The Good v/s Evil crap

As reported by the WeAreChange heroes, we hear Republican presidential candidate John McCain being offensive and hate mongering.

Notice how McCain drums up the old song of global war based on synthetic false flag terror.
Same old Good v/s Evil crap which we have heard since 911:

McCain says:
"Al Qaeda has made it a part of their global effort to destroy everything we stand for"
"I believe the greatest challenge of the 21st century is that of radical Islamic extremism."
"I believe it is there"
"I believe it is all over the world"
"I believe it is a stuggle between Good and Evil"
"Everything we value and believe in versus everything that is evil..."

To put these words in perspective, I post a video message of friendshp from the Iraqi resistance to the people of America. The message is not new but it is a surprising plea in the context of the Good and Evil speak.

Clearly stated, it is a call for understanding and change rather than a threat of attack within the USA homeland (which Intelligence Esimates, McCain, and the others would have us believe has always been their intent). Of course any such attack on American soil would only serve the Bush agenda.

I found the clips on And since the clips are relevent to McCain and other discussions such as Bush like Hitler, and the dangers of a new false flag attack, I have posted the clips here as a separate blog rather than a comment.

Part one:

Part two: