MATERIAL FOR A DOCUMENTARY."

The natural response is to LEAP for the focus-ring, which he does not do, ever. It's truly a comic-moment, as if the camera is operated by someone who's talking on their cell phone, completely unaware of their camera's capabilities, let alone what they have just witnessed. Making matters worse, he zooms, and un-zooms purely to confuse us. What he does not do, is begin immediately to streak-in for the money-shot!

You are not aware that the second-hit was available only up until 11:40am on the back-haul, and the fact that they had pulled it was, for me, a full confirmation of foul-play. This was one of the most crisply-focused images I have ever seen on TV. Here, they were CLEARLY showing the zero-resistance/ zero splash-back character of the 'plane'. There is no verification for my original claim, but I would have sworn this image was shot in HD on a studio camera, positioned around Gold St., NOT the B'klyn Bridge shot we saw ad infinitum. I became well aware of a discrepancy in the match-point of the Woolworth Building's position, but again nothing surfaced from the day's replays. Equally unfounded, (but potentially significant,) is Nico's assertion of 'foul-play,' at the 'Westcam' helicopter position. There is more there than meets his eyes, particularly if you've ever tried to shoot the Towers from atop the Bridge itself, as they appeared to do. Yes, there are a couple of viable alt. access-points that would be instantly available to a News crew. No they are not the logical 'first picks,' such as the Watchtower Buildings, or the Grand Hotel atop the hill. Immediately to the North of the rampway pilons, there is an 8-story structure that was both suitable, and non-suspect. Doubtless, nobody has approached ANY building supers to check WHO was shooting from where that day.

Here is what let's do-

Here is how to do the exact opposite of what the bs artists want you to do.
1. Find a basic informational brochure about 911. (I prefer the ones at http://911research.wtc7.net/)
2. Print like 9 or 11 of em out.
3. Go to a place like a community college or rich neighborhood shopping mall.
4. Give them to people you see walking. Look them in the eye and say-‘here is something that you need to know about’
5. Smile and be of good spirit knowing that you are saving the country.

DVD available of Steven Jones Berkeley lecture

the DVD of this lecture, including Q&A, is available from 911TV. to get a copy, email 911TV1@gmail.com till we get it up on our site at www.911TV.org. the webcast encoder was started and stopped by a computer. when we started late and steve went overtime, the Q&A got clipped from the webcast, but it is all on the DVD. also available are the DVDs of the rest of the Lifting the Fog event. --911TV

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