Get Up Off Your Meditation Cushion and Fight for 9/11 Truth

[Update: I've now changed the title to "Chop Wood, Carry 9/11 Truth Posters". See the new paragraphs at the end for an explanation.]

If you are a spiritual or religious person, please excuse the title ... it is meant to be catchy, but is not -- as you'll see below -- meant to denigrate prayer or meditation.

If you are an atheist, please consider sharing this essay with people you know who are spiritual or religious.

Fundamentalist Christians and Jews certainly don't want anyone to question 9/11. The war on Muslim nations with alot of oil terror is based on the official myth of 9/11.

But an entirely different group of believers is equally closed to 9/11 truth for an entirely different reasons.

Perhaps 35 million Americans have read the book The Secret (or seen the movie), or read other spiritual books which say that what you think creates your reality*. This belief is going viral.

What does this have to do with 9/11?

Well, someone I know who liked The Secret told me that my 9/11 activism was "bringing negativity into my life" and helping to create exactly what I feared -- another false flag attack. Indeed, I think that millions of Americans are avoiding 9/11 truth because they think that looking at unpleasant subjects like false flag terror will "bring down their energy" and actually increase the chance of negative things happening.

Is she right? Well, it turns out that even some of the spiritual teachers featured in "The Secret" say that their message has been misunderstood, and that we have to act as well as do spiritual practice.

Indeed, many spiritual and religious teachers have endorsed 9/11 truth, and called for 9/11 action. A partial list of such teachers includes:

Rabbi Michael Lerner

Many Christian teachers and theologians

Ray McGovern (Christian)

Dr. Steven Jones (Mormon)

Bob Bowman (Catholic)

Joanna Macy, Buddhist teacher (in private correspondence)

Celestine Star (non-denominational)

Fred Burks (non-denominational)

Kevin Barrett (Muslim)

Steve Bhaerman (Yogi)

Ken Jenkins (non-denominational)

These aren't cynical atheists. They're all folks who meditate or pray a lot.

We may create our own reality, but part of that creation is using our minds, and our voices, and our pens, and our bodies.

Indeed, a quick Google search shows that spiritual teachers of every stripe, including many believers of "new thought" spirituality advocate 9/11 truth. See, for example, this site.

As a well-known Christian ministry says about religion and justice: "The good news about justice is that God is for it. And we're it!" In other words, we can't sit around and pray for God to bring justice to the world. We are God's hands in the world, and if we are people of faith, we have to do justice.

So I'm not saying don't meditate or pray. Personally, I think meditation and prayer are great. But when you're done with your practice at the altar, pew or meditation cushion, get out and fight for 9/11 truth and justice.

The Bible says "faith without works is dead" (James 2:20). Similarly, Zen teachers say -- when asked what to do when one becomes spiritually aware -- "chop wood, carry water". What they mean is that after you get up off your meditation cushion, you need to live life in the world, to do the things which need to be done.

As the many spiritual teachers who advocate 9/11 truth and justice might say, "chop wood, carry 9/11 truth posters".

* This estimate includes people who read the books or view movies without buying them.

If anyone has a better suggestion for

reaching the millions and millions of people who are into "The Secret" and similar ideas with 9/11 truth, let me know.

Or if you have suggestions for strengthening this essay, please let me know how.

All things virtuous are within this effort.

All things virtuous are within this effort.

Pushing the Truth...

Great audience to go after GW. I don't know how to get at these people besides posting on their blogs. Pamphleting their yoga centers. And handing out DVD's to their spiritual gathering places. They must have communication channels etc. I personally don't like the tone of the title, but maybe it will work as well. Regardless these people need to find the strength to confront the Truth. Peace.

greater awareness is always "positive"

This is an important point. I know many good people who feel a need to limit their involvement in political awareness -- and especially "deep political" awareness, if it gets that far -- because of the way it affects their mental state.

Some reflections for use in your essay if you wish:

While it may be painful, bringing awareness to *all* the realities in one's life, the dark as well as the light, is part of any genuine process of spiritual growth. Most positive thinking practitioners would probably agree that avoidance is not a healthy path. Simply avoiding the "negative" to focus on the "positive" can unintentionally become an effort to deny reality by painting a rosy picture in order to feel better -- and that path is well known to end in disappointment and suffering. The challenge is to maintain a healthy, "positive" orientation as one becomes aware of even the darker realities -- inside oneself as well as in society outside -- and thereby bring light to the darkness. Then we can be free to "go anywhere", internally, externally, without the fear of meeting truths we don't know how to handle.

Using the power of imagination (I'm not familiar with "The Secret" but that's often how these things work) we can indeed inhibit the doom-and-gloom scenarios our minds may produce as we become aware of the serious corruption of it all, by imagining resolution in terms of healing and love. We don't have to avoid engaging a fearful reality. Indeed, awareness itself is what opens the door to healing. This kind of "positive" approach to a dire, seemingly hopeless situation is what the world so desperately needs. Millions of people learning to be more aware of the nature and extent of the world's illnesses and yet holding it all with love, compassion and an unshakable belief in a peaceful resolution, and acting accordingly, will do much more to further that end than millions of people remaining disengaged from the mechanics of what's actually happening, simply trying to imagine something different. Positive action in response to the present crisis is part of the creative imagining of a better future.

Awareness is the key. Responding with genuine confidence in healthy resolution is the way forward. Neither of these is possible by avoiding engagement with the issue.


New Thought

Thanks for posting this George Washington. On your last paragraph, "So I'm not saying don't meditate or pray. Personally, I think meditation and prayer are great. But when you're done with your practice at the altar, pew or meditation cushion, get out and fight for 9/11 truth and justice",
......I would amend the last sentence to say that working for 911 Truth IS a spiritual practice and that spiritual practice is like need it all the time and it happens all the time. Funny that this posting would show up today, a day after someone from my old Science of Mind ( Ernest Holmes New Thought ) church would come over and ask to borrow my 1/16 scale model of the TruthBurn sculpture I plan to destroy with thermite at Burning Man, to use as an altar piece for Sunday's service! Ernest Holmes pretty much started Science of Mind which among many things, teaches that thinking creates our reality, that identifying with the source of creative thought brings us into contact with life changing alchemy. The entire manifested civilization we see before us was brought into being by "thought". Everything starts with thinking. What makes thinking spiritually powerful, is the use of "positive prayer". Holmes came up with the positive prayer system called 'spiritual mind treatment' . The idea behind this is to identify yourself with who you really are- a vital member & actor in the entire cosmos and inheritor of its creative capabilities, and to use this to guide your intentions to their highest good or highest purpose. Any religious science church can teach these things. There's a bunch of them all over the globe.
I'm using spiritual mind treatment in my Truthburn project all the time. Here's an example of a spiritual mind treatment. It's the guiding energy behind TruthBurn. It's also a powerful prayer for 911 truth:

The Prayer

Being that we are all intimately connected by our common inheritance of shared life on one planet and that our common shared higher intelligence governs life in both seen and unseen ways, and being that this common ancestry has its roots in cosmic intelligence or mind, and being that we therefore incarnate with this shared higher intelligence, we share its creative power as well. We are imbued with this creativity and its commonality.

As an outlet, voice, individual manifestation and aspiration for this cosmic intelligence, I claim the highest thought of calling forth truth telling on an unprecedented scale in the minds and hearts in high levels of government and other individuals. I call forth the energizing of personal courage where it matters the most to catalyze this movement of truth telling on a grand scale. I know that truth telling is at the foundation of healthy individual as well as a healthy societal life. I know that what has gone astray can be righted by a personal and public, fearless embrace of the truth, with safety for the truth teller.. The deepest space in the heart of all people knows this to be true and wants it revealed without delay. The refined and subtle physics for this is already in place and happening at this moment.

For this I give my deepest and profoundest thanks.
I release this prayer this intention this shared spark of light into the creative mind running through us all and through all of life. Happily, I know the glory of its fulfillment is accomplished already in ways unimaginable and realizable.

And so it is.

Anyone can have this prayer. It's free. The dark thinking that brought us 911 has nothing to compare to spiritual mind treatment. They can't use it because positive prayer has built in fail-safes for life enhancing outcomes. Positive prayer can also be thought of as focused intention and therefore open to a range of people outside of theistic belief systems. I believe that we will prevail in uncovering 911 truth in ways that we may not even imagine now. Most of the world's people want this truth. The momentum is too strong.

So I would say to anyone in the 911 truth 'are' doing a spiritual practice. Use any tools you can find to make this effort enormously ......evolutionary.


I hate not being able to edit my comments because if I could I'd add that Dr. DAvid Ray Griffin should definitely be on this list of spiritual leaders/people who confront the truth regarding 9/11.