Actress Janeane Garofalo Blurts '9/11 Was an Inside Job' on Conan O'Brien


Wouldn't mind a date with Ms. Garafalo.

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She's rather average physically, but her personality makes her QUITE sexy. Those tattoos don't hurt either! This is an awesome development. We're close people. When something like this happens, don't get complacent, PUSH HARDER!!!!!!

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i love Janeane Garofalo. you

i love Janeane Garofalo. you just know she wants to come out stronger for 9/11 truth. come on baby, fuck those Disney movies, i know they pay well but this is more important.....

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As long as its not Fluffy


I knew she was on board...I just wish she wasn't so frickin MIA for so long!


That puppy thing.... Hmm.. I don't know. Not very credible for a statement. Should'nt be in front page.

You can't hide a lie for long. Truth shall come out.

Thank You Janeane !!

It takes GUTS to do what Janeane did, even if it's slightly masked by a cover story...You can hear the fear in her voice when she says IT, but luckily the audience was cool about it and the word got out.

I Agree

You can hear the fear in her voice (it is a bit shaky), but she was determined to say it and tried her best to make it sound as innocuous as possible with the "puppy" cover. Conan certainly steered clear, didn't he?

I'm glad she said it.

If you listen - the audience

If you listen - the audience didn't know how to react to the "911 was an inside job" (she focused her attention to the silence), she had to follow with the "bush" line to get a reaction.

That took guts.

She was doing a bit.......

She was careful to maintain plausible deniability with the puppy crap.

Forget the tats and other fuexhemian affects -- she is a woman who has been made very rich by corporations. She continues to make lots of money working for corporations. She is not going to upset that gravy train by standing up for the whole truth.

Thanks JG!


JG was great on the Sam Seder show.

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I agree

that she sounded a little shaky... And, to me, that sounds like she wanted to say it but had the quick follow-up of "GB is the worst pres..." to get an audience reaction to ease the tension a little. She's smart to get the idea out to a huge national audience and still not get hammered.

I remember during her show

I remember during her show on Air America that she said she does not do the internet (never). If that is true she remains very informed the old fashioned way. Eventually it will be very hip to come out for 911 truth.
We will remember those who did it when it was scary.

she did it on purpose, right?

she's a smart cookie, figured she was in front a few million folks, talkin about a puppy, and BOOM, she tells the world that 9/11 was an inside job and that GWB is the worst president ever. Nice job kid, ur 15 min are probably up, but u you used them wisely.

Her 15 minutes are not up.

Her 15 minutes are not up. People have to hear something about 5 or more times before they believe it. She just lowered the bar for lots of people.

Miles, furriest member of Columbus 9/11 Truth, supports Janeane!

What is Conan's email address?

I'd like to offer him a comical sketch suggestion.

Found these...

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