A Call to do our Constitutional Duties and Initiate Treason Trials by Discharging Misprision of Treason

A Call to do our Constitutional Duties and Initiate Treason Trials by Discharging Misprision of Treason

Congress is so deeply ensnared in meaningless political maneuvering and complicit, cowardly silence around things that matter that Reverend King would declare the soul that inhabits the Capitol Building in the outright throes of death. But we must and do remember, I think, that the Congress is but a shadow of the real sovereign power of this Constitutional Republic, We the People, and more specifically and accurately, You and I the Persons. Individual Human Beings "endowed by their Creator with inherent and inalienable rights" are the fundament of legitimate power under our form of government. But, as we know, along with rights come responsibilities.

Everybody reading this site, I imagine, (except for agents, provocateurs and the willfully ignorant) have pragmatically, intellectually and spiritually begun to discharge their duties of reporting and remedying the unpunished treasonous acts of which we have knowledge. However, I doubt there are many of us who have actually fulfilled our legally-binding, constitutional obligations specifically outlined by the concept of '"Misprision of Treason." I know I haven't. From wikipedia: "In the United States, misprision of treason is a federal offense, committed where someone who has knowledge of the commission of any treason against the United States, does not inform the President, a federal judge or state Governor or judge (18 U.S.C. § 2382). It is punishable by a fine and up to 7 years in prison."
Full entry @ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Misprision_of_treason

Treason trials are the logical strategy for pulling the plug on this Junta, having them rat out their Controllers and exposing the full-on complicity of the Corporatist Media. For the national impeachment movement, it could be considered the side door to impeachment, being that a conviction of treason automatically results in impeachment. In the case of 9-11 Truth and Justice I'd say it is more like the front door of walking in and calling a spade a spade. In addition to complicity in the attacks and cover-up of 9-11, there are multiple instances of treason by this administration and I think Jon Gold is right in saying that the quickest (and most proper I might add) route to 9-11 Truth and Justice is straight through the White House. And the most direct route to the White House, in my non-expert opinion is through Article III Section 3 of the Constitution. Treason was given its own section in outlining the powers of the judiciary branch. Partially, this was to limit and specify its scope so it couldn’t be abused for political ends as it was in England. However, it also appears that it is its own creature of law, being that you are supposed to tell the President if you become aware of it. I wonder if the ‘Dictator in Chief’ would hold himself and his own VP accountable. Probably not. Luckily, we are also supposed to tell Federal and/or state judges.

The way I envision this to work is to make it a synergistic combination of legal maneuvering, organized citizen activism and savvy media campaigning. If hundreds or thousands of citizens around the country were to present evidence of treason in the White House to hundreds or thousands of different judges around the country, especially on the same day or the same week, something good might happen quickly.

In terms of what exact acts to point out from the numerous examples of bad faith by this administration which meet the criteria of treason, tightly defined as “levying War against [the United States] or adhering to their Enemies, giving them aid and comfort,”
I propose two possibilities that can bring a wide array of people to the table (and would love to hear more):

1) The attacks and subsequent cover-up of 9-11-01, focusing on Cheney’s role—Treason is the appropriate charge here, not misprision of treason, even if the administration was involved in LIHOP or in covering it up. They gave aid and comfort to our Enemies just by facilitating a cover-up if nothing else. The clearest articulation of this is by Colonel Bob Bowman who says, “the very kindest thing that we can say about George W. Bush and all the people in the U.S. Government that have been involved in this massive cover-up, the very kindest thing we can say, is that they were aware of impending attacks and let them happen. Now some people will say that’s much too kind, however even that is high treason and conspiracy to commit murder.” I think Norman Mineta’s testimony could be crucial being that (thanks to www.wearechange.org activists in Seattle, WA) he now knows that the Commission lied and left his testimony out. Just the testimony of Mineta and Richard Clarke alone prove that Cheney and the Commission lied.
2) The Valerie Plame case- outing a covert operative who worked on intelligence about Iran’s nuclear program is definitely treason. Check out this great article on that: http://www.planetarymovement.org/2005/07/19/some-dare-call-it-treason/
This could probably be expanded to include the intimidation and fixing of intelligence around the Iraq War.

A possible third emerging right now is the Pat Tillman case. 3 bullets in the head of an outspoken soldier from an M-16 with orders from on high is a very profound and personal example of treason.

With these three examples you would have a wide swath of support, including the military, intelligence community, liberals and conservatives. Please tell me what you think.

Here are a couple more wiki resources on a topic you don’t want to deal with everyday of your life:


I'd bet you'd actually have

I'd bet you'd actually have already enacted this obligation, through some petition or letter you have prior sent. But this is certainly very educational and it wouldn't hurt to do it another time, i suppose, if you have your doubts ; )


Please, don't we have some lawyers who could draw up a generic complaint that we could individually file with any court or judge at whatever level we were so inclined?

For real!

This seems so simple and elementary. It is striking that it is not a ritual for becoming clear about 9-11 Truth. Before you take a street action, call a radio show, write a letter to congress, blog, comment on you tube, you make sure you are in compliance with the law at the very least. Maybe this is related to why the 9-11 Truth movement is poo-pooed by certain people who know that we are right. First we must take ourselves and the laws we are working to uphold seriously before we can prevail in getting justice.

“Strange times are these in which we live when old and young are taught in falsehoods school. And the one man that dares to tell the truth is called at once a lunatic and fool.” –Plato

"We must speak the truth about terror." --George W. Bush

The letter of the law is important in this case

The code is very specific in that one is guilty of misprision of treason if one "does not inform the President, a federal judge or state Governor or judge." How many of us have fulfilled this obligation to the letter? Yes we probably are in the clear in terms of stated intention and being on the public record, but for something as serious as the type of treason we arew talking about here, it would make sense tthat it is a duty to fulfill the letter of law. And then when coordinated as a campaign it will also get judges and/or governors on record and there might be some collective pressure if the media got a hold of it. Imagine a day where a thousand people acros the country showed up and fulfilled this. In California, I know we have over 30 peeople's deaths without justice still. Thus in ours and in other cases this is very appropriate for a state judge or governor.

“Strange times are these in which we live when old and young are taught in falsehoods school. And the one man that dares to tell the truth is called at once a lunatic and fool.” –Plato

"We must speak the truth about terror." --George W. Bush

Do You Know How Many You Have to Haul Away in Shackles???

I more than totally agree with you.

You might want to read this article "Is it high treason or just a simple case of dereliction of duty?"
You can find it at http://www.teamliberty.net/id339.html

Please read the list of those informed of the treasonous crime/crimes within the article and in the note to the reader. The list was from memory; the real list is 5 times bigger.

Also, visit www.mydemocracy.net and read the criminal complaint to the Manhattan DA
To Make it easier, you can find it at http://www.mydemocracy.net/manhattan_da_fax.htm

It is quite depressing to learn first hand how many of those sworn to protect the constitution and how many of those benefitting from the protection of the first ammendment not fulfilling their duties.

In peace
Maher Osseiran

Is there anyone on the blogger who has cleared this?

to Federal Judges, state judges, governors and the President? Has anyone on the blogger put in an offical declaration of knowledge of treason? I'm sure somebody has. But the fact that so few of us have actually followed the true guideline of the law in this scenario is striking. Of the three branches of government, the judiciary, although now very politically tainted in many ways, should be our clearest path to justice. However, it is tricky, because the executive branch is, for all intents and purposes immune to direct criminal cases while they are still in there and the legislative is too scared ignorant to take the appropriate constitutional methods around impeachment.
That, in my mind, really leaves one possibility, one that really makes the most sense in the first place, treason trials. Like I said, it is its own section (out of 3) in the founding father's outline of the Judicial branch. This should give us a sense of its weight. We need to put this in judges hands, not DA's. To me, especially since a citizen is supposed to notify the President, the handling of knowledge of treason against the country is a direct relationship between the citizen and his/her government. This is a special section of law. This is no just a criminal or civil case, this goes to the root of the binding power of the constitution to help protect the citizens from attack and war from within. Does anyone feel me?

“Strange times are these in which we live when old and young are taught in falsehoods school. And the one man that dares to tell the truth is called at once a lunatic and fool.” –Plato

"We must speak the truth about terror." --George W. Bush

How can we act???

On my part, I will rewrite the criminal complaint and put it in the hands of a federal judge on monday.
I will post the rewrite on my website and put a link here.
You should encourage as many people as possible to print it out, put their names to it, and hand it to a federal judge in their district.
I am also going to email the rewrite and send it to all the previous recipients which include the attorneys general of CT, NY, and NJ, and house and senate judiciary committees. Also the media and make them aware that by not passing it on or acting on it, they are breaking the law.

In peace,


Thanks for posting it and let me know how it goes. I'm going to check out the lay of the land this week, talk to some people and see what I need to do. Then I'm hoping maybe for our action on friday in a week and a half we can ahve a large group of people do it together.

I think you're right about making sure we alert the media and let the person who we are giving the document to that we are going to letting the media know. Additional pressure to take it seriously.

“Strange times are these in which we live when old and young are taught in falsehoods school. And the one man that dares to tell the truth is called at once a lunatic and fool.” –Plato

"We must speak the truth about terror." --George W. Bush

Delivered to Four Federal Judges

I did as I said, I rewrote the criminal complaint to include the U.S. Code for Treason and Misprision of Treason and hand delivered it to the clerk at the Federal Courthouse in Bridgeport.

I have also redid the material so that a third party can print it out or download it, modify a bit and do what I did.

Unfortunately, could not update my website, my hosting company changed their hosting package and the server is new. They messed up my website to the point I cannot update it.

I might be able to resolve the issue in a week but I think time is of essence.

ACTUALLY, and with great pleasure, I am happy to report that the issue is resolved.

The page can be found at http://www.mydemocracy.net/misprision_of_treason.htm

It could also be accessed through the website http://www.mydemocracy.net

The instructions and what needs to be modified is in Red font. There are links to supporting material and a link to where the Federal Circuit Courts and Federal Judges names can be located.

You will also notice that the registry of Federal Judges who were informed has been started.

I am going to go visit the local paper today, give them copies of the what the judges were given and inform them it is a national effort.

If you could email me at maher (at) mydemocracy.net I can forward all the material to you to post.

Please respond ASAP directly to my email, not here.

In peace
Maher Osseiran

Let Us Try to Make it a Nationwide Effort

I have not heard back from anyone, here, or through my regular email.

I did not visit the local paper yesterday. I would like to go in with more ammunition. I would like to go in and say, this was delievered to these judges in Connecticut - The Federal Court is right across the street from the newspaper - and to these judges in California, Wisconsin, and New Mexico, as an example.

We need to push the issue into mainstream and give it the proper angle, the legal angle.

Hope to hear back from you soon, the poster, on anyone else willing to be part of this effort.

In peace,
Maher Osseiran

This really sucks and I am glad it is moderated

I am glad it is moderated because someone other than you and I is reading this.

I stuck my neck way out last Monday and did what I did.

Still, there has heen no response from you.

Today is Friday, 5 days later.

On Tuesday, my buddy informent told me that the CIA already knew of what I had done.

Okay, I am not intimidated, but, not to hear back from you annoys me.

I know you have been to my website, I monitor it daily.

If you and your friends are going to act, please do and send me the information so I can update the links.

If you are too chicken, tell me so, I will do your work and that of a hundred like you.

Never underestimate the power of a stella followed by a couple of Jamesons.

Maher Osseiran
203 243 0578

In peace

Very good work! Thank you.

This post is a copy of my email to you. I think it is good for this to be an open dialogue being that we have nothing to hide and are attempting to put the rule of law into effect....

I appreciate very much you going ahead and starting this up, creating
a registry and posting a template. I am currently writing up my own
version, in which I am focusing on the cover-up in the commission as
the treasonous act, including Cheney's lies about when he was in the
PEOC as documented by Mineta's testimony and Richard Clarke's book and
the changing stories (lies) of Eberhardt and Myers in representing
NORAD. I do think your angle is a very powerful one in how clear and
documented it is. I may even submit it along with my own. However, I
also want to focus in on what, to me, are the core of the treason. I
think its good if we do both, being that it will cover both treason in
the context of the government's official cover story (Bin Laden) and
of the government's role (false-flag operation) and they will be

I might also try this idea of submitting misprision of treason papers
for Sibel edmonds in hopes of over-riding her gag order.

I am also gathering a group of distant family friends who are lawyers
and a judge to consult with them about how best to proceed and if they
will play a role. I should be having the meeting within a week and a
half I hope. But I will submit my own paper to a clerk at the federal
court in Downtown LA early this coming week. What do you think about
including a book and or DVD, is it worth it and/or appropriate?

The registry idea is great. We can start this off as a media-oriented
campaign that will yield legal results as we continue to build the
pressure and the notoriety. The quicker the better of course. So far,
it doesn't look like anyone else is going to be doing this. Maybe
after you and I have started it up on both coasts, others will see the
possibility and be inspired to take action, since it is not that time
consuming being that you have already given us a template.

Onwards towards peace and justice,

“Strange times are these in which we live when old and young are taught in falsehoods school. And the one man that dares to tell the truth is called at once a lunatic and fool.” –Plato

"We must speak the truth about terror." --George W. Bush