Help Stop the Next 9/11

Operation Noble Resolve is a terror drill coming to Portland,Oregon. I am part of an ad hoc group trying to stop this possible next 9/11.

Please help with the following action item:

author: fear no terror
NOBLE RESOLVE is too dangerous to allow in Oregon. This exercise, drilling War of Terror scenarios in Oregon, comes just as the media is filling up with warnings of a new 9/11 and the recent Presidential Executive Orders: NSPD 51, 5/10/07, "... allows the sitting president to declare a "national emergency" without Congressional approval..."

It's looking more and more like a perfect storm of terror, treason and totalitarianism. Drills like these have a history of going live (e.g. 09/11/01 & 07/07/05) and now we have NSPD 51 — the equivalent of Hitler's Article 48.

July 24, 2007
Rep. Peter DeFazio
2134 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20515-3704

Eugene, OR 97401

Dear Congressman DeFazio:

The Oregonian recently reported on your investigation of President Bush's "continuity of government" Executive Order, and on how the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) thwarted your request for details. As I am sure you are aware, DHS will be leading two emergency response drills in Portland over the next 3 months: "Noble Resolve" in August and "Top Off" in October. Just as you rightly sought details on the Bush Executive Order, Oregon citizens need and deserve information about these military exercises.

We are concerned that federal, state and local agencies will not plan and conduct these "terrorism drills" with sufficient transparency and public oversight. To address this need for local awareness of, agreement to, and participation in exercises ostensibly designed for local security, safety and welfare, we propose the immediate formation of a Portland Citizens' Oversight Committee to represent citizens' interests.

We request your endorsement of this reasonable request and hope you will assist us in establishing such an oversight committee. We hope you will agree that when a Federal agency such as DHS seeks to conduct exercises in Oregon, full transparency to the public and oversight by Oregon citizens is essential.

Our initial research on the Top Off exercise revealed contradictory statements and a disturbing lack of openness on the part of local officials. We do know that Portland will receive $2 million for the Top Off exercise alone. No such figure has been publicized regarding Noble Resolve. The Top Off drill, which DHS calls a "terrorism drill" (but local officials refer to as an "emergency preparedness exercise") will begin on approximately 10/5/07, to last for 9 to 10 days. Though Noble Resolve is scheduled for August, no similar details or schedule have been released. We therefore have a series of immediate concerns about this exercise:

* what will be the precipitating event?
* will there be enhanced police presence?
* will the National Guard be involved?
* will there be contractors involved (e.g., Blackwater)?
* and will either or both drills involve rehearsals of local and federal response to a "catastrophic emergency," as defined under NSPD 51, up to and including the declaration of martial law?

With the Bush track record on disaster response and media manipulation, Oregonians are not naive enough to trust the Federal government to adequately inform and interact with Portland residents prior to these terrorism drills. Case in point, as of now, there has not even been an announcement about Noble Resolve, and it is due to take place in August, just days or weeks from now.

Another general concern is that the Mayor's office seemed almost unaware of the recent Presidential Executive Orders: NSPD 51, 5/10/07, "... allows the sitting president to declare a "national emergency" without Congressional approval, leading to the de facto closing down of the Legislature and the militarization of justice and law enforcement"; and the amended International Emergency Economic Powers Act, 7/17/07, "allowing the US regime to seize the property of anyone found to be interfering with the reconstruction of Iraq." In correspondence with both the Mayor's office and Commissioner Sam Adams' office, I have provided material to round out their knowledge of these Presidential directives.

We would be glad to discuss this matter with you or your staff further, and/or supply resources in addition to those referenced below, that will corroborate the concerns expressed in this letter. We will copy this letter to other Congresspersons, Senators Wyden and Smith, Governor Kulongowski, Mayor Potter, members of City Council, and a variety of local press and online media, to raise awareness of these drills and our urgent proposal for enhanced transparency and public involvement, given the current political climate. We hope to receive your response this week, given the exigency of the August drill. Please inform your staff that we will make a follow up call on this matter if we do not hear back from you.

Thank you and we look forward to talking with you or a representative.

Best regards,
Informed Dissent

Office of Mayor Tom Potter,
Sam Adams,
Erik Sten,
Dan Saltzman,
Randy Leonard,
Governor Ted Kulongoski,
Senator Ron Wyden,
Senator Gordon Smith
Representative Earl Blumenauer,
Representative Darlene Hooley,
Representative David Wu,

Willamette Week
KPOJ / Air America

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Great article, though haven't read it all yet!!

The Bushes have gotten chilly reception here a few times in the past, and HW nicknamed Portland "Little Beirut".

Potter thwarted an FBI effort to get a mole in City Council sometime last year. In fact, it was shortly after the Impeachment Movement started leaning on City Council to adopt a Resolution of Impeachment against Bush and Cheney.

A funny note...

Today I came across the start of the Division Street Fair opening parade, and sure enough, there was Sam Adams handing out local bike maps, I guess doing some initial campaigning. As the letter Aayers referenced above indicates, Sam was copied and it was his office that was first confronted on the nature of the secretive terrorism drills. Well, when he gave me a bike map, saying, "it looks like you could use a handy bike map," because I was holding my bike and wearing a helmet emblazoned with Impeachment and 911 was an Inside Job stickers. I was glad to take one from him, but to be neighborly, I said he could probably use one of my flyers, as I handed him a concise explanation of the Terrorism Drills coming to Portland.


The Oregonian and Kosseff cover for the corrupt GOP~~

a shortened version~~

Kosseff's article in the Oregonian was astonishing for its weak reporting, and it really shows how complicit the Oregonian is in enabling the corruption and misconduct of the Bush Administration by telling its readership there is nothing to be alarmed about.

First, Kosseff's reliance on the pablum "conspiracy theorist" name-calling shows he doesn't really appreciate that it is not a conspiracy to distrust anything this administration says, does, or plans to do - it is pragmatic. I would be very interested to learn what evidence he has that "conspiracy theorists fanned the internet with their outrage". One thing that is amusing is that Kosseff inadvertently implies that without prodding by activists, DeFazio may not have "renewed his push" to gain access to the Continuity of Government info DHS won't disclose.

The column did not even touch on the recent Executive Orders giving Bush dictatorial powers in the event of a declaration of a "catastrophic emergency", and the power to "block assets" of anyone opposed to the Bush Wars, or mention the two DHS planned terrorism drills in Portland, OR in the coming months. Perhaps the letter sent to DeFazio by concerned citizens of Portland demanding full transparency in the preparation of the terror drills is what Kosseff meant by conspiracy theory?? Or maybe the references hinted at know Paul Craig Roberts, former Reaganite, Former National Security Adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski, or maybe the Executive Orders themselves...from the White House?!?!

Bottom line, Kosseff is doing the GOP's bidding in writing a fact-light piece on the DeFazio DHS rebuff while discounting the validity of local concerns related to Bush's secretive plans for continuity of government. Hopefully, DeFazio will not be influenced by GOP spin on this matter of extreme importance to the citizens of Portland, and really, to all of America.

No more secrets, no more lies...Stop Bush Now!!

August 6th

For the record, August 6th is Hiroshima day (not the 5th). Your post is an important one no matter what day it is.

Yes, although it's a very important point

We do have to be careful assigning high values to "coincidences" and the like because it is almost always irrational and unfounded. And the blogger does consciously or subconsciously do that by specifically referring to it occurring on "Hiroshima Day", since it is suggested by many that "the next 9/11 attack is probably going to be nuclear." As has been pointed out here and elsewhere, our minds tend to naturally look for patterns and associations, which is usually good, but can also sometimes get the better of us.

Senior 9/11 Bureau Chief, Analyst, Correspondent, Forensic 9/11ologist

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Glad to get national attention, despitemy errors

The possibility of another 9/11 in Portland is significant, despite my errors. (The Loose Change guys had errors,too.) I am not sure when Noble Resolve kicks off and the Oregonian article is typical mainstream whitewashing.

I am extremely grateful that my submission made the front page of 9/11 Blogger. The threat to Portland is significant. Portland's port has at least one white elephant, like the condemed World Trade Center buildings. The Freightliner facility is aging, but continues to operate with a strong union by today's standards. Freightliner has more modern, nonunion facilities in North Carolina. Freightliner is also a military contractor and the organized crime connections should be investigated.

Assistance with further research concerning Portland's port area would be helpful to our cause.

Had an idea for a way to hit 'em~~

In lieu of FOIA's, which might take weeks, I proposed the following concept:

No terrorism drills unless DeFazio is allowed full review of the DHS plans he has been barred from, and only when he fully approves all components of such exercises.

This would call off Noble Resolve, most likely, with solid justification, and open up debate on the value of terrorism drills(indeed, that could be a requirement), based on the fact that the DHS is withholding vital information that could be utilized in the conduct of the terrorism and military exercises, Noble Resolve and Top Off.