I'm strongly considering running for a House seat in 2008. You should be too. Here's why.
-Kevin Barrett


by Rolf Lindgren

2008 will the next best, and maybe last, chance for 9/11 Truth to achieve a huge media breakthrough.

One key is to get as many 9/11 Truth Activists on the ballot for public office as possible.

If you are a 9/11 Truth Activist, your voice will be multiplied 100 to 1000 to one million fold, depending what office you run for, if you are on the ballot, compared to being just a regular activist.

Federal offices are best because 9/11 is a federal issue. You can run for one of the 435 U.S. House seats, about 33 U.S. Senate races, U.S. President, or U.S. Vice President. You can also run for state and/or local offices as well.

If you are on the ballot, you will be invited to debate forums. You will get TV and radio interviews. You will have a better chance to get your letters to the editor published. You can set up a website. You can speak the truth about what happened on 9/11 to a larger audience than ever before.

If you want to run, you must figure out what political party you want to represent. The biggest parties are the Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, Green, and Constitution Parties. You can also run as an independent.

Every state has different rules. If you want to run, contact the political party in your state that you like best. You will have ready made activists to help you from the party, and also from the 9/11 Truth movement.

You also contact the nation's top expert on ballot access, Richard Winger. Winger knows the exact rules for getting on the ballot, for every party, including other minor parties not listed above, for every state.

Winger's website is called Ballot Access News: http://www.ballot-access.org/

You can email him at: richardwinger@yahoo.com

Remember, that if you run, you are engaging in practical politics, not philosophy. It's best for the 9/11 Truth movement, and your reputation, if you stick to the strongest, most provable 9/11 issues; WTC 7, controlled demolition, and failure to intercept.

One party ready made for 9/11 Truth is the Libertarian Party, the nation's third largest political party. It is neither left nor right. They defend civil liberties, the U.S. Constitution, and oppose wars of aggression. The Libertarian Party supports a smaller government. If the federal government were not so humongous, they could never pull off false flag events like 9/11.

Now is the time to start preparing for a 2008 run. Please make that call today. The future of our country is at stake.

Websites where you cab get information about Third Parties:

Third Party News

Third Party Watch

Libertarian Party

Green Party

Constitution Party

about the author

Rolf Lindgren

Former Vice-Chair, Libertarian Party of Wisconsin, 2003, 2006-April, 2007
Polling Director, Aaron Russo Presidential Campaign, 2004
Polling Director, Michael Badnarik Presidential Campaign, 2004
Dane County Chair, Ed Thompson Wisconsin Governor Campaign, 2002
9/11 Truth Activist & WTC 7 Expert
Defender of Galileo Galilei and James Madison


The leaders of the 9/11 Truth movement need to start talking about this issue more, whether at speaking forums, radio interviews, or online. Only they can mobilaize an army of 9/11 Truth candiates.

The author of this article can be reached at rolfL@tds.net

I would like to see the

I would like to see the author of this article, Rolf Lindgren himself, run for US House or Senate-- or how bout President!


Go Kevin. This could be an open door to the movement.

You can't hide a lie for long. Truth shall come out.

State Board of Elections

Most States have a State Board of Elections. Google your state + state board of elections to find information and answers to most questions.

This could be fun.

Kevin is very Smart, Funny, and....

...his heart is in the right place...he would make a great public servant at any level....the kind of person we all should have as our representative...

I really hope he does this.

And others among us follow that example. Webster Tarpley has been encouraging this as well.

I also wish Dr. Bowman would declare his presidential candidacy.

We need 9/11 Truth to be in the public discourse from as many angles as possible while it still has resonance for most people.

9/11 Truth ends the 9/11 Wars

Great Idea, Kevin-- Do it!

And while you're at it, convince Bob Bowman to run for Congress also. Maybe Paul Craig Roberts would consider it. Hell, get Rosie O'Donnel to run! It wouldn't hurt have a few celebrities on the ballots to give exposure to the cause.

It would be great if the 9/11 Truth Movement had better focus of message and didn't try to speculate on answering every question. As you said: WTC 7, controlled demolition, and failure to intercept are all strong points. And the fact that we never received the white paper we were promised proving Bin Laden's guilt or the identities of the hijackers! We should issue our own white paper of evidence.

Let us get Cindy Sheehan to run against Pelosi for sure-- that could be the biggest boon of all. And try to convince one of the Jersery girls to run for federal office! Everyone needs to know that we are SUPPORTING the will of the 9/11 families-- NOT OFFENDING them.

I am not so sure...

... that things are going to drastically change when a few truthers get elected into Congress.

I think we need to address the underlying issue first -- why the CURRENT reps resist so much a new investigation on the face of obvious, blatant and already sufficiently researched issues. Because they "don't know" about them? Yeah, right!

Otherwise, even if you elect some fresh blood, you would still end up with the same impotent Congress, because the same forces will apply to the newly elected ones as do to the current congressmen.

Personally, I think they are either scared shitless or bribed into submission, but I am not exactly sure. One thing is becoming very clear and obvious -- refusal to deal with 9-11 is a massive, concerted effort by all parties.


It's about getting more exposure to the cause.