HARVARD STUDY: 10K Nuke in Portland

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A Harvard study, The Day After Workshop Report, illustrates a 10 kiloton nuclear blast in northwest Portland, Oregon. Previous pages in the study also illustrate a 10 kiloton blast in Washington, DC. Only Portland and Washington, DC are cited as examples of a 10 kiloton blast. Ground zero of the Portland blast is located in the Doane Lake and Doane Point area. We can prevent the false flag attack from happening by focusing attention on this area. Camera armed spotters with telephoto lenses would be very helpful.

The map does not show that prevailing winds, on the days following the blast, would distribute fatal radiation in an east/northeast direction. That would eliminate Portland’s African-American community in northeast Portland. It would devastate progressive east Portland. It would not be healthy for the city of Vancouver, Washington either. Residents of that suburb could have time to get away. The safest are of the Portland metropolitan area would be the western suburbs of Washington County. Prevailing winds and the Tualatin Mountains would protect the western suburbs.

Operation Noble Resolve is a terror drill coming to Portland during August 20-24. There have been numerous articles and posts issued that warn of the possibility that the drill will turn into a false flag “live” event involving a 10 K nuke. http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2007/04/358023.shtml

Another motive for nuking Portland that has not been discussed is: Portland Withdraws from Joint Terrorism Task Force.

Portland City Council voted to withdraw from the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task force on April 28, 2005. Out of 1000 US metropolitan areas, Portland is the only one to withdraw from the task force program. There is a “we told you so” motive for the FBI and other intelligence agencies to allow a false flag terrorist attack to take place in Portland.

Please help inform everyone you can of this threat. Please tell anyone you know who lives or works in the affected area of this danger. Repost this article widely across the Internet. Please contact local officials, and discuss this new information with them.

Sam Adams, commissionersam@ci.portland.or.us - 503-823-1120 Erik Sten, info@erikforportland.com - 503-823-3589 Dan Saltzman, dsaltzman@ci.portland.or.us - 503-823-4151 Randy Leonard, randy@ci.portland.or.us - 503-823-3001 Mayor Potter, 503-823-4120

Please contact Representatives Bleumenhour and David Wu. Senators: Smith: Portland Office. 503-326-3386
Wyden: Portland office 503-326-7525

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Webster Tarpley

Has Webster Tarpley made any comments on this Noble Resolve issue? How about Captain Eric May of Ghost Troop? I would like to get input from both men. This is a very serious issue. If Noble Resolve goes "hot" the aftermath would be catastrophic to say the least. Millions could die and the "Boy Wonder" would call for martial law. I put NOTHING past Bush and Cheney. Nuke Portland? no big deal for these maniacs..........On a lighter note, I just returned from Barnes and Noble. I saw the Popular Mechanics hit piece on 9/11 truth but right next to this trash was ALL of Griffin's books! "Crossing the Rubicon" was also on display with other assorted 9/11 books. A few years back this was unheard of. I had to order "Crossing the Rubicon". We have made great progress over the last few years.

Eric May has...

Google for it.

Tarpley is busy trying to get more people and groups together to come out on 9/11 in NYC and Washington DC.

Peter DeFazio and the Portland Nuke

Peter DeFazio and the Portland Nuke
Captain Eric H. May

“We're an empire now, and when we act we create our own reality."

Swan Island

Swan Island is located near ground zero of the Harvard Study map. It appears to be a peninsula on the north side of the river on the Harvard map. Swan Island Networks is the software company for Operation Noble Resolve 7-2. Swan Island is also the location of the Freightliner plant, which I have personal, anecdotal evidence may be involved.

map on page 9: http://bcsia.ksg.harvard.edu/BCSIA_content/documents/DayAfterWorkshopRep...