McCain Loses It and Flees After 9/11 Truth Questions

Jones Report has the goods.

[GW's note: I like this comment by Michael Rivero of What Really Happened: "This is how to get through to them, folks. Politicians cannot campaign for office without meeting the public, and if you go to every public meeting and GET IN THEIR FACES about the lies, sooner or later they will realize that the hoaxes no longer work."]

Republican presidential candidate John McCain was literally overwhelmed by reporters from and seeking 9/11 truth during a campaign stop.

McCain, who wrote the forward to Popular Mechanics' Debunking 9/11 Myths, repeatedly told reporters, "I do not support a new investigation" and stated that he believes the "9/11 Commission did a good job."

But other reporters continued to hammer the complicit senator with further questions and demands for a new 9/11 investigation. Seemingly frustrated that he could not simply brush off 9/11 truthers, McCain retreated to his SUV where he entertained questions from the mainstream media only.

Staff members attempted to take away a bullhorn and remove alternative media from the site, but backed off at warnings not to assault the reporters or stifle the first amendment.

Reporters cited hundreds of witnesses, including police officers, firefighters and former janitor William Rodriguez, who all reported hearing bombs go off in the lower levels of the WTC towers-- accounts that contradict the basic findings of the 9/11 Commission.

McCain flatly told reporters that he did not support a new investigation and claimed to have "additional information," stating that he did not believe there was a cover-up.

If such settling "additional information" indeed exists, John McCain has an obligation to share it-- though the mere fact that he has withheld information about 9/11 from the public seems to directly point to a cover-up.

Reporters also asked McCain about links with Ed Failor of Iowans for Tax Relief who hosted the recent televised forum for Republican presidential candidates and expressly left out Congressman Ron Paul. John McCain admitted that Ed Failor was a paid staff member working for his campaign.

McCain wrote in Debunking 9/11 Myths, "Blaming some conspiracy within our government for the horrific attacks of September 11 mars the memories of all those lost on that day."

Yet when reporters emphasized the fact that it is family members of 9/11 victims who want a new investigation, McCain merely walks away.

holy shit, that was Carl

holy shit, that was Carl Cameron of Fox News-Isreali spy ring-9/11 story fame at the beginning!(at the 2:05 mark) you should have asked him why hes still sitting on that story after promising a follow-up. still, great job you guys. i LOVE seeing McCain sweat.

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media." ~ William Colby, Former Director, CIA

Are you a victim of mind control?

That was amazing.
That question to McCain on the way in must have put him off his game but the courageous badgering by Truthers is definitely going to make him lose sleep.
Great job guys.


The best line in this video is at the very end when the guy on the sound system responds to a McCain follower, and says "my father's cousin was a firefighter on 9/11."
In the midst of the pain of this tragedy, to see the victims' relatives muster the courage to confront the power elite head on, is sobering, to say the least.
This is intense. The gloves have been taken off. The cry for justice is overwhelming.

Those WeAreChange guys are

Those WeAreChange guys are awesome.

McCain scares me...did you

McCain scares me...did you see him fuddling about in his speech and just repeating that they wanna kill everything?
What about the beginning of his speech when he says "I believe in Islamic terrorism."
Thanks for making that clear, John.

Yes, I believe he said

Well what about some proof, why should anyone care what this man BELIEVES.
The manipulation gets more obvious every day...

Juan McCain

makes me sick

We Are Change ..

has balls. And is an inspiration to the movement. Keep up the good work people.

Truth Will Prevail


WeAreChange=TRUE American Heros!!!!!
The Eleventh Day of Every Month


Awesome job guys!!! This was amazing. As I was watching this confrontation, I realized the impact that truth squads are having. This type of action is going to have a serious impact on the political stratosphere. If we keep on these bastards they will eventually have to face reality and answer our questions. This technique is our door to the truth. WeAreChange has so much respect from me. Keep on keepin on fellas... GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!

great work

that was sick. Two questions though.

1. During the video someone mentions the percentage of the victim's families that are supporting a new investigation, but I didn't catch it. Does anyone know what the exact, actual percentage is? And maybe a source?

2. In response to the question about the law allowing for an income tax, he mentions a supreme court ruling that determined the tax to be legal. Anyone know what ruling that was?


We are change...

We are change rocks!

You guys kick ass!

Make them account for the lies. Very inspiring stuff.

“We're an empire now, and when we act we create our own reality."


Ha ha ha ha!!! Relentless. I love those guys. McCain HAD to be sweating. I love Luke scolding the McCain goon "don't you touch me" in the street. Too good man too good.

Its too hard to hear the conversations.

I would say I liked this video, had it not been difficult to understand what was being said due to an annoying heavy metal soundtrack playing during the conversations. It was a struggle to understand. But good job confronting that hackle back John McCain

I didn't understand why the

I didn't understand why the heavy metal was in there either.
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Simply fantastic! Possibly

Simply fantastic! Possibly the best We Are Change video I've seen!

Justin A. Martell

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Vote this Video UP!!

Go to Google Video and vote this video five stars and leave positive comments. I also took the motivating step today and dropped off a bunch of DVD's at my local firestation. Very nerve racking but felt damn good all day about it. Keep up the pressure. We got the numbers. And I love that they can't go on their fake ass campaign stops without being confronted with the questions of 9/11. Peace, Love, and Kick Ass Action!!

Great job!

That's the way you do it guys! Fantastic! When can we see Hillary and Gouliani, and Romney confronted?

A Good Point For Next Time.


By the way, a good point to raise next time would be Bush's 'Harken Energy' company being funded by a brother of Osama Bin Laden.

We Are Change

It was a pleasure to goto New Hamsphire with these fine gentlemen. I will never forget the experience I had nor the like minded individuals I met on the way. Check out thid videos from Ed & Elaines right after McCain's speech.

Along with this article written by Jack Blood:

It's easy, find out where these people are having speaking engagements and ask them tough questions.

I felt proud to stand by Luke, Mike, Jon Paul & Matt. Those guys are working around the clock, giving up their normal daily lives for the cause. Not to mention the countless others at Ed Brown's house who stood up. stood tall, and didn't let the thugs get in the way of having a kick ass show for FREEDOM!

See you in NYC for 9/11/07. Bring a friend, this is gonna be BIG.


Really loved watching this! GREAT WORK!

Great Video Great action

Great Video again!......But again why do the video-makers always feel the need to cover it with some annoying music?

Great work, the truth does hurt these people.....

Webster is very proud of you. Thanks for showing us all what a 'truth sqaud' can do.

Adding the Bullhorn.... the Truth Squad formula of multiple questioners documented by camera people, is a nice touch....let's make it a standard component....

Maybe someone always having a cheap portable DVD player with the video of WTC7 imploding on it, to show the candidate or anyone else who is at these events but still unaware, might be a good idea as well. I bet you'd get more than a few curious attendees to come over an have a look.....and, we all know what happens after that.....

I also really like the ramping up of the outrage as witnessed in both this and the Susan Davis confrontation. Just perfectly relentless.....

9/11 Truth is the Real Peace Movement




Great job. Keep it up. We're getting close now. 6 to 9 months, and we should be main stream. PUSH HARDER!!!!!
"Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without." - Buddha
"What you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it." - Gandhi
"The Sun never shined on a cause of greater worth." - Thomas Paine

That speech by McCain......

How can those zombies in the audience sit there and take that speech by McCain?

Can't they tell from his body language and speech-delivery that he's lying through his teeth?..........not to mention the fact that the actual words spewing from his mouth make NO sense - EVEN if you haven't been studying the truth !!!!

That audience is proof that most Americans are drugged-down and mind-numb as a result.

I like the old man toward the end of the video outside shaking his head in disbelief at the bull-horning. Can you imagine having to sit down and reason with with that piece of NeoCon filth?

They can't explain the Mineta Testimony:

Ron Paul explains position on 9/11 on FMNN's Pat Gorman Show - 6-21-07:

The power of fear.

"How can those zombies in the audience sit there and take that speech by McCain?"
Because they are afraid, very very afraid.
And like helpless insecure children they feel reassured by the tough talk of an authoritative figure.
Unfortunately for them their hero had his deceptive tough image deflated by genuine heroes armed with nothing but Truth and Courage.

i agree

The confrontations will be just as effective if not more so without music throughout them. Nothing wrong with some intro music, but i tend to agree that it detracts when played throughout. The audio is sometimes difficult to hear. I love it all tho regardless. Great work. =) =)


that was incredible. Mccain's rhetoric is intolerable to listen to and I am so happy they destroyed his little rally. AND they called him out on being treasonous. So great. I need to invest in a bullhorn immediately.

"I will not withdraw from this war even if Laura and Barney are the only ones supporting me." -George W. Bush