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Some time ago, someone here brought up the suggestion of a new poll to see where the American people are regarding the issue of 9/11. did a fine job of this in the past and they are planning on conducting another one. Here is some of the communication they have made recently regarding this effort...

"It is definitely time for a new national poll, and is preparing questions now to begin negotiations with a legitimate, respected polling organization. If you can contribute to this effort, which costs $1,000 per question plus $500-1000 for their professional analysis, please contribute ASAP. Please earmark your donation for the poll." -- 911Truth newsletter (7/18/07)

"We're working on the questions and will plan to be negotiating with them tomorrow!!" (7/18/07)

Last Question Suggestion

Q. Can jumbo-jets demolish skyscrapers?

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Are you satisfied with the

Are you satisfied with the official account of the events of 9/11 as stated in the 9/11 Commission Report and other pertinent documents and testimony that have been made public?

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Given that the majority of 9/11 family members' were not satisfied with the 9/11 Commission, would you support a new investigation into the attacks?

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