The Left is Starting to Wake Up

The left is starting to wake up, slowly.

For example, popular gatekeeping sites Digg and Daily Kos have run the following front-page stories in the last couple of days:

- Paul Craig Roberts warns that U.S. might use false flag terror to push its policies (Daily Kos and Digg)

- Bush has just signed an executive order allowing the property to be taken away from anyone who protests the Iraq war (Daily Kos and Digg)

- The "new" Bin Laden video is actually 5 years old (Digg only)

9/11 is still largely a taboo subject on left gatekeeping sites. But they are SLOWLY waking up to reality.

The million dollar question, of course, is whether the left will wake up faster than the Neocons can do new, bad things, like carry out another false flag attack.


Thanks for the heads up and the link. Makes it easy for those who are in a pinch.

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Great News.

And all the more reason to keep Pushing...

Building Momentum.

I've also noticed that is allowing more and more commenting on 9/11 related topics (as long as they are not too overt) I take this as good news and I think Mikey Chertoff's "gut feeling" comment opened the door to a lot of this speculation. Of course's blog has been open to discussion of 9/11 as long as I've been there. Let's keep rolling on these guys. Peace.

Education is the key.

Thom Hartmann had Paul Craig Roberts on today

Thom Hartmann Program (not a gatekeeper, but not as up front on 9/11 truth as, say, Mike malloy or "Lionel" , etc.) just did a long interview with Paul Craig Roberts. (The Ipod of that hour is now up at KPOJ radio.). Also a full 3 hour program on 9/11 truth debate is still promised on the Thom Hartmann Program..

By the way, is the new Air America host Lionel still allowing outspoken 9/11 discussion, as he was before he came to Air America? He is not on in my area.

911 Truth Ends War

A Must Hear....

...for EVERYONE.....

I agree with everything PCR said....(unfortunately that includes the apathy by the American public....we are far cry as a people from the Vietnam era)

It's time to talk about an income tax boycott and boycotts on corporations' products. It sounds like a boycott of the military (except for the Blackwaters and the citizenship-hungry illegals) is already happening (although a post-10/12 draft will take care of that).

9/11 Truth is the Real Peace Movement

YOU ALL can post on DailyKos

Haven't the stories been on the front pages because they received so many recommends from the readers?

Kia Ora, who wrote the diary about PCR on DaikyKos, got banned because of it.

But anyone can join DK and post a diary. I wrote several until I got banned. Some others did the same.

I suggest that any of you who have not yet posted on DK register there and start posting NOW!

A friend of mine has been banned from 3 times...

Each time he restarts his router so that he gets a new IP address, clears his web cookies and sets up a new account with a different email address. Actually he has extra email accounts in reserve.

Markos seems to be a CIA asset:


Maybe I'm lost here but .....

..... can someone explain to me how that bill relates to "protestors". I read it like 4 times, it does mention violence, and hindering progress, but really if you are arrested for "hindering progress" then that is just a difference of opinion. Just a ?, any thoughts?

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You do yourself an injustice

re: "Bush has just signed an executive order allowing the property to be taken away from anyone who protests the Iraq war"

By interpreting the EO in such an extremely broad and specious manner, to the point where you have indulged in an at least one obvious logical fallacy, if not more than one. (mix and match)

Again, get a grip, people. (you are making yourself, and us, look bad by this type of behavior)

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